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  • The Last Samurai - 574 words
    The Last Samurai-Scene 11 - 17 The scene started off with a man by the name of Capt. Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) laying on a floor wearing dirty garments and yelling out the name of a man that he had just killed before his capture. The Captain was captured during a fight between the Americans and the Japanese, but instead of killing the American, the Samurai leader Katsumoto (Ken Wantanobe) wanted him alive so that he could learn from his enemy's ways. The Captain was staying in Katsumoto's ex brother-in-law's house with the now widowed young lady and her children. The lady was very un-accepting of the war hero at first, because he was the man who killed her husband, but as the story grew, sh ...
  • The Information And Comunication In "the Truman Show" - 5,089 words
    'INDICEIntroducci'on.............................. ..........................................2Ficha T'ecnica.......................................... .............................3Sinopsis............ .................................................. ................4Ficha Art'istica........................................ ..............................5An'alisis de los usos de la informaci'on y la comunicaci'on..................9o Bloque I: Informaci'on como cambiante de situaci'on.............10o Bloque II: Informaci'on como poder..................................25o Bloque III: Concepto de comunicaci'on / Comunicaci'on Interpersonal..................................... ....................... ...
  • The Information And Comunication In "the Truman Show" - 5,221 words
    ... uela tambi'en plantea los problemas de sobrecarga e infracarga de informaci'on. En la trama de la pel'icula podemos encontrar varios ejemplos de ambos casos.  Al comienzo de la pel'icula Truman tiene una infracarga de informaci'on: no sabe nada sobre la realidad y esto se debe al control de la informaci'on que recibe llevada a cabo por Christof. Sin embargo Christof tiene una sobrecarga de informaci'on, sabe todo lo que le va a suceder a Truman y por lo tanto tiene el poder necesario para manipular. A medida que avanza la pel'icula se intercambian los papeles. Truman va obteniendo informaci'on sobre su situaci'on: descubrir el plat'o de televisi'on, el bucle de mujer en bicicleta ...
  • Type 2 Diabetes - 1,462 words
    Type II Diabetes Mellitus: An Emerging EpidemicAndy ChristensenNSCI 411March 1, 2005 Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by inadequate insulin secretion by the pancreas or cellular destruction leading to an insulin deficiency. Depending on the cause of the insulin shortage, diabetes can be subcategorized into type I and type II. Type I diabetes (T1DM) is usually mediated by the destruction of b-cells in the pancreas resulting in decreased insulin production and secretion. Type II diabetes (T2DM) is the failure of these b-cells to secrete adequate amounts of insulin to compensate for insulin resistance and increased gluconeogenesis combined with an overall resist ...
  • The Rape Of The Lock - 471 words
    THE RAPE OF THE LOCKIn this story Pope is having fun with an unserious situation which is happening between 2 families. The story is about a lord and a girl who play cards. At the end of the game the girl wins and the Lord couldn`t handle the situation and cuts offthe girl`s hair. After that the girl gets shocked and terrified because her hair, her outlook seems to be the most important thing inher life, noone will think that she is beautiful without her hair. She becomes sick, well not really rick but she pretends to be sick. Thestealing of Miss Belle Fermor's hair, was taken too seriously, and caused an estrangement between the two families, though they hadlived so long in great friendship ...
  • Themes Of Cervantes Don Quixote - 526 words
    Themes of Cervantes' Don QuixoteMiguel de Cervantes' greatest work, The Ingenious Gentleman, Don Quixote DeLa Mancha, is a unique book of multiple dimensions. From the moment of its creation, it has amused readers, and its influence has vastly extended in literature throughout the world. Don Quixote is a county gentleman disillusioned by his reading of chivalric romances, who rides forth to defend the oppressed and to right wrongs. Cervantes presented the knight-errant so vividly that many languages have borrowed the name of the hero as the common term to designate a person inspired by magnificent and impractical ideals. Cervantes' theme throughout the novel is consistent and straightforward ...
  • The End Of Cask Of The Amontillado From Diffrent Veiw - 461 words
    We are walking down the solid rock stairs to look for some wine he wants me to taste. I can't see that far because of the dimly lit passage. I follow him into a room were there are many old bodies it scares me all of the old bones piled on one an other. I feeling drunk ask, 'where is the wine?' It must be really good because he keeps talking about it I think. He points to a small opening, and says, 'You go first.' I walk into the room. I notice it doesn't have any wine in it. I stare at the bricks in front of me. Then I start laughing and turn around. I hear the clanking of a chain as I am being pushed to the wall. I took my alcohol drowned brain a while to realize what had happened to me. I ...
  • The Many Mothers Of Alfred Hitchcock - 694 words
    When looking at the works of Alfred Hitchcock there are many recurring themes. Wrong man, classic Hitchcock villains, and the use of staircases are just three of the many attributes you see when watching a Hitchcock film. My favorite, however, would have to be Hitchcock's portrayal of the mother. Whether she is there for comic relief as we see in Shadow of a Doubt, or as the root of all evil as you see in Strangers on a Train and Notorious, the mothers he creates are far from ordinary. Either their na"ive nature or pure hated for others help to link these movies to one another.Notorious, which was produced in 1945 but not released until 1946, has an extraordinary mother figure. She is a skin ...
  • The 5th Amendment - 690 words
    The 5th Amendment Basically, the 5th Amendment states that no one shall becharged with capital crimes without a Grand Jury's permission, except in cases regarding the military while under service in wartime or public danger. No one can be put on trial again for the same crime. You can't be forced to testify yourself. That no one should be executed, jailed, or have property seized without a legal precedent. Also you can't be put through cruel or unusually punishment. If private property is seized for public use, that the owner must be compensated for their losses fairly. It also forbids deprivation of life, liberty, or property without Due Process of the law. The 5th Amendment is also often c ...
  • The Harlem Renaissance - 1,722 words
    How Music in the Harlem Renaissance has influenced many of the artists we listen today Musicians during the Harlem Renaissance created a style and movement that simply took Americans by storm. Musicians such as Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong have inspired others all over the country. The Renaissance itself was not only an observation of life for African Americans, but it also showed Americans that they have a place in society. All of the musicians, writers, and artists shared a common purpose. This purpose was to create art that reflected the Afro American community. Through this era, African Americans provided themselves with their cultural roots and a promise for a better future. Music ...
  • The Role Of Animals In The Unbearable Lightness Of Being And Poems New And Collected - 1,404 words
    Since animals, usually pets, are sometimes an essential part of one's life, it is not surprising that we find frequent references to its role in works of social realism, such as Wislawa Szymborska's Poems New and Collected and Milan Kundera's Unbearable Lightness of Being. Animals in literature could be used to symbolize all sorts of things, but in particular, animals may represent the personality of a character. This is because as humans and animals co-exist in the same atmosphere, certain aspects of a character reveal themselves in the compassion or even hatred towards the animal. Since animals are often known to trigger the interests of humans, the attitude of the humans towards the anima ...
  • The Chicago Fire Of 1871 - 506 words
    The Chicago Fire of 1871 The summer of 1871 had been an unusually dry one in Chicago. BetweenJuly and October, only 5 inches of rain fell. In addition to twenty-sevenfires in the first week of October, on Saturday night, October 7, a blaze brokeout in a planning mill on the West Side and destroyed almost every building in afour block area before it was brought under control Sunday morning. They lost ahose and other fire-fighting equipment, including one of seventeen steam fireengines and a hose cart. Nearly half of Chicago's 185 firemen fought this fireand many were on duty all day, so they were already exhausted when the GreatChicago Fire of 1871 struck. Some people think that the fire was ...
  • The Failure To Prevent 9-11 - 1,083 words
    Failue to Prevent 9/11 When a giant explosion ripped through Alfred P. Murrah federal building April 19,1995, killing 168 and wounding hundreds, the United States of America jumped to a conclusion we would all learn to regret. The initial response to the devastation was all focused of middle-eastern terrorists. "The West is under attack,"(Posner 89), reported the USA Today. Every news and television station had the latest expert on the middle east telling the nation that we were victims of jihad, holy war. It only took a few quick days to realize that we were wrong and the problem, the terrorist, was strictly domestic. But it was too late. The damage had been done. Because America jumped to ...
  • The Failure To Prevent 9-11 - 1,090 words
    ... lans, it kind of makes you wonder how secret operations could ever operate, well, secretly. A former agent recalls, "The Bureau was far toocautious,"(Posner 15). The CIA on the other hand is almost the polar opposite in style. Deemed a "rogue elephant" by the chair of the senate intelligence committee, agents are taught to act, improvise, and think on their feet. Plans and operations often go through with only a select few aware of what is going on. This group is for the creative people, and yes there are times when operations are planned or executed with one or more legal flaws. But does that make them more effective without the restraints of law, or a just a disorganized rouge agency? ...
  • To Kill A Mockingbird Character Analysis - 723 words
    TKAM There are many people in To Kill a Mockingbird that have significant influences of Scout and Jem's actions. The two that stood out boldly to me, however, were Atticus and Calpurnia. Atticus, being the children's father, tought his kids many moral lessons. Calpurnia acted as a mother to Jem and Scout. Throughout every chapter these two charactors were making connections that only parents can do. They both inflicted fundamental influence on the children. Atticus and Calpurnia were both essential charactors in supporting Jem and Scouts actions because they represented parental values needed for success in life; as does my father, who teaches me things no one else can. Atticus was definitel ...
  • The Lewis And Clark Expedition - 1,424 words
    Quite possibly one of the most important purchases in thehistory of The United States was the one in which ThomasJefferson enabled the size of the country to double. Theterritory was the Louisiana Territory, the 820,000 square milepiece of land was bought for 15 million dollars which equaledout to about three cents an acre. The United States originally only wanted to buy the port ofNew Orleans. Thomas Jefferson wanted to buy this because therewas a risk that the half million Americans living west of theAppalachian would secede from the Union. Purchasing the portwould keep them from seceding because they would then have aport that they could easily use to get to the ocean. Thepeople in that r ...
  • The Quiet American - 474 words
    Fowler constructs Pyle as a na"ive young man who is an innocent victim of dogmatic and simplistic ideologies. Fowler sees American culture and Democracy as a corrupting influence on an innocent Pyle. This is exhibited th relational processes, where Pyle, as the carrier, is given attributes such as "innocent", "young and ignorant and silly". This innocence is highlight by contrasting it with the attribute of "the whole pack of them", Fowlers serotypes of Americans.Pyle's corruption is seen in the single instance of his operating as a goal, where "they" are processed as having "killed" him. This construction of Pyle as corrupted by his environment is further solidified in Pyle's role in materi ...
  • Tech - 580 words
    Hi................Really the pics you would love to see!!d8d8a84.gif1) Tim Berners Lee -- Founder of the World Wide Webd8d8a84.jpg2) Picture taken when microsoft was started d8d8a8e.jpg3) Steve Woznaik(sitting) and Steve Jobs of APPLE Computers.He was three months late in filing a name for the business because he didn't get any better name for his new company.So one day he told to the staff: 'If I'll not get better name by 5 o'clcok today, our company's name will be anything he likes...'so at 5 o'clcok nobody comeup with better name, and he was eating APPLE that he keep the name of the company 'Apple Computers' d8d8a98.jpg4) Bill Hewlett(L) and Dave Packard(R) of HP.Behind them in ...
  • The Army - 551 words
    There are many job oppurtunitiesin the army. Anyone one can join and be anything he wants. In the army everyone has the chance to travel the world. The army has certain benefits and requirements. All of them will be explained. The army is the oldest of the armed services and is responsible for land operations. The army has to be prepared to use any action to overcome any enemy that threatens the U.S. and the nation's intrest. The army helps train the military forces of some friendly nations and supplies them with the equipment their nation needs. (Army)'While aspiring to be the most esteemed institution in the nation, we will remain the most respectedarmy in the world and most feared ground ...
  • The Great Gatsby: Jays Background And His Downfall - 308 words
    The Great Gatsby: Jay's Background and His DownfallAdam ShaneEnglish 11-11-28-96 In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby did not fit into thelifestyle of Daisy and her friends. Because of his background, his dreamswere destined to be shattered even before he tried to achieve them. JayGatsby's nouveau riche lifestyle was not of the ways of the old rich. Jay Gatsby killed James Gatz at the age of seventeen as he boarded DanCody's yacht. It was '...James Gatz who had been loafing along the beach thatafternoon...but it was already Jay Gatsby who borrowed a rowboat...and informedCody that a wind might catch him and break him up...' (ch. 4, pp. 98-9). Whenhe got on the yacht he was forever know ...

7109 results found, view free essays on page:

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