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  • Second District Board School President - 2,700 words
    History of Arkansas Tech University Est. 1909 Arkansas ranked 42 nd out of the 46 states in annual per capita school funds at a mere $4. 97 per student. Citizens started to feel the need for secondary education for their children most ardently. The Washington County Farmers' Union started the concept of agricultural boarding schools. H. S. Mobley was one of the most fluent spokesman for the Union. He believed in vocational education, and he pleaded for schools where students might learn partly...
  • Secret Sharer Opening Paragraphs - 2,655 words
    The Secret Sharer written by Joseph Conrad, centers around a character of a sea captain. Its title and opening paragraphs forecast a story of mystery, isolation, duality, darkness and silence. The novel proves true these predictions reveling thematic and image patterns directly proportional to them. The opening of the novel further reveals dialecticism the novel. The clash between the private and the public world or man versus society, in other words is the primary dialectic. The journey theme ...
  • Sula Containment Example Lives People - 527 words
    SULA: Containment Essay In Sula the idea of containment is used a lot in the story and in how the characters live there lives. There is the idea of containment at the very beginning of the book when the white farmer tricks his servant to living in the top of the hills therefore containing him from the rest of the people. In the beginning of the book Shadrack s passages show many examples of containment. For example, Shadrack at the beginning with the meal tray divided into three triangles. He a...
  • Steroids Side Effects - 430 words
    The first performance enhancing drugs I'll talk about are Anabolic and androgenic steroids. Anabolic and androgenic steroids are synthetic drugs that duplicate male sex hormones such as testosterone. "Anabolic" is a muscle building steroid, and "androgenic" is built to increase masculinity. Steroids are a class of drugs. Steroids are only legal when prescribed. They are used on patients who have problems such as delayed puberty. Other uses for steroids include treatment of allergies, impotence,...
  • St Vincent De Paul - 545 words
    Matthew 5: 6 Matthew 5 Matthew 5: 5-7 "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied." They should have more places like Saint Vincent De Paul. The people are really thankful. Saint Vincent De Paul not only gives meals but also they give slips that are worth money for the local park showers, clothes, bus tokens, and laundry tokens. When the men and women ask for bath accessories such as soap, shampoo and conditioner SVDP is there to supply it for them. Th...
  • Symbolism Use In Young Goodman Brown And The Lottery - 686 words
    Symbolism Use In: 'Young Goodman Brown' and 'The Lottery " The authors, Shirley Jackson and Nathaniel Hawthorne, both frequently use symbols within their stories 'The Lottery' and 'Young Goodman Brown.' Symbols are utilized as an enhancement tool to stress the theme of each story. Hawthorne uses names and objects to enhance the theme, and Jackson mainly utilizes names to stress the theme, although she does have one object as a symbol of great importance to the theme. The stories both contain sym...
  • Social Contract Government One President - 886 words
    'The current federal system of government in the United States is failing to meet its social contract obligations to the American people.' There is nothing closer to the truth than this statement. While some may argue that the government is following the guidelines of a social contract, many aspects of the government have outgrown their britches and taken over. With over fifteen thousand jobs up for the taking in the government it is hard to believe that the government comprised in the 18 th cen...
  • School Daze College Classes Achieve - 501 words
    School Daze I have to admit that I will not look fondly on my high school career. I spent most of my study time going out with my friends. I felt that I was paying my dues with the eight hours of boredom that began most of my days. Until now there were only a few classes that I enjoyed. In retrospect, I believe that it was my inability to choose the classes I took which resulted in my lack of enthusiasm on the ride to school each morning. I must also acknowledge my role in my transcript's substa...
  • Stealth Aircraft Radar Signature Technology - 337 words
    WHAT IS THE B-2 BOMBER? Stealth Aircraft, military aircraft, fighters, and bombers designed to elude detection and tracking systems, such as radar and infrared monitoring. Stealth technology is used to mask unmanned objects such as cruise missiles. The United States is a world leader in developing and deploying stealth technology, although much about its program remains classified. Stealth technology includes a variety of design features that affect an aircraft signal, also called its signature,...
  • Sport Psychology Practice Athletes Athlete - 4,204 words
    Sport Psychology To fully understand sport psychology, we must ask ourselves two very important questions, first, what is sport psychology and second, who is it for? Put in the most sim-pale way, sport psychology can be an example of psychological knowledge, principles, or methods applied to the world of sport.' Two psychologists, Bunker and Maguire, say sport psychology is not for psychologists, but is for sport and its participants.' (Murphy & White, 1978: 2) However, it can be argued that spo...
  • Stock Market Crash Michael M Magee - 1,550 words
    Magee 1 Matthew P. Magee Mr. Tipton American Literature B 14 May 1999 Stock Market Crash of 1929 The 1920 s were a time of great prosperity and growth for Americans. This time period even got the nickname The Roaring Twenties. Americans were high in spirits, and times were changing. During this time, Americans were getting wealthy and having fun doing so. They started to invest their money in the stock market. Then on one day in 1929, the market crashed and set many people to the poor house. Th...
  • Second Stanza Poem Herbert First - 1,742 words
    The poem 'Easter Wings' by George Herbert is a poem full of deep imagery not only in its words but also in the visual structure of the stanzas. In Herbert's poem why does he use a shape poem? Because he wanted this poem to have many different levels and meanings. Herbert also used huge amounts of mental imagery so that the reader can find new truths and meanings each time he or she reads it. The poem tells of the poets desire to fly with Christ as a result of Jesus " sacrifice, death and resurre...
  • Santa Claus Hero Or Hellspawn - 1,146 words
    Seilgrank () Am. Lit. Persuasion Paper 12-11-97 Everyone knows the legend of Santa Claus, right A jolly little fat man in a red and white suit gathers up a bag full of toys and loads them into his sleigh where he and his eight magical reindeer fly off into the night and deliver the toys to the children of the world on Christmas eve, then fly back to Santas workshop at the North Pole where his elves help him prepare again for next year all before the rising of the sun. Sounds like a great thing, ...
  • Satan Or Santa Bubba Claus - 566 words
    To Whom It May Concern: I regret to inform you that, effective immediately, I will no longer be able to serve Southern United States on Christmas Eve. Due to the overwhelming current population of the earth, my contract was renegotiated by North American Fairies and Elves Local 209. I now serve only certain areas of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. As part of the new and better contract I also get longer breaks for milk and cookies so keep that in mind. However, I'm certain that ...
  • Shoshone Treaty Western States People - 597 words
    The Shoshone Indians roamed freely on a portion of the Unites States before the 1800 s, including nine northern and mid-western states. The tribes were hunter / gatherers and moved about, depending on the seasonal vegetation and game animals. The Shoshone tribe lived peacefully and happily until the US Government came and intimidated them into signing a treaty. The Treaty of Ruby Valley, also known as The Treaty of Peace and Friendship was signed in 1863. The treaty offered compensation for the...
  • Sexual Relationships Sex Marriage Couples - 775 words
    Same Sex Relationships Running head: Same Sex Relationships Same sex Relationships: Lets Take a look inside Sherry Windsor Soc 3/LO 2 Marra ige and Family RelationsWesthills Community College Professor Dr. Loyd Gane y Jr. March 21 2005 SurnameAnomous Apr. 11 2002 Equal marriage for same sex couples Should the way same sex relationships are viewed be changed? In today's society its always the moral side. But just like heterosexual relationships finances and other things are also involved in the ...
  • Story Of A Lion - 1,255 words
    Night of the L ionOne dark night Jim, Jake, and their little brother Adam decided to stay home to watch the Haley's Comet fly over. The news stations had been airing story, after story about the rarity of the comet's pass over the sky's and it seemed to them that to not watch it would be completely stupid. Little did they know that this night was not going to be a fun filled night instead the worst night of their lives. Jim and Jake are 18 year-old fraternal twins that were inseparable and loved...
  • Salem Abuses Of Power - 1,236 words
    By: Anonymous ESSAY: SALEM In 1692 in Salem Massachusetts a horrible chain of events occurred. A massive witch hunt began and a tidal wave of fear and suspicion swept over the tight knit Puritan town of Salem. A small group of girls began accusing the townspeople of witchcraft and the majority of the town believed these claims and full trials were held. If the accused victims did not confess to committing witchcraft it was more than likely that they would be put to death, hung in front of the to...
  • Stock Market Internet Stocks Money Bubble - 1,359 words
    The Internet bubble - Still deflating - WTF The Internet Bubble contends that all the whoop-tee-do stocks you have been in love with were overpriced. So, shortly after the first major deflation in the Internet stock, he was like WTF At the peak of the market for Internet stocks in January of this year, the 400-plus public Internet companies were worth a steep $1. 5 trillion combined. As of a new calculation done in mid-July, they are now worth about $970 billion, a decline of more than 30 percen...
  • Smokers Create Unpleasant Smell Smoker Smoking Smoke - 299 words
    The Good Things of Cigarette Smoking? It is estimated that two hundred thousand smokers will die this year. This estimate is averaged out, based on the effects of smoking and the amount of people that smoke. Smoking causes many things to a smoker's life, a smoker can acquire awful smells, diseases, and a waste of money. The abundant amounts of effects of smoking are overwhelming. First, smokers create unpleasant smells to themselves and everything they own. Smoke itself is awful smelling and, w...

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