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  • The Yellow Wall Paper - 703 words
    Stettler Hour 5 2/15/00 Modern Lit. Essay #1 In the early twentieth century a writers work usually represented ones surroundings. In the stories "Araby" by James Joyce and "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charolotte Gilman there are examples of their immediate surroundings taking affect in there writings. In most cases a person becomes what there surroundings are because that was the way they were raised. A person's family, friends, neighborhood and every day things will shape and mold ones morals and character. In "The Yellow Wallpaper" the narrator is also the author. Charolotte Gilman writes about her struggle with insanity. The story takes place in a house in the countryside. Johns plan was to ...
  • The Green Party Of Canada - 1,450 words
    The Green Party of CanadaJarret MacDonaldPolitical Studies 102G. GermainMarch 31, 1997 Canada had nine registered political parties in the 1993 federalelection. Each one of these parties was trying to place their candidates intoParliament as members. In this particular election there were the usualdominating parties that ran, the Liberals and Conservatives. Also vying forseats were seven minority parties which included the Green Party, the ChristianHeritage Party, the National Party of Canada, the Abolitionist Party, theCommonwealth, The Canada Party, the Liberaltarian Party, the Marxist-LeninistParty, and the Natural Law Party. Each of these minority parties had then andstill do have their ...
  • The Green Party Of Canada - 1,467 words
    ... ociety where it isconcerned about the next generations and not just the present. The future focusand sustainability issue would address the issues that unless the earth'spopulation doesn't do anything now the next generations will not have anythingto look forward to. Everyone has to take a stand and decide that they have topreserve today for tomorrow. This is contrary to the other political partieswhich think more short term thinking and planning. The preceding eight values are at the forefront of the Green Party.They work and plan their beliefs around them hoping the general population willlisten to what they value. Their main goal is not necessarily to win a majorityvoice in the legisl ...
  • The Gift - 301 words
    The GiftIn 'The Gift' by Louise Glock, the little boy is calling oggie, oggie, athis front door. This could mean several things, first we would have to look atclues. The poem states that the mother is praying to GOD. One could infer thatthe boys dog died and he is calling without reward to his lost friend.Therefore the most logical response would be that the boy was in fact callingfor his dead dog. In the opening paragraph I stated what I thought the main idea for thepoem was. But that does not mean that is the only message implied. The childalso was calling for oggie, oggie, but in fact every once in a while a dog didstop by and the mom pointed this fact out and said she hoped the boy would ...
  • The Nervous System - 485 words
    Greek Mythology Mythology is a way that the ancient societies explained why things are the way they are and how they came to being. Two ancient societies are infamous for their mythology. These societies are Greece and Rome. Great authors were made be the mythological works they wrote. Homer was a famous author who is best known for his epics. It is from these epics that most of the gods and actual myths well known. I am writing of two of these gods in particular, Saturn and Dionsysus. The first god that I would like to focus on is Saturn. Saturn was the god of agriculture to both the Roman and Greek. He was, however, known to the Greeks as a different name. His name was Cronus. He had all o ...
  • The Need For Extreme Criminal Justice Reform In California - 1,280 words
    THE NEED FOR EXTREME CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM IN CALIFORNIAORIENTATIONFACTORS:I. Basic Introduction and description - Introduce basic sides of CriminalLaw and ElaborateII. General History and Development - Discuss the history and modifications of Reform Laws in CaliforniaIII. Main Problems and Concern Stimulants - Point out real life statistics and point out incidentsIV. Conclusion - Point out the need for an extreme reform and what can be doneSENTENCE OUTLINEI. An analysis of Department of Corrections data by the Center on Juvenile andCriminal Justice in San Francisco, CA, in Nov, 1995 indicates that since theenactment of California's 'Three Strikes' law two years ago, 192 have 'struckout' f ...
  • The Need For Extreme Criminal Justice Reform In California - 1,266 words
    ... lifornia Department of Corrections budget for 1995-1996: $3.4 billion;proposed budget for 1996-1997 for both Corrections and Youth Authority: $4.1billion. This compares to $1.6 billion for community colleges and $4.8 billionfor higher education.-California Legislative Analysist Elizabeth Hill advised on February 26, 1996that 24 new prisons will need to be built by the year 2005 to keep pace with theincarceration rate. This will cost taxpayers $7 billion for their constructionand increase operating costs to $6 billion annually.-California Attorney General Dan Lungren announced on March 12, 1996 that thenumber of homicides reported in 1995 in the most populated two-thirds of thestate had d ...
  • Tom Stoppard - 1,379 words
    Tom Stoppard Tom Stoppard: A Critic of The Modern Age Tom Stoppard is one of the twentieth century's most interesting and creative playwrights. He uses his art form to criticize society's inability to handle the thought that we are governed by chaos. The modern world has created fate as an excuse for not doing anything to shape or change our outcome. Stoppard uses his plays as a mirror held up to society, showing his audience the ridiculousness of leaving everything up to fate. Tom Stoppard is a contemporary playwright living in Great Britain. Stoppard created modern characters to reflect modern attitudes, and most specifically, modern flaws. In each case he shows that the characters represe ...
  • The Man Nobody Knows - 885 words
    The Man Nobody Knows7/17/01 The author of this book Bruce Barton was a partner in a successful advertising firm during the 1920's. This was a time when the industry of advertising was under going some major changes. These changes had a lot to do with a number of factors the first of which being the post war prosperity this meant people had more money than they ever had before. Another one of these factors had to do with the high number of teens who were now attending high school, this proved to be important because it created a whole other market which hadn't existed before. One more factor was the advances made in transportation and communication, these advances allowed goods, people, and i ...
  • The Volkswagen Beetle - 1,140 words
    The people's car - generically, Volkswagen in German - is almost as old as the automobile, and the type was familiar in Germany long before the advent of the Volkswagen. Usually these 'popular'; cars were minimal cars, though size and simplicity did not necessarily bring them within the reach of the ordinary man in the street. Henry Ford did build a successful universal car, to sell at a low price, but his Model T with its 2.9-litre engine was by no means a small car, nor was the Model A that followed it. When it was in production in the late 1920s, small 'proper'; cars in Germany ranged from the 700-cc DKW to the 1-litre Opel, with small Adlers, the BMW Dixi (a license-built Austin Seven) a ...
  • Type 1 Diabetes - 930 words
    10-28-04Kinesiology Squats Versus Lunge The purpose of my project grade sheet is to get a better understanding of the movement I chose which was squats versus lunges. The body of my research paper will give the reader a better understanding of the following for my specific movement. Anatomy: The origin and insertions that are involved include the Glutes- gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, Hamstrings- lliotibial band, biceps femoris, semitendinosus, adductor magnus, gracilis, semimembranosus. Calves- Gastrocnemius, soleus, peroneus brevis, flexor hallucis longus. Thighs- Pectineus, sartorius, adductor longus, tensor fasciae latae, gracilis, quadriceps, rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, vastus ...
  • The Problem Of Place In America And My Neighborhood: The Breakdown - 579 words
    'The Problem of Place in America' and 'My Neighborhood': The Breakdown ofCommunityWR 121 Paper #2 In Ray Oldenburg's 'The Problem of Place in America' and Ishmael Reed's'My Neighborhood' the authors express thier dissatisfaction with the community.Oldenburg focuses on the lack of a 'third place' and the effects of consumerismon the suburbs, while Reed recalls his experience with prejudice communities.Their aim is to identify problems in our society that they find to be a problem.Although neither of these authors offer solutions, the fact that these problemsare addressed is enough. Some basic similarities between these two authors is they are bothattempting to identify problems in our society ...
  • Thoreau - 571 words
    Henry David Thoreau was man of simplicity, and if he were to experience life in Cary, he would not only be surprised, but disappointed in humanity itself. Thoreau believed in the necessities of life, nothing more, and the people of Cary live lives exactly the opposite. Cary residents live lives of material possessions, business, and over-complexity. These traits of society are precisely opposite of Thoreau's ideals and beliefs. Not only would Thoreau be disappointed, but his eyes would be filled with disgust, every which way he looked in the Town of Cary and it's people. Certainly material possessions are a necessity to a point, but people in Cary drag it out to the extreme, and worship thei ...
  • The Atomic Bomb - 516 words
    The Atomic BombThe year was 1945. The war in the Pacific had reached it's climax with theattack on Pearl Harbor, or so the world thought!In 1943 a new era was just being discovered when Albert Einstein had uncovered anew way of destroying things. One so powerful it could wipe out entire cities inseconds. When Albert told the president of the U.S.A. he had no idea of what thearmy was going to do with that knowlege, the knowlege of Atomic Theory!When the president of the United States of America heard of this new theory hedecided to embark on a project that would change mankind forever. He decided toname this project the Manhatten Project. This project was headed by six of theworlds best scien ...
  • The Economics Of The Clean Air Act - 1,204 words
    The Economics of The Clean Air ActAir is a part of all of our lives. Without clean air, nothing we know of canexist. The debate over clean air, it's regulations, their teammates andopposition, and the economic factors coming into play into this ever-morerecognizable problem is a widespread and ever more controversial one. Like along countdown to eventual disaster, the pollution effecting our world has nodoubt made increasingly more impact on our daily lives, and has increased theintensity on Washington and other countries to solve the problem. The Clean Airact is a step in the right direction, but with every answer their comes twoquestions and likewise more and more people taking sides. Ther ...
  • The Seminole - 1,273 words
    The Seminole'As the United States is a nation made up of people from many nations, so theSeminole is a tribe made up of Indians from many tribes.' (Garbarino 13) TheSeminole are the indigenous people living in southeastern America. They livedin what is now Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, andMississippi. The Seminole had a Muskogean language of the Hokan-Siouan stock. (Bookshelf) The Indian tribes found in the southeast were the Creek, Choctaw,Chickasaw, Cherokee, Yuchi, Yamassee, Apalachicola, Timucua, and Calusa. Thesoutheastern Indians were described by the Spanish as being tall withcomplexions ranging from olive, to brownish. The Indians in the mountain ...
  • The Seminole - 1,243 words
    ... ured, killed, enslaved, or diedby disease fled to the Spanish West Indies. (Lepthien 13) After this timethere was massive and reigning confusion. Indian tribes killed other Indians. The English trying to get rid of the Indians played one tribe off for anotherand caused more chaos. As a result, many tribes were reduced in size, and manypeople were homeless and hopeless. (Garbarino 36)Soon afterward, the English presence in America grew, and colonists began tosettle on Indian land. In 1715, the settlers and the Yamassee tribe began tofight. The Yamassee were badly defeated, and they moved into Northern Florida,where there was no competition for land. The state of Georgia worked as ...
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine - 1,591 words
    TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, can be traced as far back as 1000 BC, where stone acupuncture needles were believed to be used. Texts from that period also talked of Yin and Yang and other concepts. The first written work on TCM is titled the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, Huangdi Newijing (Gascoigne 11). This book was written in 300 BC, but entries date back to the early 2700's BC. The book is still used in universities of Chinese Medicine around the world and is often called the bible of TCM. Today, TCM is still thriving in China and all of Asia. In recent years, information on TCM has become available to people in the United States. The United States has several schools of TCM, and ...
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine - 1,647 words
    ... , the goal of TCM is to balance out the Yin and Yang in our bodies in order to be healthy. Not surprisingly, TCM recommends eating a fairly equal amount of Yin and Yang foods, while trying to stay away from hot foods. Under certain conditions, TCM could recommend the consumption of hot foods if you had an illness from an overabundance of cold foods. Hot foods correspond with acidic foods and beverages like coffee, soda, any kind of fried food, corn, beans, vinegar, and sugar. Cold foods stand for alkaline foods which include most fruits and vegetables. A general guideline to follow is, "The greener the food, the higher its alkaline level" (Cohen 165-192). This kind of diet can be very re ...
  • The Great Gatsby - 460 words
    The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is a really good book that deals with many different issues withits many different characters. A few of these characters share some characteristics whilethey are completely different at the same time. In this essay I will show you thesimilarities and differences in Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway. First off the similarities. Although there are not many there is a few to be talkedabout. Number one similarity between Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway is the location oftheir establishment. Both Jay Gatsby and Nick Carrawy live in the same neighborhood,West Egg. This is the least fashionable of the two but still a nice place to live. The otherneighborhood is East Egg an ...

7109 results found, view free essays on page:

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