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  • The History Of Basbeall Cards - 1,243 words
    The History of Baseball Cards Baseball cards have a very broad history. In the beginning, god made man. Then, man produced... the baseball card. From 1887 to the present, billions of baseball cards have been produced. Some cards are valued at ten cents, while others, are valued at over one hundred thousand dollars. Since 1887, Baseball cards have been a major part of many people's lives. The Beginning of the baseball card-collecting era would lead cards to a path of greatness and immortality. The first baseball cards were made of a cloth like material. Many of these cards were 'home made". No one but the creator of these cards knows for sure what exactly was used to produce these early cards ...
  • The Right To Privacy - 1,242 words
    In this report I am going to talk about the rights people have to privacy and about the laws that go with privacy. Privacy is the thought that information that is confidential that is disclosed in a private place will not be available to third parties when the information would cause embarrassment or emotional distress to a person. The right of privacy is limited to people who are in a place that a person would reasonably expect to be private such as home, hotel room and even a telephone booth. People think they should be protected by privacy when the conversation is private and should not be heard by others, and the same with going through a persons person things. In the history of privacy ...
  • The Collector - 1,878 words
    John Fowles - The Collector"The Collector" by John Fowles deals with a man's obsession with a woman that turns to kidnap and eventually death. What attracted me to this book was the unusual topic of obsession and intriguing title. In my review I intend to study how the writer, John Fowles, portrays an obsessive personality - though Frederick's actions, dialogue, and his changing relationship with his obsession Miranda.The book is set around the two main characters of Frederick and the girl he is obsessed with Miranda and is mainly set in Sussex around the middle of the 20th century. His obsession with Miranda begins in his hometown where he merely watches her from afar but she then moves awa ...
  • The Motionless Arrow: Aristotles Thoughts On Zenos Arror Argument - 884 words
    The Motionless Arrow: Aristotle's Thoughts on Zeno's Arror Argument Aristotle's thoughts on Zeno's Arrow Argument as represented in Chapter9 of Aristotle's Physics: A Guided Study can be understood in such a way that itmight not be 'next door to madness'. In this chapter, Aristotle interpretsZeno's argument of the Flying Arrow as 'missing the mark'. There are fourpremises for this argument, and in Aristotle's opinion, premise three can berejected. He does not believe that time is composed of indivisible nows, whichhe proves with laws of science. However, by evaluating the falsity of premisethree, you will find that premises one and two are also false. Almost allopinions can be argued, howeve ...
  • The Virgin And The Gypsy - 1,975 words
    This novel is very intriguing and teaches lessons of morality, religion, and of life and death intended for those with imagination and insight.The author's style contributes deeply to the intrigue and true meaning to this novel. The author's use of imagery makes tensions in the story vivid and emphatic. In this story there is a re-occurring tension between religion and desire. The tension between religion and desire is most clearly demonstrated between the characters of Yvette and the rector. Yvette was brought up in a world of religious conventions and beliefs, an environment of forgiveness, love, and morality. This world is later realized to truly be a world of repression towards all feeli ...
  • The Canadian Mosaic Vs. The U.s. Melting Pot - 1,698 words
    Canada is internationally recognized as a culturally diverse nation that emphasizes the concept of "The Mosaic". No other country in the world encompasses inhabitants from so many different backgrounds who exhibit strong loyalty towards Canada, while still preserving their cultural heritage. This is contrasted to the American ideal of the 'Melting Pot', which attempts to shape all of their citizens into a set mold. Canada's philosophy is believed to be more effective and respectful than that which is possessed by our American neighbours. The following will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, and analyze the impact of the structures on each country's society.Canada is ...
  • The Use Of Propaganda In The N - 1,388 words
    When one thinks of the term'propaganda', what comes to mind? Would it bring a positive response? Wouldit bring a negative response? When one thinks of 'propaganda' in associationwith the Holocaust, what comes to mind? A positive response or a negativeresponse? Most likely a negative response. Why is 'propaganda' any differentfrom what any political party or regime does, namely to disseminate its views?Is 'propaganda' simply the name we give to views which we do not like or whichwe think to be untrue? And finally, was the role of 'propaganda' in the Nazis'assumption of power overstated? (Daniel Goldhagen, 1996) As many peoplewho are learned in the field of the Holocaust will agree, propaganda ...
  • The Use Of Propaganda In The N - 1,382 words
    ... ot allowed to join. Thus, without a licenseto practice their businesses, all artists, writers, publishers, producers,or directors could not work or do any business in their field. Also alongwith those quotas, came the prohibition of all Jewish newspapers, radio, andcinema. Part of Hitler's master plan was to have his nation to become themost powerful country in the world; an Aryan nation, that is. Without a doubt,that requires more Aryans. As a part of this theory, the fuhrer, with muchassistance form Goebbles, began a new campaign. This time, it was aimed atwomen. Hitler wanted to encourage good health and child birth among women.There were two things that constituted this: having women ...
  • The Affirmative Action Debate: Possible Influences - 3,361 words
    running head: INFLUENCE ON ATTITUDES TOWARDS AFFIRMATIVE ACTION The affirmative action debate: possible influenceson individual attitudes towards its policiesAbstract President John F. Kennedy proposed the first major legislation to combat discrimination in the workplace, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which led to President Clinton's Affirmative Action legislation in 1996. This legislation was based upon existent prejudices within the workforce and was aimed to correct past inequities as well as present ones. Although American society has advanced a great deal since 1964 and even since Affirmative Action legislation was implemented, basic theories of human behavior assert that individuals wi ...
  • The Affirmative Action Debate: Possible Influences - 3,271 words
    ... Five" approach to personality, also referred to as the five - factor personality model (McCrae & Costa, 1985), helps predict individual's opinions of and reactions to affirmative action based upon their personality type. According to this theory, one can reduce any of the possible personality related attributes to five basic factors using any number of different statistical methods. The first factor in the "Big 5" theory is neuroticism, the individual's level of stability versus instability. The second factor is extraversion, the individual's tendency to be assertive, sociable, active, talkative, outgoing, and energetic. The third factor is openness to experience; one who is open is curi ...
  • The Allegory Of The Cave?? In Different Perspectives - 973 words
    !SSThe Allegory of the Cave!" in Different Perspectives !SSThe Allegory of the Cave,!" written by Plato, is an interpretation of a conversation between Socrates, Plato!|s mentor, and Glaucon, one of Socrates students. !SSThe Allegory of the Cave!" can be interpreted several different ways. Imagine men in a cave chained up by their necks and legs, forcing them to only look forward at a wall. An opening behind them lets the light in. Above the burning fire and chains, there is a road. Have these chained men ever seen anything else of themselves or others beyond the cave!|s shadows made by the fire? Some people would say the truth is only perceived by the shadows seen on the walls of the cave. ...
  • The Allegory Of The Cave?? In Different Perspectives - 964 words
    ... e answer to the struggle for knowledge is the reasoning skills learned though mathematics as they are applied to understanding oneself. The men who are chained up are only able to see shadows of what they believe is reality; however, can they really perceive it as reality if they are only seeing a two dimensional picture in front of them? In !SSThe Allegory of the Cave,!" Plato suggests that our ordinary understanding only shows us shadows of the real, absolute world of unchangeable forms, the world of being, and not becoming. !SSMany philosophers, mystics, and others have held a similar belief: that there is higher state of consciousness, an enlightened view, when the !yendoors of perce ...
  • Taming Of The Shrew 2 - 529 words
    For the sixteenth century 'The Taming of the Shrew'; was extremely controversial. It portrays an independent young woman who falls in love with the only man she does not scare. For women to voice such strong opinions was considered extremely crude. Today we recognize it as wrong to stop anyone - regardless of their religion, race or gender - from speaking their piece. 'The Taming of the Shrew'; should be taught in schools to show how society has changed it's opinion about women in the last four hundred and some years.Katherina and Petruchio's marriage is based on interdependency. Kate was forced to marry Petruchio as most women were forced into marriages in those days. A man had to have mone ...
  • Theme Of Grapes Of Wrath - 651 words
    The Journey Theme ofThe Grapes of Wrath In the Classic novel The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck displays in his writing many different and interconnected themes. The main idea of the novel can be interpreted many different ways through many of the different actions and characters throughout the novel. In the first chapter of the novel, Steinbeck describes the dust bowl and foreshadows the theme: The men came were silent and they did not move often. And the women came out of the houses to stand beside their men-to feel whether this time the men would break.As a theme, Steinbeck wanted the reader to see that humanity is on a journey, and for good or bad humanity continues to move ahead. Along ...
  • The James Bond Phenomenon - 623 words
    The James Bond Phenomenon James Bond has gone through a lot of changes in the years with 19 films.James Bond has been played by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, GeorgeLazneby, to Pierce Bronsman. All being great James Bond characters. The best ofthem being Sean Connery, why? I don't know why, he has always just been a betteractor in every movie he has been in. Then comes Pierce Bronsman because he hasbeen in movies for my generation and I can relate with the stuff going on in hismovies. Then would come Timothy Dalton because he looks and acts a lot likePierce Bronsman. I would guess Roger Moore comes in fourth, why? because I HATEGeorge Lazneby and I have no where else to put him. ...
  • The Letter A As A Symbol In The Scarlet Letter - 749 words
    Throughout the novel The Scarlet Letter there are many symbols. One of the biggest symbols of the novel is the scarlet letter A that Hester Prynne is sentenced to wear after she commits adultery. It is a symbol that is sewn onto her clothes for everyone to see. It is a punishment that is meant to humiliate her for the duration of the time that she stays in Puritanical Boston. During the novel, the scarlet letter changes and evolves from meaning adultery to meaning ability and even physically changes its form. In the beginning of the story, Hester is being punished for adultery, and is forced to wear the letter A on her bosom. It is shown so that people will know her as an adulteress. The let ...
  • Thanksgiving Dinner - 765 words
    Thanksgiving Dinner Even though it was many years ago, I vividly remember my first Thanksgiving dinner. I was a little kid, no older than the age of seven. I flew in that day from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where we had attended a special ceremony honoring my uncle. As a result of the hectic flight schedule, I did not have the opportunity to eat very much that day, and I was eagerly anticipating the Thanksgiving dinner. We arrived at my grandparent's house around six thirty in the evening. As soon as I entered the house, the tremendous aroma of all the foods filled the air and my taste buds began salivating in anticipation for the meal. Normally at family meals the food came out in courses, appeti ...
  • Tojo Hideki - 1,138 words
    Tojo Hideki lived from 1884-1948 and he was a Japanese political and military leader. The premier who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, he personified Japanese militarism. Tojo Eiku (his name before he became premier) was born in Tokyo on Dec. 30 1884. The son of an army general, he graduated from the Japanese Military Academy in 1905, and 10 years later completed with honors his studies at the army war college. After World War I, he became an exponent of the theory of total war. As head of the mobilization section of the war ministry, he played an important role in drafting the first general mobilization plans of the imperial army. Committed to the principle that Japan's military ...
  • The Impact Of Television - 998 words
    The Impact Of Television Since the beginning, there have been mixed reactions to television andit was E.B. White who wrote 'I believe that television is going to be the testof the modern world, and in this new opportunity to see beyond the range of ourown vision, we shall discover either a new and unbearable disturbance of thegeneral peace or a saving radiance in the sky. We shall stand or fall bytelevision, of that I am sure.' (Murray 7) White was correct, it would either bebeneficial or detrimental to society. Ever since the first television stationwas licensed in 1941, our lives have been effected by the presence of television.However, this effect is not for the negative since it is used ...
  • The Arctic - 849 words
    The Artic is a region at the upper most tipof the Northern Hemisphere. The Artic includes the areaaround Greenland, USSR, Canada and Alaska. Much of theArtic circle is permanently frozen ice. The Artic is a pristineenvironment, clean and void of human interference. Howeveras humans move into these areas and begin to extract whatever they can be balance can be tipped, resulting in pollutionand destruction of the environment. Climate. The Articwinters much longer than the Summer. In the winter the sunnever rises and in the summer it never sets. The averagetemperature for the Artic is zero degrees of less. Industryand the Artic. There was once a time when the land of theArtic Circle was conside ...

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