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  • St Patrick - 307 words
    Patrick was born about 390 AD in Scotland. As a youth he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and sold into slavery in Ireland. He escaped six years later and fled to Gaul. After several years of monastic life, he returned to Ireland in 432 AD as a missionary to the people there. Legend has it that he drove all of the snakes out of the country. It is said that he used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the concept of the Trinity; hence its strong association with his day and name.St. Patrick is a hero in Ireland. In fact, there are about 60 churches and cathedrals named for him in Ireland alone. One of the most famous cathedrals is St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. These grounds bear the mark o ...
  • Suicide - 1,045 words
    I will never forget what happened in my high school merely five months ago. Chuck was 16 years old, a junior in high school, and a star football player. In December of 2002, he began to have many troubles in his life. His girlfriend of about one year broke off their relationship, and declined his invitation to the school's annual Christmas Ball. In the days leading up to this dance, Chuck had lost his after-school job, and had several conferences with his guidance counselor about his poor academic performance. On top of all of these factors, Chuck went to a car dealership to put a down payment a car he had his heart set on, and discovered it had already been sold. Chuck went to the Christmas ...
  • Suicide - 983 words
    ... uicide prevention should be a major concern for all people. Prevention means working to raise awareness of suicide as a serious public health problem. Focusing on prevention strategies can help to to reduce injuries and deaths due to suicide. Because suicide is on the rise among young people, teen suicide prevention is of utmost concern.In 1992, The American Association of Suicidology compiled a list of eight suicide prevention strategies for adolescents. The first two types of programs are school gatekeeper and community gatekeeper training. These are designed to help school staff and community members such as clergy, safety officials, merchants, activity staff, and clinical health-care ...
  • Signs Of Stress - 991 words
    'Forty-three percent of all adults suffer adverse healtheffects from stress; 75 to 90 percent of all physician officevisits are for stress-related ailments and complaints; stressis linked to the six leading causes of death--heart disease,cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, andsuicide.' (Miller, 1993, p.12) 'Stress plays havoc with ourhealth, our productivity, our pocketbooks, and our lives,but it is necessary, even desirable.' (Oxford, 1998, p.29)In researching stress, one would learn about what stress is,the early warning signs of stress, the different types ofstress, and how to build resistance to it.Stress is a combination of physical, mental, and emotionalfeelings t ...
  • Signs Of Stress - 1,043 words
    ... eople away day after day, year after year.'(Battison, 1997 p.19) It destroys minds, bodies, and lives.Chronic stress comes when a person doesn't see a way outof a miserable situation. The worst part of chronic stress isthat people get used to it and forget that it's there. Chronicstress kills by means of suicide, violence, heart attack,stroke, and, perhaps, even cancer. The symptoms ofchronic stress are hard to treat and could require a lot ofmedical and behavioral treatment, therapy, and stressmanagement.Traumatic stress is a special kind of chronic stress, knownas post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is caused bytrauma that is not handled correctly. Some examples oftraumatic exper ...
  • Synthesis Paper On Secondary Education - 1,662 words
    An Informative Look at a Financially Successful Future College has always been an important step towards getting into a high paying job. Unfortunately, in most states, tuition is on the rise and students who do not come from wealthy homes find themselves a step or two behind. The next step they will take, however, will leave them even further behind the more financially set group. They have to somehow come up with the money to afford their well deserved education. By looking at the cause of rising tuition, grants, loans, and scholarships, it can be easily seen that tuition hikes are directly influencing students' school performance in a negative way. First and foremost it is important to und ...
  • Sparta - 1,111 words
    In the 7th Century BC a new era ofwarfare strategy evolved. Before this new strategy, footsoldiers (known as hoplites) engaged in battle in the form ofone mob for each army which on the command of theirgenerals runs at each other and proceeds to hack blindly atthe enemy with little to no direction other then to kill theenemy in front of them. This proved to be very messy andthe tide of battle depended mostly on emotion and size of anarmy. In the name of strategy and organization, the phalanxwas developed. A phalanx is simply defined as a lineformation with its width significantly larger then its depth. Thedepth of the phalanx is a variable which some suggest wasdecided by the army itself rat ...
  • Slaughterhouse Industry - 1,394 words
    TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroductionIndustry StudyProject DescriptionA. Basic Project InformationB. Project LocationC. Project RationaleD. AlternativeE. Description of Project PhasesF. Baseline Environment ConditionG. Impact Assessment and MitigationH. Environment Management PlanI. Proposal for an Environmental Monitoring and Guarantee FundAttachment of AnnexesA. Photos or Plates of Proposed ProjectB. Impact Areas, Affected and CommunitiesC. Maps of the following ScaleD. Permit to Operate CertificateE. E. Result of Physical and Chemical Analysis of Water and WastewaterPROJECT DESCRIPTIONDavao City slaughterhouse is located at Ma-a, Davao City. The operations are limited to the night shift. The deli ...
  • Slaughterhouse Industry - 1,354 words
    ... nker Fuel ( 7,000 L bunker fuel/ mo. X 10 x 12 mos. / yr x 3/L ) P 25,500.00 Labor ( 12 hrs/day x 150/hr x 12 Hrs. / day P 21,600.00 Maintenance Cost 5,000.00Depreciation 0 P 51,800.00Net income P 51,800.00Less: Income Tax ( 32%) ( 16, 576.00 )Income After Income Tax P 35, 224.00 Add: Depreciation 0Income after Tax Cash flow P 35,224.00Payback period ( years ) = P 0/35,224.00Capital Intensive Waste Minimization OptionUse of Blood Suction Device for CattleBlood suction device. Providing such device could efficiently recover more blood to prevent blood spillage in the slaughtering area, thereby reducing the BOD load to WTP, and improving environmental compliance. Slaughterhouse north gener ...
  • Stem Cells: The Holy Grail Of Medical Research - 1,461 words
    Few scientific issues in recent years have managed to draw as much attention, both scientific and otherwise, than stem cell research. I was first introduced to the term 'stem cells' when I was in high school, and since then, I have had a keen interest in the direction science is taking them. When considering medical research as a whole, stem cells appear to have the makings of a 21st century medical revolution a la discovery of antibiotics . The open-ended nature of stems cells has been recognized by many in the community who see these cells as the golden key for curing and ameliorating many degenerative diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's, and heart disease, as well as accidental damage ...
  • Search Engines - 666 words
    Internet commerce is one of the fastest growing industries today. With the wide range of capabilities the web has it make it easier and cost efficient for businesses to make transactions with other businesses. One factor that allows businesses to find each other is search engines. Search engines are part of the reason the web is growing so rapidly. Search engines have many capabilities from using key words or phrases to find what you are looking for to using general statements to browse the web. But what exactly is a search engine? Search engines are huge databases of web page files that have been assembled automatically by machine. There are two types of search engines. One type is the indi ...
  • Software And High School - 565 words
    Software And High SchoolThe beginning of the 1990's is marked by the era of computers.Everywhere we look ,we see computers. They have become an essential part of ourevery day life. If the world's computer systems were turned off even for a shortamount of time, unimaginable disasters would occur. We can surely say thattoday's world is heading into the future with the tremendous influence ofcomputers. These machines are very important players in the game, the key to thesuccess however is proper software (computer programs). It is the software thatenables computers to perform a certain tasks. Educational systems in developedcountries realize the importance of computers in the future world and t ...
  • Sme Development In Cuba - 2,310 words
    DISSERTATION PROPOSAL NAME: Clemente Berr'ios, Jr. INSTITUTION: University of P'ecs Faculty of Business and Economics International Ph.D. Program DATE: 15 April 2005 SIGNATURE: / Original Signed / PROFESSOR: Dr. L'aszl'o Szerb TITLE: Small & Medium Business Development Policy of the Post-Socialist States of Central and Eastern Europe in their Transition to an Open Market Economy: Lessons and Applications for Cuba.PROFESSOR COMMENTS:Berrios, C. 1DISSERTATION PROPOSAL1. Title of Dissertation:Small & Medium Business Development Policy of the Post-Socialist States of Central and Eastern Europe in their Transition to an Open Market Economy: Lessons and Applications for Cuba.2. Aim of Dissertati ...
  • Sme Development In Cuba - 2,189 words
    ... s as follows:Berrios, C. 7A. Selected initial conditions in Cuba during transition. (By year) GDP per capita Share of industry in GDP, (%) Exports of goods and services, (% of GDP) Imports of goods and services, (% of GDP) Secondary school enrollment, (% of school-aged population)B. Implemented stabilization measures in Cuba during transition. (By year) Price liberalization, (% of prices freed)  Trade liberalization, (Amount of import restrictions abolished)  Exchange rates, (Fixed or floating) Fiscal and monetary policy, (degree of tightness or looseness)C. Selected economic indicators in Cuba during transition. (By ...
  • Sanity: Boundaries Of The Mind - 1,406 words
    Sanity: Boundaries of the Mind The mind is a beautiful thing. The boundaries that someone can extend theirrationality is different in each and every person. In Shakespeare's Hamlet, thebalance of sanity and madness is tested. Hamlet's way of thinking is changed,but in a way that his personality is only a front. By looking at the differentevents that Hamlet overcame, we can observe the passion for acting that manyreaders do not come across; knowing the importance of acting is imperative whenquestioning Hamlet's sanity, since he is only acting insane, and is rational andin control of himself throughout the play. For those who do not recall the story of Hamlet, this play is one of revenge,scand ...
  • School Uniforms - 621 words
    OutlineThesis: School uniforms should be required in public schools because their use would lead to higher education, less violence, and lower cost to parents.I. Education A. Discipline toward learning 1. Less distractions2. Less stressB. Better Grades1. Attendance2. FocusII. ViolenceA. Less hostility1. Less peer pressure2. Everybody's equalB. Weapons1. Harder to conceal2. Less will try to concealIII. CostA. More affordable1. Fewer clothes to buy2. Competition with peersB. Help for low-income1. Clothing vouchers2. Business donations3. Thrift stores School uniforms in public schools are becoming increasingly popular across the nation. The public school system would benefit greatly if this pol ...
  • Spondylolisthesis - 1,588 words
    UNDER THE KNIFE OF SPONDYLOLISTHESIS Imagine you are sitting in a doctor's office waiting for a report on your condition. Your symptoms are pain that spreads across your lower back that doesn't go away, spasms that stiffen the back and tighten the hamstrings, and numbness in the lower extremities. Upon examination and after x-rays, the doctor sits down in the room and tells you of a condition you have called spondylolisthesis. Spondylolisthesis.....??? What is that.....??? Spondylolisthesis is the forward slippage of one vertebra on the vertebrae beneath it. This forward slippage can be the result of many causes and is classified based on the reason for the slip (American Academy for Orthopa ...
  • Salt And Its Uses - 453 words
    Salt and Its UsesAs we know, salt is the most useful resource found on earth. In AncientRome, salt was used as part of the salary to the soldiers. From this, we cansee that salt was as valuable as gold in the past.In our daily life, besides making nutritious food more palatable, saltis very useful in making bakery products, canned and frozen foods. Salt is agood preservative that retards the growth of micro-organisms to make foodstorage possible for a long period of timie before refrigeration.Recently, an opinion that is harmful to our health was raised by Dr.Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr,. former comissioner of the U.S. Food and DrugAdmistration in 1981. The American Heart Dissociation, the America ...
  • Summary Of Behavioral Genetics - 326 words
    Behavioral Genetics Behavioral Genetics is a new field of study. The purpose of Behavioral Genetics is to investigate the affects of genetics and environment on individual human behavior. Behavioral Genetics is a quite complex field of study and the path towards the understanding the relation of genetics and environment to individual human behavior is a long and difficult one. There are instances that support the theory that behavior has a biological basis. Behavior is often reproduced in consecutive generations of a species. Drugs that chemically alter the brain have been shown to also alter the behavior of an individual; furthermore, behaviors such as mental illness have been known to run ...
  • Signifigance Of Disease And Plauge In Hamlet - 529 words
    In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, poison and disease both plague the state of Denmark. Relations between characters are corrupt, the people are disturbed and people are killed constantly. What the characters do not know is that this corrupt reign of power will end in tragedy. Corrupt minds in Hamlet are provided by Prince Hamlet himself. He portrays an "antic disposition" in order to gain the advantage inside the castle. Now people in the castle believe that Hamlet is crazy or "mad" and thinks nothing more of it. Really, Hamlet is just acting this way so that he can spy on other people in the castle. By doing this he finds out who is after him and the identity of the murderer of his father. ...

3220 results found, view free essays on page:

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