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  • The Odyssey - 761 words
    During the night Odysseus tosses and turns, worrying aboutthe outcome of his encounter with the suitor. Athena appearsto himin a dream and promises that he will aid in the struggle.Penelope also unable to sleep and prays to Artemis, beggingthat she be rescued from marriage to another man, even if itmeans her death. In the morning Odysseus appeals to Zeusfor a sign of his favor and is answered by the rumbling ofthunder and lightning. Others notice the sign and a generalmood of imminant danger sets in. Odysseus observes thebehavior of his servants to identify the faithful. Melanthiusarrives with the goats for the banquet and persists inharasses Odysseus. Eumaeus comes to the place, driving the ...
  • The Molly Maguires - 1,438 words
    Who were the Molly Maguires? Did they really exist? These are questions asked by many people today. Some historians wonder if the Molly Maguires really did bring their secret society from England to the United States, or if the incidents blamed on them were just random accidents on which officials needed to place a blame. We may never actually know... There are many ideas about how the "Molly Maguires" got their name. One of the most popular is that Molly was a poor widow, who was evicted from her home after the landlord's agent apparently, "severely abused her and her daughter". The group adopted this name in homage to the Molly and her bravery. Another theory is that Molly's home was used ...
  • The Road Not Taken -- An Interpretaion Of Robert Frosts Poem - 769 words
    "Do not follow where the path may lead...Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Robert FrostEveryone is a traveler, choosing the road to follow on the map of his journey, life. There is never a straight path that leaves one with a sole direction in which to head. Regardless of the original message that Robert Frost had intended to convey, his poem, "The Road Not Taken", has left its readers with many different interpretations. It is one's past, present, and the attitude with which he looks upon his future that determines light that he will see the poem in. In any case, this poem clearly demonstrates Frost's belief that it is the road a person chooses that makes him the man he ...
  • The Role Of Cooperation In Anc - 961 words
    Worlds of History by Kevin ReillyResponse to: From Hominids to Human Beings, From Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman, Women and the Agricultural Revolution, From Hammurabi's Code, From the Upanishads: Karma and Reincarnation, and From the Upanishads: Brahman and Atman Societies of today are very different from the first civilizations. Pre-historic cultures depended on the cooperation of its people to live. Today, however, everyone is dependent on money. Even though the main focus of each story was distinctly different, they all had a similar view on society. They all felt that cooperation was essential to the survival of their community.From Hominids to Human Beings revealed how the p ...
  • Transcendentalism In Movies - 552 words
    Perhaps one of the most meaningful maxims Emerson wrote would have to be 'Insist on yourself, never imitate.' This statement captures the total essence of transcendentalism; deny the will and aspirations of others, and follow your own heart.The movie Dead Poets Society begins by introducing the viewers to Todd Anderson, a very subdued and quiet young man. Todd has the average inferiority complex. He is a very bright young man with exceptional abilities. Todd is unwilling to speak his mind for fear of non-acceptance. Charles Dalton is a seemingly average student with a rebellious attitude. He has already realized that the students are being 'brainwashed' into living a preordained life. Neil P ...
  • The Castle - 797 words
    Australia has the terrible condition of having an essentially pointless and prefabricated idea of "Aussiness" that really has no relation to our real culture or the way in which we really see ourselves. We, however subscribe to these stereotypes when trying to find some expression of our Australian identity. The feature film, The Castle, deals with issues about Australian identity in the 1990's. The film uses techniques like camera shots, language and the use of narration to develop conflict between a decent, old fashioned suburban family, the Kerrigans and an unscrupulous corporation called Airlink. Feature films like The Castle are cultural products because they use attitudes, values and s ...
  • The Sacrilege: Caesar A Political Mastermind - 527 words
    The Sacrilege: Caesar A Political MastermindThroughout the book 'The Sacrilege,' Caesar evolved from a politicalnothing, to a political mastermind. It is easy to see his progress through theeyes of a character by the name of Decius. He helps use to realize that Caesarwanted three main things in this scheme. He desired money, some military men,and finally a consulship. To get what he wanted, Caesar had to be smart,powerful, and a little sneaky. Decius changes his views on how he views Caesarthrough a series of events throughout the story. Decius gains respect forCaesar and so does every else who has seen Caesar in action. At first, Decius doesn't believe that Caesar will amount to much in his ...
  • The Toltecs, Aztecs, And Mayans - 574 words
    TOLTECS; The Toltecs were an Indian tribe who existed from 900 A.D. to 1200. They had a capital city of Tollan, and their influences reached south to the Yucatan and Guatemala. They were a composite tribe of Nahua, Otomi, and Nonoalca. The Tolt ecs made huge stone columns decorated like totem poles. AZTECS> Aztecs were an American Indian people who rule an empire in Mexico during the 1400's and early 1500's. They practiced a religion that affected every part of their lives. To worship the Aztecs built towering temples, created huge sculptures, and had human sacrifices. The center of Aztec civilization was a river valley in Mexico. The emperor of the Aztecs was called the 'huey tlatoani' ( ...
  • The Fabulous Fifties - 1,715 words
    Some may call it the "fabulous fifties," but others call it a time of "tensions and insecurities." Several people think back on the fifties and remember them as the "good old days," while others think of it as a time of crisis and terror. Although Americans were faced with many hardships throughout the fifties, I think that the positive aspects such as the new technologies, growing economy, higher focus on education, and growing job opportunities of the era outnumber the negative aspects, such as racism that African Americans faced, and the changing roles of women, making the fifties an overall "happy" period in American history. The fifties are characterized as a watershed period, due to th ...
  • Telecommuting - 999 words
    TelecommutingTelecommuting is a very interesting and complex subject. The pros and consof this concept are numerous and both sides have excellent arguments. In theresearch I've done I feel I have to argue both sides to maintain a sense ofperspective. I had mixed feelings about telecommuting before I started thisresearch and I find that this is something many others have in common with me.The reasons for and against telecommuting can be complex or simpledepending on which view point you take. From a manager's view pointtelecommuting is a very dangerous undertaking that requires a high readinesslevel on the employee's part. Allowing an employee with a low (R1, or R2)readiness level to telecomm ...
  • The Color Of Water - A Search For Identity - 1,000 words
    The American Heritage Dictionary defines identity as the distinct personality of an individual. Many factors make up one's identity, such as race, one's relationship with society, and religion. People seek other people who with they can identify. One must interact with others and learn from his interests and their responses to find a suitable group. The process of finding a group allows one to discover his own identity. Through The Color of Water, James McBride demonstrates that one perceives his identity through feedback from others as well as through his own thoughts and emotions. One aspect of identity where feedback can be given almost instantaneously is race, as it involves a pe ...
  • The Pursuit Of Excellence - 992 words
    The pursuit of excellence 1) Socrates did not write "Apology". Socrates did not actually write anything, It was his friend Plato that wrote and documented Socrates's speeches and dialogs.The "Apology" supposes to be an accurate account by Plato of Socrates's trial before the Athenian jury in 399BCE. The trial began with the prosecutors presenting their case against Socrates before the Athenian jury. In this trial Meletus, the prosecutor, argued that Socrates was guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens and committing acts of impiety. The "Apology" contain three speeches, defense, penalty, and after the trial. The second speech of Apology deals with Socrates penalty, Socrates respond to the g ...
  • Tourette Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, And Genetics - 385 words
    Usually, the first symptoms of Tourette Syndrome are facial tics, commonly eye blinking. Other facial tics include nose twitching and grimaces. The next tic to appear will usually be some other minor motor tic such as foot stomping, head jerking, neck stretching, or body twisting and bending. Affected individuals may also have a vocal tic such as clearing their throat, coughing, grunting, sniffing, yelping, barking, or shouting. Few Tourette Syndrome patients also experience coperlalia-the uttering of inappropriate or obscene words or phrases. They also may repeat words they hear others saying (echolalia). Some individuals touch people or repeat actions in an obsessive manner. Very rarely, p ...
  • The Great Gatsby And Shadow Of A Nation - 361 words
    The great Gatsby and shadow of a nation share many themes. One of the main ones being the American dream. In Gatsby, most of the characters are examples of the corruption of the American dream. In shadow of a nation, Jonathon Takes Enemy is somewhat a victim of it. Both of the texts show how the American dream has been distorted over time.The Indians in shadow of a nation were forced into a reservation. Americans and their hunger for power had caused the natives to feel inferior. When they started playing basketball, it was a way to reclaim some sort of pride for there culture. Jonathon Takes Enemy tries to leave the reservation and prove that he can be just as successful as the white man. S ...
  • The History Of Arts And Crafts - 2,766 words
    O The distinction between 'Craft' and 'Design' can be at times problematic explain what you understand these terms to mean, and illustrate their application in relationship to the work of one practitioner.The definition for craft is, the making of decorative or functional objects, generally by hand. Hand and power tools may be used, however, in making some craft items. The term crafts also refers to the objects made. The function of crafts is generally concerned with crafts as creative hobbies, practiced primarily in the home with a minimum of specialized equipment. Crafts as so defined, have certain functions. In a world that is becoming increasingly mechanized and standardized, they give p ...
  • The History Of Arts And Crafts - 2,671 words
    ... lines can be used to balance vertical ones. A small area of complex shape will balance a large area of simple shape. Small areas of bright colour balance larger areas of dull colour. There is no mathematical formula for determining balance in design. Through experience and practice the artist develops an ability to feel when all the parts of his design are in balance. A design achieves unity when (1) it has pleasing proportions; (2) its parts are so organized that we enjoy following the rhythms of the patterns; and (3) we feel it is in balance. We enjoy looking at designs that have unity. Painting is perhaps the most popular of the visual arts. More children and adults draw and paint to ...
  • The Return Of The Jedi - 1,376 words
    The Return of the JediCale ScheinbaumJim Monsonis Society and Religion19 November 1996 So far this semester, we have studied several different sociologicaltheories of religion. These theories are built on both the known history ofreligions in the world and the cultures in which they originated, as well as,appropriately enough, theoretical suggestions of how those religions, and indeedany religion at all, will survive in the future. The theory I find the most trueis Stark and Bainbridge's in The Future of Religion, although I like someelements from others, like Berger's concepts of reification and secularization. George Lucas's Star Wars trilogy, apart from being incrediblyentertaining and ex ...
  • The Philosophy Of Truth Making You Free - 1,364 words
    The Philosophy of Truth Making You FreeThere exists a philosophy that, the truth will make you free. For example,exposing a conspiracy that does yourself and others harm can only set you freefrom further harm and related mischief. Whether or not the conspirators are thecriminals of society or the highest branches of our own government. Injusticespreads like a virus and it needs to be stopped while there is still a way. Theeffects of such an act can only free us and make us more aware of suchcorruptness. Moreover, a conspiracy spawned by criminals in society, to cause harm,will no doubt enslave the public both mentally and physically. The society willsee the injustice happening but will not k ...
  • The Andromeda Strain - 786 words
    In the book, The Andromeda Strain there is a problem that faces mankind. This problem is a strange virus that comes to Earth from an unmanned satellite, which was in space. This satellite crashes into a small town in Arizona, which has a population of 38 people. When this satellite crashes into the Earth, it kills everyone, except for an old man and a two-month old baby. There are two scientists who have the job of going to the crash site and gathering up the remains from the satellite. While the two of them are attempting to do their job, they are mysteriously killed. The last thing that people on the other end of their radio heard was a loud scream, then static. The government, which was l ...
  • The Days - 1,154 words
    It all happened so fast; it felt like a dream. I wish I could tell everybody my story but no one is listening now.Yeah, that was the best: the dreams we had. Nothing mattered except for those otherworldly dreams. Every day, Louie and I would wake up, whether it be in a high school boiler room or a urine-soaked alley, and talk about what we dreamt. He used to always have dreams with that Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters in them. We talked about it for a while and came to the conclusion that Louie probably just wanted to sleep on a pillow. A long time ago I had a dream that Louie and I were rabid monsters and we beat each other into bloody pulps. We had a good laugh about that one.That's what ...

7109 results found, view free essays on page:

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