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  • The Red Tent (all You Need To - 2,459 words
    ... Tent: 'There is no magic to immortality' (Diamant 321). The type of deathlessness Dinah speaks of is the undying glory that is remembered by descendants. Dinah was forgotten this way, but the glorified tales of Joseph and Jacob were not, being passed down from son to son and finally written down in the Book of Genesis. The following review, once again from the novel cover, expresses the importance of knowing how to achieve this type of immortality: 'Here is a book of celebration ... keep it close and handy on a nightstand, for any time you need to remind yourself of the simple truths' (Rebecca Walker, San Antonio Express-News) The truth here is, in fact, Dinah's above quotation; immorta ...
  • Touch Of Evil - 1,279 words
    Touch of Evil Director: Orson WellesProducers: Rick Schmidlin, Albert ZugsmithDirector of Photography: Russel MettyWriter: Orson Welles Editor : Aaron Stell, Walter MurchPoduction Designer/ Art Director: Robert ClatworkthAlexander Golitzen AVF 10 - 5/1/05 In Orson Welles' classic film noir production Touch of Evil, a Mexican police officer named Mike Vargas (Charlton Heston), becomes the target of an American police officer named Hank Quinlin (Orson Welles), when Vargas attempts to expose Quinlin framing a murder suspect. Quinlin, a celebrity among police officers has become corrupt in his practices and is willing to go any lengths including committing murder to uphold his reputation. Vargas ...
  • The Grapes Of Wrath - 1,267 words
    The Grapes of Wrath was written by JohnSteinbeck, in 1929. Steinbeck was born onFebruary 27, 1902, in Salinas, California.Steinbeck did not like to narrate any of hisnovels in which he had no backgroundinformation in. That is why he would oftenlive the life of his characters before hewrote his novels or short stories. So inpreparation for The Grapes of Wrath he wentto Oklahoma, joined some migrants and rodewith them to California. The Grapes of Wrath starts with Tom Joad, themain character, hitchhiking a ride home afterbeing paroled from the state prison. Thereason he was in jail is because four yearsago he got into a bar fight and killed a manout of self defense. That is why he only gota se ...
  • The Hobbit: A Review - 1,051 words
    The Hobbit: A ReviewIntroductionThe book I read and analyzed was "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkein. I shall discussthe plot and character development, setting, author's style and my opinionsabout it.Plot DevelopmentThere are too many characters in the story and so it is hard to follow and knoweach one of them. (There are many dwarves and it's confusing.) In the beginningthere is an introduction where the author tells a bit about what is a hobbitand the hobbit's (Bilbo) family. It is not very complicated and the authormakes it easy to understand. This introduction gives the general background,which makes the story easier to understand, for the plot and its development.The plot development in the ...
  • The Political Environment Of The Philippines - 974 words
    The Political Environment of the PhilippinesHistorical Facts:The Philippines overcame many obstacles in history that reshaped the political environment of modern times.The Philippine islands have a strong Spanish influence. Records in history date back to 1521 where Ferdinand Magellan colonized the islands in the name of Charles I of Spain. The Spanish objectives focused Philippine society toward the spread of Christianity, colonization in the name of Spain, and acquiring key positions in the spice trade from Asia. Spanish settlers later realized that the P.I. did not have precious spices or gold minerals. Profits from the colonies were going to come from agricultural resources only. Agricul ...
  • The Theme Of Darkness In The H - 1,320 words
    It has been said that although Conrad may not have been 'the greatest novelist, he was certainly the greatest artist every to write a novel';. I feel that this is an apt description of Conrad's writing style in Heart of Darkness (1902), as he paints many verbal pictures by using expressive words and many figurative descriptions of places and people. An extensive use of words relating to colour, is evident throughout the novella. The idea of darkness (and light) is emphasized from the title of the novella, and continues to play an important role throughout in the story .My opinion is that Conrad felt that using 'darkness'; as a recurring theme throughout the story would be an effective tool b ...
  • The Korean War - 1,006 words
    The Korean War took place between the yearsof 1950 and 1953. The cause of the war was that Koreawas under Japanese rule ever since the end of theChinese-Japanese war in 1895. After World War II, in1945, Korea was freed from Japan. The United Statestroops occupied the southern part of the country andRussian forces took the north. The very first and main reasonwe entered the war in Korea was because John FosterDulles, the future Secretary of State under DwightEisenhower, said that it would be best if we entered the war.At the time Dulles was a special advisor to the Secretary ofState Acheson. Dulles was in Tokyo when the Koreansstaged war. Dulles sent a message to Acheson that if theSouth Kore ...
  • The Ozone Layer - 1,396 words
    The Ozone Layer In environmental science the green house effect is a common term for therole water vapor; carbon dioxide and ozone play in keeping the earth's surfacewarmer than it would normally be. The atmosphere is primarily transparent toinfrared radiation from the sun, which is mostly absorbed by the earth's surface.The earth being much cooler than the sun, remits radiation most strongly atinfrared wavelengths. Water vapor, carbon dioxide and ozone then absorb much ofthis radiation and remit a large proportion back towards the earth. Theatmosphere thus acts as a kind of blanket: without its presents the earth'saverage ground temperature of 15 degrees Celsius would fall to -28 degreesCel ...
  • Tripmaster Monkey - 855 words
    Tripmaster Monkey Wittman uses theatre throughout the book 'Tripmaster Monkey'; to get back to his cultural roots and Asian culture. He is trying to find himself through theatre and to open up a new avenue for his people. There are numerous examples of this throughout the book as he is writing his play and incorporating the old (legends and myths) with the new (contemporary times). The first significant reference to legend occurs when Wittman is putting his entire night's worth of writing into the incinerator (42). As he does so, he reflects on the arrival of Monkey, Tripitaka and friends at the Western Paradise. They secure the sacred scriptures, and are on their way home to china when curi ...
  • The Nobel Prize For Literature - 590 words
    The Nobel prize for literature is an annual international award granted through the Swedish Academy in Stockholm and financed by the Swedish National Bank. The prize is awarded by a committee of scholars who decide on the most eminent literary work of the year. The Nobel prize is named for Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833-1896), a wealthy Swedish chemist and engineer who created dynamite, and who established the awards for literature and other areas such as chemistry and peace. Since Rene F.A. Prudhomme was the first prize winner in 1901, I thought that I should study him. He was the son of a shopkeeper in France. His goal was to become an engineer, but unfortunately he caught an eye disease whic ...
  • Things Fall Apart - 481 words
    How many different ways can one man evolve? Will he be the man that he wants to be or will he be the man that he fears most? These are some of the questions that would have to be asked when talking about the novel Things Fall Apart by Chunia Achebe. The main character Okonkwo starts this novel out by letting us know about how much he hates his father and that he will do anything to be the complete opposite. But by the end of the novel we will find out just how much he is like his father whether he likes it or not. Early on in the novel Oknokwo states his great dislike for his father because he is a lazy man that likes to depend on others and has a serous drinking problem. Because of this dis ...
  • The Origin Of Electoral College - 875 words
    In the United States of America, the presidential election takes place every four years, on the first Tuesday of November [1]. Most people believe they are directly voting for the presidential candidate, and the person with the most popular votes will win the election. However, instead of voting for the presidential candidate, people are voting for the electors, individuals who vote in the Electoral College. Moreover, the total electoral vote, not the popular vote, actually determines the winner of the United States presidential election. The election of the year 2000 is a perfect example of the Electoral College. President George W. Bush won the presidential election of the year 2000 with m ...
  • The Womens Revolution - 667 words
    From the American Revolution to the Civil War there were several developments that molded the lives of American women. There were cults formed that supported domesticity. The women of the south, both black and white were very similar to those of the north. The women had gotten roles that they had never faced before. When the men left for war the women took control of many things including, the farms, the businesses, etc. Just because men went to war that did not mean that the women did not go as well. In many cases the women joined their male relation in the Patriot camps. With many tasks to be completed while the men were gone women were just trying to become free and have rights of their o ...
  • The Unity Of The Mind And Body - 1,782 words
    The Unity of the Mind and BodyBoth Michel De Montaigne and John Donne argue that the cultivation of the mind is linked to the well being of the body. Both argue that a mind void of proper enrichment and education will lead to an unhealthy body. However, Montaigne argues that the appropriate means of 'education and enrichment'; are studying and following the works of other great thinkers of history. Additionally, Montaigne declares imagination to be the impetus for the downfall of the body. Conversely, Donne argues that a mind groomed in imagination is the proper mode of finding bodily health. In their writings, both Montaigne and Donne are seeking a unity between the mind and the body. By co ...
  • The True Ending - 468 words
    The True EndingThis is the actual ending to Romeo and Juliet. It wasn't a happy love story like you might have thought. No it was a horrible tragedy that didn't really make sense but happened any way. The truth is that only Romeo and Juliet survive, well sort of. The story starts off at night in a rain storm that doesn't cease, right after Romeo has slain Paris. Romeo believes that Juliet is dead and goes to see her and kill him if it proves to be true. Romeo never got the friars message and hurry's to see Juliet. When Romeo enters the tomb he finds that it is empty. He thinks to himself where could Juliet have gone and is glad that she is not dead. When he leaves the tomb Lord Capulet confr ...
  • The Second Amendment And The Right To Bear Arms - 1,067 words
    WORKS CITED[1] Cottrol, Robert, ed. Gun Control and the Constitution: Sources and Explorations on the Second Amendment. New York: Garland Publishing Inc., 1994[2] Dowlut, Robert. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms in State Bills of Rights and Judicial Interpretation. SAF 1993[3] Freedman, Warren. The Privilege to Keep and Bear Arms. Connecticut: Quorum Books, 1989 [4] Hickok, Eugene Jr., ed. The Bill of Rights: Original Meaning and Current Understanding. Virginia: University Press of Virginia, 1991[5] Kruschke, Earl PHD. Gun Control: A Reference Handbook. California: ABC-CLIO Inc., 1995[6] Image on the cover page taken from TIME. Photographer unknown.[7] Prune Yard Shopping Center v. Robins, 44 ...
  • The Second Amendment And The Right To Bear Arms - 1,074 words
    ... ndment gives citizens the right to bear arm, the NRA argues that the Fourteenth Amendment enforces the Second (3). The Fourteenth Amendment states:No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. (From Amendment XIV section 1.1868)In this argument the NRA stresses that "no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States." They feel that this clearly makes it unlawful for t ...
  • The Persian Gulf War-the Feat Of The Western Countries - 1,601 words
    OnAugust 2nd, 1990 Iraqi military forces invaded and occupied the small Arabstate of Kuwait. The order was given by Iraqi dictatorial president SaddamHussein. His aim was apparently to take control Kuwait's oil reserves (despiteits small size Kuwait is a huge oil producer; it has about 10 per cent of theworld's oil reserves ). Iraq accused Kuwait, and also the United Arab Emirates,of breaking agreements that limit oil production in the Middle East. Accordingto Saddam Hussein, this brought down world oil prices severely and caused financialloss of billions of dollars in Iraq's annual revenue. Saddam Hussein hadthe nearly hopeless task of justifying the invasion. He plead the fact thatKuwait h ...
  • The Divine Comedy Vs. Paradise Lost - 1,492 words
    Full Circle - from Sin to Salvation Great works of literature have been written throughout history. However, The Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost have the inept ability to stir the soul and cause a person to examine and re-examine their life. The brilliant descriptions, use of imagery, metaphor and simile give a person a vivid picture of the creation of man and the possibilities for life in the hereafter. This is done, as a person is able to see, full circle, from the beginning of time to the end of time, the consequences of turning away from God. The ability to see a life full circle is apparent through the examination of both of these poems. Although written many years ago, the morals and p ...
  • The Divine Comedy Vs. Paradise Lost - 1,529 words
    ... an contemplates a battle to regain his former existence in Book 2. Satan says, it is "better to reign in hell, than serve in heav'n". (Paradise Lost, book 1, Line 263) He finds that there are those who oppose a battle with God and there are others who would be in favor of such a battle. Nevertheless, Satan is banished to Hell where he passes through the gates.Book three reveals God sitting on his throne with Jesus at His side. They observe Satan as he flies to this world. Jesus foretells the future and predicts that Satan will be successful in causing the end of Paradise and the beginning of sin among man. Jesus also offers himself as a sacrifice for all of man's sin. God responds by exp ...

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