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  • The Viking Age Vikings Ships People - 3,873 words
    The Vikings were one of the most successful groups of people, that we know of and enough about, ever to have existed on this planet. The Vikings were very unique and their accomplishments as a collective are astounding. The Viking expansion that began at the end of the 8 th Century, gained primarily through their advanced naval technology combined with brute force, was so great that it rivals the accomplishments of the Roman Empire and in some instances the accomplishments of the Vikings belittl...
  • Things That Are Important To Me - 453 words
    There are so many things that are important to me, but only a few that could greatly affect my life if I didn't have or accomplish them. The biggest things to me are success, family, and freedom. These are all things that are essential to my life in so many different aspects. The most important thing to me is success; it's a thing I must have. Success can mean a lot of different things to different people; it just depends on the person. Success to me is a business standpoint; I have so many goal...
  • Taxi Driver Travis Raskolnikov Punishment - 747 words
    Crime and Punishment and Taxi Driver He is a man whose psychological workings are dark, twisted, horrifying, and lonely. He is an absurd, anti-hero who is absolutely repulsed by his surroundings, and because he is unable to remove himself from them, he feels justified in removing other people. This profile fits Travis, portrayed by Robert DeNiro in Scorsese's film 'Taxi Driver,' , and Raskolnikov, the main character of Dostoevsky's novel Crime and Punishment. Their revulsion for life leads both ...
  • The Hare Krishna Movement - 2,283 words
    The Hare Krishna movement can be described by using Nini an Smart's six dimensions of religion. This is a series of six different dimensions that are present in any religion. They are doctrinal, ethical, mythical, experiential, ritual, and social. Each dimension is different, but is a necessary part of religion. In this report I will discuss how the Hare Krishna movement falls into these categories, but first allow me to provide some background information. Hare Krishna is a relatively new "eas...
  • The Changing Roles Of Women In Sweden - 2,206 words
    The Changing Roles Of Women Of Sweden Introduction Sweden has developed a modern industrial culture based on natural resources, technical skills, and a sense of quality. Along with this modern culture, the roles of Swedish women have changed drastically in the last 100 years. The degree to which and the speed with which changes have occurred, however, are somewhat more difficult to evaluate. In this paper, I will present some data related to gender roles in the family. I will also include some e...
  • The Goddess Remembered 000 Years - 865 words
    Filmmaker Donna Reed directed the 1989 documentary-format film The Goddess Remembered, with sponsorship from the National Film Board of Canada. It is currently used as a major educational resource in many universities' Womens Studies classes, appearing on numerous syllabi This film speaks of many argumentive topics such as; Satellite photographs that have recently shown that the Neolithic monoliths of the Goddess (such as Stonehenge) that "all stand on energy lines, which criss-cross the earth."...
  • The Berlin Wall People One East - 1,587 words
    The end of World War II triggered the start of the Cold War. The victors of WWII, The United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union divided Germany and Berlin into four. The United States, Great Britain, and France were all capitalist and democratic, and the Soviet Union was communist. The United States, Great Britain, and France all were part of the same "team." The Soviet Union, however, wanted nothing to do with the others, so they decided to build a wall around their sector to ke...
  • The Depression Great Families People - 438 words
    The Great Depression began in October 1929, when the stock market in the United States dropped rapidly. Thousands of investors lost large sums of money and many were wiped out, lost everything. The crash led us into the Great Depression. This period was the longest and worst period of high unemployment and low business activity, people went along with only the bear necessities, and the families that where hit the hardest where the middle class families. People stopped buying gods during the depr...
  • To Sir With Love Discourses Positions And Relationships - 7,153 words
    Research Paper Identify and discuss professional issues in education evident in a film or a piece of young people's literature in which a teacher plays a fairly cental role. This essay will critically analyse the discourses, positions and relationships, as well as certain individuals habitus' (after Bourdieu and Wac quant, 1992, cited in Gale & Densmore, 2000), which influence the classroom of Mark Thackeray (Sidney Potier) in the film To Sir with Love (Clavell, 1966). Via this analysis, I argue...
  • The Wave School Mcdonald People - 331 words
    In 1969, an event known as The Wave swept through a school in California. Students were being brainwashed and all of their morals were being flushed down the toilet. Everyone was just thinking what is best for the school or The Wave. This event would not even come close to happening in McDonald High School. There are several reasons as to why this would not happen. First of all, the students here at McDonald High School do not care for the school. If anyone of them had the chance to move they w...
  • The Bluest Eye Racism Reader Morrison - 881 words
    Racism in The Bluest Eye "There is really nothing more to say-except why. But since why is difficult to handle, one must take refuge in how." When bad things happen to us, the first thing we ask ourselves is "why" Most of the time however, the answer to "why" is not readily available to us, and sometimes there is not an answer at all. Racism has been a concept which has existed from the beginning of human civilization. For some reason, the "whites" believed they were superior to everyone who was...
  • The Bluest Eye Protract Of A Victim - 1,423 words
    Portrait of a Victim: Toni Morrison s The Bluest Eye The Bluest Eye (1970) is the novel that launched Toni Morrison into the spotlight as a talented African-American writer and social critic. Morrison herself says It would be a mistake to assume that writers are disconnected from social issues (Leflore). Because Morrison is more willing than most authors to discuss meaning in her books, a genetic approach is very relevant. To be truly effective, though, the genetic approach must be combined with...
  • To Kill A Mockingbird - 828 words
    What is a classic? One definition given by the dictionary is: having lasting significance or worth; enduring. When examined closely we can discover what makes the novel unique and memorable. There are many important messages in Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, which make it memorable to the reader. The main message in this novel is about racism, how people around you, not just parents have a strong influence on you when you are growing up, and how rumors and misjudging can make a person look ...
  • The Bluest Eye Analysis - 377 words
    The Bluest Eye In a film interview, Morrison has stated, "I suppose The Bluest Eye is about one's dependency on the world for identification, self-value, feelings of worth." Toni Morrison has been consistently insightful and helpful critic of her work. With regard to her first novel, she has indicated that her plan was to take love and the effects of its scarcity in the world as her major themes, concentrating on the interior lives of her characters, especially those of an enclosed community. He...
  • The Killing Game Hunting Hunter Hunters - 1,036 words
    "The killing game " Before reading "The killing game" by Joy Williams, I considered myself a "non-hunter." However, after reading "The killing game", I had mixed feelings of how I felt about hunting. I think Williams unjustly stereotyped all hunters as being "immoral" without consideration for another point of view. I decided to look equally at both sides of this issue to determine which side, "non-hunter" or "anti-hunter", I would support. I interviewed my friend, Dona Mayo, about hunting. I b...
  • The Great Gatsby Daisy's Love - 1,244 words
    The Great Gatsby: Daisy's Love In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, the character of Daisy Buchanan has many instances where her life and love of herself, money, and materialism come into play. Daisy is constantly portrayed as someone who is only happy when things are being given to her and circumstances are going as she has planned them. Because of this, Daisy seems to be the character that turns Fitzgerald's story from a tale of wayward love to a saga of unhappy lives. Fitzgerald portray...
  • The Holocaust Life Jews Death - 261 words
    The Holocaust was a very bad thing in history. Millions died in the concentration camps and when and if they were liberated they would come home to no family. I can imagine how it felt to be a Jew in the Holocaust. The Jews went to their physical and mental limit just to avoid death. If we do not live our lives fully then we are wasting the gift of life. I don't think it's fair to waste our life, because many people worked a lot harder than us to have life, while they were not able to have it. ...
  • Television Violence Study Aggression Studies - 1,089 words
    This literature review is based on the effects of television violence on children. More specifically, it deals with the relationship found between television violence and aggression found in young children. I chose this topic because I found it interesting to learn that studies have indeed found a connection between television viewing and the behavior of people, especially children. The first study reviewed is entitled 'Television Violence and Children's Aggression: Testing the Priming. Social ...
  • The House Of The Seven Gables Hawthorne's Personal Reflections - 885 words
    Nathanial Hawthorne. Considered to be one of the greatest American writers of the 19 th century. But did you know that he hated portraits, and it is now thought that he was a mild manic-depressive? Born in Salem, Massachusetts on July 4, 1804. A defendant of along puritan line of Hathorne's. His ancestry included his great-great grandfather, JohnHathorne who was a judge at the Salem witch trials 112 years before Nathanial was born. Judge John Hathorne charged many with the crime of witchcraft, ...
  • The Death Of Ivan Ilych - 1,221 words
    In life we often think about death and what our life has become. We never suspect that we will become ill and die, and we very rarely agonize over weather our life is what it should be until its too late, as demonstrated in Tolstoy's 'The Death of Ivan Ilych.' Throughout Tolstoy's life he was religious and enjoyed life, but then as he reached the height of his fame and fourteen he began to question everything he had once believed in. Some people think that 'The Death of Ivan Ilych' holds a lot o...

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