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  • Trifles - 648 words
    Drama Response Paper The play "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell is type of murder mystery that takes place in the early 1900's. The play begins when the sheriff Mr. Peters and county attorney Mr. Henderson come to attempt to piece together what had happen on the day that Mr. Wright was murder. While investigating the seen of the murder, they are accompanied by the Mr. Hale, Mrs. Hale and Mr. Peters. Mr. Hale had told that Mrs. Wright was acting strange when he found her in the kitchen. After taking information from Mr. Hale, the men leave the women in the kitchen and go upstairs at seen of the murder. The men don't realize the plot of the murder took place in the kitchen.The action begins when the ...
  • The Life And Times Of Martin Luther King, Jr. - 1,693 words
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the eldest of Martin Luther King, Sr., a Baptist minister, and Alberta Williams King. His Father served as a pastor of a large Atlanta church, Ebenezer Baptist, which had been founded by Martin Luther King, Jr.'s maternal grandfather. King, Jr., was ordainded as a Baptist minister at age 18. King attended local segrated public school, where he excelled. He entered a nearby college, Morehouse College, at age 15 and graduated with a bachelor's degree in sociology in 1948. After graduating with honors from Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania in 1951, he went to Boston University where he earned a doctoral degree in systematic the ...
  • The Black Cat - 882 words
    The Black Cat The Black Cat, by Edgar Allen Poe, is a story about a man whose love for animals is overcome by an extreme hatred toward the creatures. What goes around comes around is a saying that would most effectively convey the message of this story because Poe implies that people will inevitably suffer the consequences of their actions. Through the careful construction of plot, the ongoing use of irony, and the rapid development of character, Poe captures the reader's undivided attention and evokes a wide variety of emotions through this short story This story is a confession of an atrocious sin told by an old man on his deathbed. The plot begins to unfold as the main character reflects ...
  • The Effects Of Divorce - 1,087 words
    ... ght about their progress and how they have been affected.Results After observing I found many things. I found that Joe had become veryaggressive. I noticed it especially when it came to other living things such asthe family dog. He would also lash out at his sister, as well as myself attimes. He never ment to cause harm but he couldn't seem to control his temper.At other times he acted even as a younger baby. He would act and talk like one.Another behavior change was that he wanted to start sleeping with his mother inher bed , again. Before the divorce Joe, had been sleeping in his own bed inhis own room. It seemed as if he didn't want to leave his mother. I also noticed some changes in ...
  • The Odyssey - 1,102 words
    In the epic the Odyssey by Homer (translated by Robert Fitzgerald)one of the most descriptive and best written passages in the entire epic is"The Slaying of the Suitors" (book 23 lines1-62). This is a good passagefor many reasons, one of these is that it is a part of the story that hasbeen built up and anticipated by all. Another is the vivid imagery used byHomer. There is one more reason, this being the tone of the passage. Thetone of this passage is very important to it and adds very much to it. One of the most talked of conflicts in the Odyssey is the suitorsravaging the possessions and house of Odysseus. They were able to do thisbecause he was presumed dead and they didn't worry about hi ...
  • The Traffic Of Human Beings Phenomenon - 3,531 words
    The traffic of human beings is a global phenomenon that refers to all ages and sexes, but a large part of the persons implicated in the traffic with human beings is women and children. That is why the specific aspects of the person's gender and children's vulnerability should be considered. The victims are trafficked through numerous means of coercion or methods of hoaxing for countless abusive and exploitation scopes. It has been observed that the majority of the victims traded from Eastern to Central and Western Europe and also to North America and Asia, are women trafficked for forced prostitution. Although due to the surreptitious character of this crime, any available statistic or data ...
  • The Traffic Of Human Beings Phenomenon - 3,522 words
    ... ewise art 112.3 the present article is more or less formal. The infraction of kidnapping is said to be consummated from the moment of the de facto take away of the child and transporting to another place (even if for a few hours or minutes).Imprudence, which led to the substitution of the baby out of negligence at the maternity (hospital), cannot be qualified as provided by art 113 PCRM but can be included as a crime due to art 186 PCRM "Professional negligence...".The discussed article does not only frame as motives of the substitution the vile ones but also motives like the wish of insuring a decent life to the child etc. No matter what the motives are it is considered as a crime and w ...
  • Thomas Eakins - 930 words
    Thomas Eakins Thomas Eakins was born on July 25, 1844, in Philadelphia, and with the exception of four years of study in Paris and Spain, the city remained his home. Its school, public and private art collections, and community of artists, many of whom were recent emigrants from Europe trained in the academic tradition and familiar with new artistic styles, provided Eakins with an unusually wide-ranging art education for an American artist of his day. When Eakins arrived in Paris in 1866 to continue his art studies, he was in the vanguard of young artists who would revolutionize American art over the next two decades, breaking away from the literalism of Hudson River School landscapes to emu ...
  • The Devils Backbone - 430 words
    During the Spanish Civil War, an orphaned 10-year-old boy, Carlos (Fernando Tielve), arrives at the Santa Lucia School, where he's taken in by the headmistress (Marisa Paredes). Over time, Carlos comes to realize that the school has some creepy secrets, including a sighing ghost.Starring Eduardo Noriega, Marisa Paredes, Federico Luppi, Inigo Garces, Fernando Tielve, Irene Visedo Directed by Guillermo del ToroWritten by Guillermo del Toro, Antonio Trashorras, David Mu~nozStudio Sony Pictures Classics During the Spanish Civil War, an orphaned 10-year-old boy, Carlos (Fernando Tielve), arrives at the Santa Lucia School, where he's taken in by the headmistress (Marisa Paredes). Over time, Carlos ...
  • The Storm - 719 words
    Kate Chopin's short story 'The Storm'; describes an encounter of infidelity between two lovers during a brief thunderstorm. The story alludes to the controversial topic of women's sexuality and passion, which during Chopin's time no one spoke about much less wrote about. So controversial was 'The Storm,'; that it was not published until after her death in eighteen ninety-nine. The story is broken up into five sections, each filled with small clues and hints that reflect her message. In short, Kate Chopin's 'The Storm'; is about a confirmation of feminine sexuality and passion and a rejection of the suppression of it by society.The title of 'The Storm'; gives the reader a peek into the underl ...
  • The Life Of Shakespeare - 318 words
    The Life of ShakespeareShakespeare was a great influence to literature. His life, unfortunately, is not as well-known as his works. Much of his life is based on available documentation.Shakespeare's birth date is not known, but because records were found of his baptism on Wednesday, April 26, 1564, many believe he was born that year. He was the third of seven children to John and Mary Shakespeare.William lived with his dad. We can presume he lived on Henley Street in Stratford since records claim his father lived there.A bond certificates dating November 28, 1582 shows the marriage of 18 year old William and twenty-six pregnant Anne Hathaway. Seven months after his marriage, his first daught ...
  • Tess Of The Durbervilles - 1,128 words
    -1-SAC Out come 2 - LiteratureIn "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" Hardy does expose the social injustices and double standards which prevail in the late nineteenth century.These injustices and double standards are evident throughout the whole novel, and Tess, the main character, is the one who suffers them.This becomes evident from the first page when Parson Tringham meets Jack Durbeyfield and refers to him as "Sir John". With his whimsical comment, made from the safety of a secure social position, the Parson begins the events which start the destruction and downfall of the whole Durbeyfield family. Logically the fact that Tess's family and their "gentlefolk" relatives have the same descendents s ...
  • The Catcher In The Rye: First Person Narration Is Critical - 681 words
    The Catcher In the Rye: First Person Narration is Critical In J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, the first person narrationis critical in helping the reader to know and understand the main character,Holden Caulfield. Holden, in his narration, relates a flashback of asignificant period of his life, three days and nights on his own in New YorkCity. Through his narration, Holden discloses to the reader his innermostthoughts and feelings. He thus provides the reader not only with information ofwhat occurred, but also how he felt about what happened. Holden's thoughts and ideas reveal many of his character traits. Onelate Saturday night, four days before the beginning of school vacation, Hol ...
  • The Effects Of Ufos On People - 1,010 words
    The Effects of UFO's on PeopleBy Steve Edwards Almost every civilization in history that has kept a written history hasrecorded the sightings of strange objects and lights in the skies. Theseobjects have been described as glowing wheels, colored balls of light, and diskshaped objects. Today unexplained aerial phenomena are generally referred to asunidentified flying objects (UFO's) or flying saucers. The effects of extra terrestrial sightings can have an adverse effect onpeople if influenced the wrong way. No solid proof has shown that UFO's arereal, but many sightings cannot be proven otherwise. The media, stories, orone's own experience may often influence what one believes. The government ...
  • The Olympics - 1,252 words
    Olympic Games were held throughout Ancient Greece, but the most famous games were the games held in Olympia. They were held between August and September in honor of Zeus. Some claim that Zeus and Kronos the mightiest of the gods, wrestled for possession of the earth on the high peaks in Greece, and the games were in commemoration of the victory of Zeus. People all throughout Greece would come to Olympia to watch and take place in the festival. The entrance to the stadium in which the Olympic games were held had a row of statues. The statues, called Zanes were made in the likeness of the " Zeus of Oaths" statue. On the first day of the games the athletes stood before this heroic- sized statue ...
  • The Orgins Of Atomic Theory - 1,777 words
    The Orgins of Atomic TheoryBy Levi PulkkinenThere is an eternal human compulsion to unlock the mysteries of our lives andour world. This search for knowledge has guided us to many beneficial newunderstandings. It has lead us into this new age where information is its ownreward, an age where enlightenment is an end, not simply a means to an end.Enlightenment has been the aim of many great people. It has inspired manyscientists and artists to construct articles of infinite beauty and value.At times this quest for understanding has been embraced by entire civilizations,and when an entire society commits to one noble cause only good can come from it.In Ancient Greece there was such a civilizatio ...
  • The Return To Mecca, Muhammad And The Beginnings Of Islam - 1,281 words
    ... n Paris and London. These two Templesoffered a full range of financial services to the royal houses, includingcollecting taxes, controlling debts and administering pension funds.[Burman/Templars 87-88] The treasury of the King of France was kept safelywithin the vault of the Temple of Paris. [Sinclair 36]The Templars owned a great fleet of merchant ships with which to convey allmanner of goods, e.g., pepper and cotton, as well as pilgrims, betweenEurope and the Holy Land. People wanting to make a pilgrimage to the HolyLand, but lacking the resources to do so, were allowed to assign rights totheir houses and property, upon their death, to the Templars in exchange forpassage on a Templar s ...
  • The Beast - 435 words
    In the movie "The Beast", Second in Command, Constantine and Arab Khan, Mej bothexhibit similar and different ideals. Some of these ideals such as leadership, tacticalknowledge and their attitude toward the Russian soldiers play an important role in thesesoldiers fates. Both Constantine and Mej have very good leadership abilities. They are similar inthat both of them have their position forced upon them. Mej becomes Khan when theruling Khan is killed and his older brother is run over by a tank driven by the Russians.The Uncle of Mej whom he adores, tries to explain how to be a good Khan and how tocontrol himself and his men through his title as Khan. Constantine is in the leadershipposition ...
  • The Great Gatsby: Unfaithfulness And Greed - 395 words
    The Great Gatsby: Unfaithfulness and Greed The love described in the novel, The Great Gatsby, contains 'violenceand egoism not tenderness and affection.' The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald,writes on wealth, love, and corruption. Two coupes, Tom and Daisy Buchanan andGeorge and Myrtle Wilson, match perfectly with these categories. Both couplesare different in the way they choose to live together, but are similar in a fewways. Unfaithfulness and greed are the only similarities the couples shared.Tom, Daisy, and Myrtle were all unfaithful to their spouses. Their love forthemselves far out-weighed their love for each other. Tom and Myrtle had anotorious affair throughout the novel while Daisy becom ...
  • To Know A Fly - 988 words
    Brief Summary: The book, To Know a Fly by Vincent G. Dethier, is about a scientist who fell in love with the fly. Professor Dethier isn't like most scientists who are idolized for their accomplishments and rejected for the lack of ability to communicate with society. He was known for being an outstanding researcher, and he also had the wonderful gift of communication. The fact that he was fascinated by the knowledge that could be obtained from such a simple species, such as the fly, also made him popular with the public. The main focus of the book involves Professor Dethier designing and performing various experiments. Each experiment done by Professor Dethier is very simple, therefore the r ...

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