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  • The Hobbit Synopsis Lonely Mountain - 325 words
    The Hobbit Synopsis The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien is about Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit (a dwarf), who goes on an adventure with some other Hobbits. They travel to Lonely Mountain to get their land back from an evil dragon. Bilbo's adventures all started when he was sitting outside one day and a wizard named Gandalf asked him to go with them to Lonely Mountain to help steal back the treasure and land that Smaug (the evil dragon) had stolen from their forefathers. At first Bilbo was confused, then ...
  • The First Battle Of Manassas - 660 words
    The First Battle of Manassas On a hot summer day in July of 1861 there stood about 30, 000 Union troops lead by General Irvin McDowell ready to march out and capture Richmond and end the war. For the troops were young volunteers and thought that the battle would only last one day. But they were wrong for the battle of Manassas or otherwise known as Bull Run lasted more then one day the battle lasted six days instead. The Confederates had 22, 000 men who were headed by Gen. Pierre G. T. Beaurega...
  • Teen Pregnancy Teenage Mother - 1,955 words
    Teen Pregnancy By: Dina Kogan E-mail: Teenage Pregnancy By: Stephanie Preece The Truth About Teen Pregnancy Although the rate of teenage pregnancy in the United States has declined greatly within the past few years, it is still an enormous problem that needs to be addressed. These rates are still higher in the 1990's than they were only a decade ago. The United State's teenage birthrate exceeds that of most other industrialized nations, even though American teenagers are no more sexually active ...
  • The Great Gatsby Green Light - 813 words
    Then wear the gold hat, if that will move her; If you can bounce high, bounce for her too, Till she cry Lover, gold-hatted, high-bouncing lover, I must have you! Thomas Parke D'Invilliers Jay Gatsby went through most of his life striving for a new beginning, a chance to start over and succeed. He forced that aspect of life, into his own, by changing his identity. He was James Gate a man who's unknown soul was left to linger in the past. Now he is Jay Gatsby. Gatsby does not realize that life can...
  • The Meaning Behind Fight Club - 1,249 words
    "REJECT THE BASIC ASSUMPTION OF CIVILIZATION, ESPECIALLY THE IMPORTANCE OF MATERIAL POSSESSIONS" Analysis of "Fight Club " For years David Fincher has directed some of the most stylish and creative thrillers in American movies. His works include: Aliens 3, Seven, The Game and Fight Club. Each of these films has been not only pleasing and fun to watch but each has commented on society, making the viewers think outside the normal and analyze their world. Fight Club is no exception, it is a multi-l...
  • The Plague Black Death - 924 words
    The Black Death caused a widespread death rate over the eastern and western parts of Europe during the fourteenth century. Not only did the Black Death take a devastating toll on human life, it also played an important role in shaping European life in years to come. The Black Death came in three forms, the bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic. Each form killed people in it's own vicious way. All forms were caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis. The most commonly seen form was the bubonic p...
  • Tennessee Williams Life Story - 1,271 words
    Tennessee Williams's Life Story Tennessee Williams' play, The Glass Menagerie, originated in the memory of Williams. Williams' family embodied his father, Cornelius Williams, his mother, Edwina Dakin Williams, his sister, Rose Williams, and his younger brother, Dakin Williams. Cornelius was an alcoholic, always away from home; Tennessee and Cornelius did not have a strong relationship, 'By the late 1920 s, mother and father were in open warfare, and both were good combatants. He came home drunk ...
  • The English Teacher Second Half - 1,051 words
    The English Teacher, by Indian novelist R. K. Narayan, tells the story of a young professor, Krishna, who must adapt first to family life with his wife and daughter and then to his wife's death. This short novel, written in simple prose, examines many large issues -- love, death, loyalty, fate -- but always with equanimity. Krishna teaches himself, and the novel tries to teach us, to be, as it is put by the novel's last words, 'grateful to life and death.' Set a few years before India gained its...
  • The Professor Andthe Madman - 962 words
    Minor is Major Could only an incarcerated madman have had the time to become the most important contributor to one of the most prestigious dictionaries of all time According to Simon Winchester, author of The Professor and the Madman, an intellectual madman, who was locked in an insane asylum, had over twenty years to become the greatest contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). This book covers a time span from the sixteenth century up to the twentieth century. The Professor and the M...
  • Tragedy In Greek Literature - 690 words
    Tragedy in Greek Literature When one hears the word tragedy, they might think of someone dying in a car wreck, being killed in a plane crash, or even a massive tsunami that wipes out nations. This type of tragedy is the most common, but when referring to Greek literature, a tragedy is an outstanding piece of drama originating in Ancient Greece. Greek tragedy originated in honor of the god of wine, Dionysus, the patron god of tragedy. The performance took place in an open-air theater. The work tr...
  • Theatre In Changing Society - 375 words
    Theatre will always survive in our changing society. It provides us with a mirror of the society within which we live, and where conflicts we experience are acted out on stage before us. It provides us with characters with which we identify with. The audience observes the emotions and actions as they happen and share the experience with the characters in real time. The survival of theatre lies in the very nature of humankind: its inner voyeuristic drive. The desire to watch other people dealing ...
  • The Combines Act National Hockey - 754 words
    The Combines Act. C. H. Jones's article 'The Economics of the National Hockey League' (1969) purpose is to explain through simple micro economics that the prime motive of professional hockey team owners is profit maximization. The owners argue that their main interest is 'for the love of the game,' not the financial benefits of owning a professional sports franchise and to avoid government regulations such as the Combines Act (note 1). An article written in 1982 by J. A. Schofield entitled 'The...
  • The Lady Not The Tiger - 733 words
    And just as the princess had imagined, inside the door was a beautiful young woman, the most wonderful lady in the entire kingdom. But for the man, the lady wasn't so beautiful. For him there was only one beautiful woman in the kingdom, or in the entire world for that matter. And that lady was the princess. So as soon as he opened the door, the love that he felt attacked him like a stampede of raging buffalo. The man felt a strong guilt, because by opening the door on the right he would have to...
  • The Lady Beetle Beetles Aphids Insects - 1,096 words
    The Lady Beetle. Lady beetles, often called Ladybugs or coccinellids, are the most commonly known of all beneficial insects. Both adults and larvae feed on many different kinds of soft-bodied insects with aphids being their main food source. Farmers and even some small household garden owners often buy them in bulk and release them in there gardens. Ohioans like lady beetles so much that the Convergent Lady Beetle became the official state insect in 1975. Adult lady beetles are domed shaped, ova...
  • The Heidi Chronicles Peter Gay Sexuality - 642 words
    "The Heidi Chronicles" by Wendy Wasserstein kept my interest so much that I could not put it down until I was to the last page. I liked how the issue of sexuality played a role along with the issue of feminist goals in this play. I believe they complimented one another in that both groups strive for equal right among the majority. For example when Peter starts to march with the other women from the Art Institute. It shows that he is standing for a cause the effects another minority group in our ...
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God Janie Crawford - 535 words
    Their Eyes Were Watching God: Janie Crawford Janie Crawford, the main character of Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God, strives to find her own voice throughout the novel and, in my opinion, she succeeds even though it takes her over thirty years to do it. Each one of her husbands has a different effect on her ability to find that voice. Janie discovers her will to find her voice when she is living with Logan. Since she did not marry him for love, tensions arise as time moves on an...
  • The Great Gatsby And The Ameri - 532 words
    In The Great Gatsby, one of the predominant themes is the death of thee American dream. In this, F. Scott Fitzgerald is showing how the American dream has become corrupt and that the dream is dead... The Great Gatsby took place in the roaring twenties. A time when man no longer found happiness in simple pleasures like he did once such as life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is when the first breakdown in the American dream occurred. The idealization of the American dream was over, pe...
  • Tindall Shi States Congress Branch - 591 words
    The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union were drafted by a committee headed by John Dickinson on July 12, 1776. The colonies were still weary of strong central government after the problems they faced with the Parliament in England. Therefore, rather than granting authority to a central government, the Articles of Confederation gave the majority of power to the states. While Congress had power over foreign affairs, war and peace, coinage, postal service, and Indian affairs, there were n...
  • The Meaning Of Life - 2,573 words
    January 19, 2005 The Meaning of life What is the meaning of life. The meaning of our lives, the purpose, and the dreams both dashed and realized, and the expectations forced upon us by others. In other words how do you 'translate' what life is? 'Translation' means to explain in simple terms. What is it supposed to be about? There are different answers for different people at different times in their lives. A person's lifetime is filled with self-examination. Why am I here? What am I doing? Is t...
  • The Crucible Reverend Hale - 642 words
    Reverend Hale is a dynamic character in Miller's The Crucible as he is challenged by John Proctor's courage. He starts out very convincing and seems to know exactly what he wants. John Proctor is a very strong and courageous character. He influences Reverend Hale so much that Hale completely changes his mind about Salem, the court, and witches. Reverend Hale enters Salem as a very strong character that knows what he wants to do. He is very sure of himself. 'They must be, they are weighted with ...

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