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  • The Mozart Effect - 987 words
    The Mozart EffectDoes classical music really help you study better? Many recent research studies show that music idoes in fact improve cognitive thinking. In 1993, researchers at the University of California at Irvine discovered the so-called Mozart Effect - that college students "who listened to ten minutes of Mozart's Sonata for Two Pianos in D major K448 before taking an IQ test scored nine points higher" than when they had sat in silence or listened to relaxation tapes. Other studies have also indicated that it doesn't matter the artist; people retain information better if they hear classical or baroque music while studying.The most easily influenced stage of human life is early childhoo ...
  • The Gray Wolf - 663 words
    This report is all about the gray wolf. Its scientific name is Canis Lupis. Canis is the Latin word for dog. The genus also includes jackals and coyotes. Lupis is the Latin word for wolf. Gray wolves look similar to German shepherds, but the wolf has longer legs and bigger feet. The color of a gray wolf can range from black to white, but shades of gray are the most common. A unique feature about gray wolves is that the farther north you find them, the larger they are. Males can range from (nose-to-tail) five to six and a half feet and females range from four and a half to six feet. The normal life span of a wolf is about thirteen years, but most wolves don't live past ten years for numerous ...
  • The Decisions To Bomb The Serbs - 1,231 words
    THE DECISION TO BOMB THE SERBS The Decision to Bomb the Serbs was a very interesting case study. It was hard for me to choose a case study but after reading my top three choices I finally came to a conclusion. I never knew about this particular topic, but as I read I was impressed with it, which brought this question to my mind.Should the US have intervened to prevent or end violations of human rights in Kosovo, when these violations did not directly affect other American interests? This was one of the many questions that I and the American public asked themselves, their congressmen and ultimately, their government, during the chaos in the Middle East. It must have been a difficult task to d ...
  • The Advantages Of American Educational System - 457 words
    The Advantages of American Educational SystemParents and the older generation Americans always complain about theeducational system of the country. They assert that their children's knowledgeand skills are below average as compared to their counterparts in othercountries. The American educational system is not inferior to other systems inany other way. Instead, it is just teaching some other factors that areconsidered more significant than simply basic knowledge and skills. The Americaneducational system tries to develop freedom and creativity among its students.From an American point of view, only in this way can the students contributemaximally to the future society. Freedom is the tradema ...
  • The Awakening - 649 words
    The Awakening, by Kate Chopin, tells one woman's story of her attempt to awaken to her true wants and desires for her life. When Edna Pontellier spends the summer on Grand Isle, she begins to think beyond the role of wife and mother that she has played so far. She begins to think of herself as a separate person with independent thoughts and feelings. Her transformation is difficult and she has great trouble deciding what she really wants in life. Edna attempts to discard all of the traditional values of her life to find her independence. Confused by the new feelings these experiences bring, Edna's awakening is a failure because she does not have the necessary skills to become independent. De ...
  • Tiger Sharks - 528 words
    Tiger Sharks The tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, is a large (up to18ft) predator found in tropical and subtropical watersworld wide. Tiger sharks are one of the three main sharkspecies known to attack humans, and are responsible for mostshark attacks in Hawaii. Less than one shark attack occursper year on average in Hawaii (compared to an annual averageof 40 thousand drowning) and mosts attacks are non-fatal. This attack rate is surprisingly low considering thatthousand of people swim, surf and dive in Hawaiian watersevery day. Despite these statistics, sharks attacks remain ahighly emotive topic in Hawaii. This reaction isunsurprising in a state that is economically dependent ontourism and ...
  • The Fast And The Furious - 515 words
    In the movie The Fast and The Furious there are two main characters Vin Diesel and Paul Walker,they are two different people playing two different roles, In the movie Vin Diesel plays this street racer who high jacks truck, when he was younger his dad died in a stock car accident and that was real hard on him because he loved his dad so much and when his dad died he went looking for the person who killed his dad, Because he had such a rampage that he couldent help what he did b/c his dad meant so much to him, so he started racing because his dad was into racing so he waned to get into it him self but his racing is illegal and his dad's was legal but this racing causes him to race on the stre ...
  • Technology In Auditing Using Benford?s Law - 1,455 words
    Technology in Auditing Using Benford's LawWhat started out as a curious observation by an astronomer in 1881 has the potential to have a significant impact on the audit profession 125 years later. In 1881, the astronomer "Simon Newcomb noticed that the front pages of his logarithmic tables frayed faster than the rest of the pages...". Newcomb concluded "the first digit is oftener 1 than any other digit". Newcomb quantified the probability of the occurrence of the different digits as being the first digit and as well as the second digit. For the most part, Newcomb just considered it a curiosity and left it at that. (Caldwell 2004)In the 1920's, a physicist at the GE Research Laboratories, Fra ...
  • Tools Of The Astronomer - 417 words
    The Telescope of the Astronomer Years and Years ago, astronomers didn't have the advantage of the telescope. They could only use their naked eye. It wasn't until Galileo first made a better telescope that it could be used for looking into space. Most every telescope you buy today is better than the one he used. These telescopes have revolutionized astronomy in general. When Galileo first took his telescope and looked at the sky he saw amazing things. He saw craters on the Moon, dark spots on the surface of the Sun, tiny moons moving around Jupiter. No one else had ever seen these things. With the modern telescopes we use today, we can see many many more things. Light from planets, stars and ...
  • The Comparisons Of Charles Manson To Transcendental Philosophy - 626 words
    The Comparisons of Charles Manson to Transcendental Philosophy Charles Manson and various members of his "family" brutally killedseveral people from the Tate and LaBianca family on two seperate ocassions. Thepurposes of these killings are misunderstood by today's society, when ignoringManson's philosophy. Although Manson never killed anyone, he went to prison in1969 for masterminding the operation. Today's society has labeled CharlesManson as a mass-murderer who had no purpose through his cause. However,society overlooks the goal of Manson's plan, which included creating a bettersociety. Manson continues to preach his cause through repeated parole attempts,behind the walls of a California pr ...
  • The Two-faced Detergent - 542 words
    The Two-Faced Detergent Whether soil particles are attached to carpet fibers, wood floors or restroom sinks, they need to be removed. But how is this done? Most of us wipe or scrub a dirty surface with soap and water without a second thought about how they actually work to remove soil. The process of removing dirt begins at the molecular level. In order to understand how soap works, we must first acknowledge what soap actually does.By definition, soap is a mixture of sodium or potassium salts and long chain organic acids. One example of such a soap is Sodium stearate, NaCH3(CH2)16CO2. As you can see, a soap molecule is long. It has a carboxylate group called the head group which is polar and ...
  • The Holocost - 1,801 words
    Jewish ghettos: The basic history of the formation of the Jewish ghettos, including the everyday life and economic hardships faced by the communities. By definition, a ghetto is an area, usually characterized by poverty and poor living conditions, which houses many people of a similar religion, race or nationality. They served to confine these groups of people and isolate them from the rest of the community because of political or social differences. However, the Jewish ghettos established throughout Europe were more than just a way for the Germans to isolate the Jewish community. They were the first step in making Hitler's final solution possible. The ghettos were the means of organizing al ...
  • The Wife Of Bath: Feminism In Chaucer - 1,057 words
    Women in the medieval times were cast into very distinct roles. There was a strict code of conduct that was followed. They were to be submissive to their husbands and follow their lead. A woman's place was also in the home and the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, sewing, etc. fell into their domain. Women who deviated from these cultural-set norms made for interesting characters. Chaucer's use of women and their overstepping their boundaries and typical roles in society make them most memorable. Most of the gender expectations stemmed from the Church and biblical history. There were many anti-feminist feelings due to Eve causing the fall of Man. Women were perceived to be responsible f ...
  • The Wife Of Bath: Feminism In Chaucer - 1,037 words
    ... ucer creating such a character, but it does offer us a glimpse into Chaucer himself. As stated from the view of Patrick Jennings, a fellow student, "This character (The Wife of Bath) and her development lead me into the second facet of this post: Chaucer himself. His creation of the wife of Bath gives us a dual-image of Chaucer and his lively character. Every eccentric detail involved in the creation of this woman, mirrors the undeniable open-mindedness of Chaucer. There could be no wife without Chaucer. Her unconventional behavior was a direct result of his unique vision of the stereotypes and beliefs concerning women- and the way women felt about it- of that period." These changes in i ...
  • The Crucible - 499 words
    For many years people had have beliefs that we all callsuperstition. If a black cat were to cross someone's path, ifsomeone were to break a mirror, or even to spill salt, theywere considered to have bad luck. In one place in particularsuperstitions were taken to the next level. In SalemMassachusetts in the late seventeenth century some peoplewere believed to be witches. Many people were executedbecause of their beliefs. There are three main reasons for theexecutions that took place in Salem in the late seventeenthcentury. Of the many reasons for the accusations, revengehad a huge impact on who was accused. The book entitledThe Crucible speaks of this. One character in particular wasaccused b ...
  • The Immune System - 1,679 words
    The immune system is composed of many interdependent cell types that collectively protect the body from bacterial, parasitic, fungal, viral infections and from the growth of tumor cells. Many of these cell types have specialized functions. The cells of the immune system can engulf bacteria, kill parasites or tumor cells, or kill viral-infected cells. Often, these cells depend on the T helper subset for activation signals in the form of secretions formally known as cytokines, lymphokines, or more specifically interleukins. The purpose of this article is to review the organs, cell types and interactions between cells of the immune system as a commentary on their importance and interdependence ...
  • The Artists Throughout History That Have Self - Destructed - 1,556 words
    The most successful or famous artists are not always ashappy as successful people are portrayed- living a life offame, fortune, and glamour. The following examples willshow some of the problems that four different artists havesuffered in the past century. Vincent van Gogh was a Dutchpainter who lived from March 30, 1853 to July 29, 1890.He is now one of the most famous painters in modern art(World Book 306). He only sold one painting in his livingdays, but now his paintings are considered priceless. Someof his paintings and drawings include: The Bedroom atArles 1888 Self-Portrait 1888 Vase with 12 Sunflowers1888 Langlois Bridge with Women Washing 1888(Sweetman 378) Those are just a few of hi ...
  • Tunnels Of Veitnam - 1,042 words
    TunnelsThe first characteristic of a tunnel complex is normally superb camouflage. Entrances and exits are concealed, bunkers are camouflaged and even inside the tunnel itself, side tunnels are concealed, hidden trapdoors, and dead-ends where used to confuse the attacker. Trapdoors were used extensively, both at entrances and exits and inside the tunnel complex itself. There where several different types of trapdoors, concrete covered by dirt, hard packed dirt reinforced by wire, or a basin type consisting of a frame filled with dirt. This latter type was particularly difficult to locate in that probing would not reveal the presence of the trapdoor unless the outer frame was actually struck ...
  • The Barn Burning - 339 words
    Young Sarty has a choice: He can be loyal to his father, his blood relative, or he can do what he innately senses is right. He knows that his father is wrong when he burns barns, but Abner constantly reminds his son of the importance of family blood, and of the responsibilities that being part of a family entails. He tells Sarty, "You got to learn to stick to your own blood or you ain't going to have any blood to stick to you." In other words, if you are not utterly loyal to your own family, no matter if the family is right or wrong, then you will have no place to turn when you need help. At the end of the story, this is Sarty's dilemma-he has no place to go and no one to turn to.The opening ...
  • Themes In A Farewell To Arms - 927 words
    A Farewell To Arms: Themes There are three major themes in Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms. The first themeis enduring love ended only by mortality. The second, the effects of war on a man's idealsand morals, things which people can and do believe during war. The last and mostimportant theme is Frederic Henry's disillusionment. Hemingway shows that love can persevere in a world ruined with war. Frederic isnot looking for love, and when Rinaldi introduces him to Catherine Barkley, he thinks ofher as merely a sexual conquest. Henry considers his flirting with Catherine "like moves ina chess game.". Henry thinks Catherine is a little bit crazy, and both admit they are acting.At the front, Henry ...

7109 results found, view free essays on page:

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