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  • Tug Of War Rope Clytaemnestra Agamemnon - 1,017 words
    Erin Gardner 465-53-1399 A Tug of War If the two women of Agamemnon, Clytaemnestra and Cassandra, were put to the test of Tug of War, would there be a winner or would neither win A game of Tug of war meaning, a pull from each side of the rope until one side with out a doubt crosses a drawn line. There are similarities between the two ladies as well as several differences. The actions of the ladies and confrontations lead the town to have confused thought of each woman. Both women are strong char...
  • The Main Causes Of War - 752 words
    Wars are constantly being fought in the world. Bloodshed had taken place as top leaders ponder their every move in their game of victories and conquests. Behind each and every war that has taken place, there will always be a reason for it. The most predominant causes are greed and rising ambitions. Greed is inborn and present in the character of every human being. Hence we can see unscrupulous leaders, at the expense of the people, go to wars as a result of their quest for power and territorial...
  • Television Shows Violent Violence Entertainment - 1,063 words
    Television is the biggest form of multimedia out there. Its most important role is to report the news and maintain communications between people around the world. Television's most influential, yet most serious aspect is its shows for entertainment. Violent children's shows like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and adult shows like NYPD Blue and Homicide almost always fail to show the characters resolve their differences in a non-violent manner, instead they show a more entertaining resolution, wher...
  • Television Violence Children Violent Years - 1,214 words
    Television violence affects kids Littleton, Colorado; Springfield, Oregon; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Pearl, Mississippi. These previously unknown suburban cities will forever be branded into our minds. These cities are linked by one devastating factor: young students firing upon fellow students and educators. The entire country is wondering what causes these young peoples violent shooting sprees. Although the events are too recent to fully understand their causes, we can try to understand what led to...
  • Type 2 Diabetes Insulin Blood Disease - 1,559 words
    The Truth About Diabetes Diabetes is a killer; in fact, it is among the top ten killers of adults in the United States. 'It can lead to, or contribute to, a number of other serious diseases' (Sizer and Whitney 112). Diabetes means 'siphon' or 'to run through' (Sizer and Whitney 112) therefore denoting the increase in urinary volume excreted by people suffering from this disease. Mellitus means 'sweet'. Diabetes means increased excretion of sugars being released with the urine, creating a sweet s...
  • The Last Samurai Physical Journey - 752 words
    "The Last Samurai" is a film centred around the idea of journeying, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. We witness these journeys not only through observations of a character going through a personal transformation but a whole culture around him who is likewise in turmoil. This film allows us to join in on an adventure and journey of the character, the world he enters and the people he meets. The story is based on a time just after the Civil War, a time when the modern western wor...
  • The Loss Of Trust And Identity - 1,318 words
    The Loss of Trust and Identity A person's trust is something that is coveted by many and seldom gained. Stability in mind and body may often be determined on the ability of an individual to trust someone and handle their dependency. There is a prime example of this scenario in the play My Sister in This House, when the Luton sisters first interact with each other at the Danzard's. When Lea says to Christine "Tell me. You " re always keeping something from me. Tell me (10) ", it suggests that Chr...
  • Tropospheric Ozone Troposphere Level Gas - 1,033 words
    The source of the tropospheric ozone The tropospheric ozone has two major sources. One is intrusion from the stratosphere. Most of ozone in the atmosphere is in the stratosphere and created from solar UV radiation. The stratospheric ozone sometimes flows into the troposphere by the upper layer trough and cut-off low activities. Some part of ozone may subside in the troposphere directly by the Hadley circulation or the Brewer Dobson circulation. Another source is production from photochemical rea...
  • The Ku Klux Klan 2 - 1,016 words
    The Ku Klux Klan The KU KLUX KLAN is a group of white secret societies who oppose the advancement of blacks, Jews, Gays and other Minority groups. The Ku KLux Klan also known as the KKK or the Klan, Is active in The United States of America and Canada. It often uses violence to achieve its goal in society. The KKK members wear robes and hoods, and burn crosses at their outdoor meetings. They will also burn crosses to scare non-members. The KKK was formed as a social club by a group of confederat...
  • The Taming Of The Shrew Kates Soliloquy - 617 words
    The Taming of the Shrew: Kate's Soliloquy Kate's soliloquy bring about a joyous conclusion to The Taming of the Shrew. The audience leaves the theatre with a pleasant feeling, glad that such a shrew could be tamed so well. Kate herself realised the error of her ways, making the men feel confident while making the women feel safe. Moreover, the audience found the speech to be very sound and sensible, as the views expressed in the play were extremely popular at that point in time. Kate, in realis...
  • The Importance Of Empire To Vichy France - 2,418 words
    France's Third Republic had fallen less than a year after the beginning of the Second World War. Much of France itself was occupied by German forces and a quasi-fascist French government was set up at Vichy under World War I hero Marshal Phillipe Petain. Although it was not apparent at the time, an even more dramatic change had been set into motion by these events. The existing system of colonial economic dependence was torn to pieces as French administrations around the world attempted to decid...
  • The Beach Young Man - 885 words
    "The Beach" is a recent movie that has been released on videocassette. The movie starts off with a young man traveling around the world in pursuit for a perfect society. During his journey he visits Bangkok, Thailand where he meets a rather unstable and somewhat insane man. Throughout their conversation, the insane man kept referring to an island of paradise. On this island, there are beautiful waterfalls, crystal clear water, and enormous fields of marijuana. The exact environment the young ma...
  • The Backstreet Boys Love Brian Give - 1,110 words
    The Backstreet Boys The Backstreet Boys have come to stand for fantastic pop and R&B music, mind- blowing videos, unbeatable live shows, strong devoted faith to God, and millions of loving fans. The Backstreet Boys have a mighty powerful faith in God. They have personal values in life based on their own experiences. The songs and the messages that they portray deal with love and spirituality. The members of the group love, respect and consider each other family. They shared a lot of experiences...
  • The Prioress Madame Eglantine - 626 words
    The Prioress, Madame Eglantine In the "General Prologue" of The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer introduces the readers to pilgrims he meets in the town of South werk as he begins his pilgrimage to Canterbury. The pilgrim I found to be most interesting was the Prioress. Chaucer tells the reader that she is a nun and her name is Madame Eglantine. Due to the power of the church at this time in England, much is to be expected of the Prioress as a nun. Chaucer goes into detail in explaining her "simple and...
  • The Poet John Milton - 689 words
    John Milton The poet, John Milton, has written books like "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained" that are two of the greatest poems he ever wrote. He is an English poet and a political writer who is thought to be the next better poet than Shakespeare. John Milton, the author of "Paradise Lost" considered by many people to be the greatest epic poem in English language. Milton is also the author of "Paradise Regained" and "Samson Agonists." He wrote the first two of these works, and probably his ...
  • The Great Gatsby Nick Fitzgerald Tom - 1,839 words
    Brian Olson OLSON 1 Professor John Hughes ENC 1102 December 3, 1996 Life, like The great Gatsby Imagine that you live in the nineteen twenties, and that you are a very wealthy man that lives by himself in a machine, on a lake and who throws parties every weekend. This is just the beginning of how to explain the way Jay Gatsby lived his life. This novel, by F. Scott, Fitzgerald is one that is very deep in thought. Fitzgerald releases little clues along the way of the novel that will be crustal to...
  • The School To Works Program - 1,585 words
    In writing her article An Avenue to High Academic Standards, Lynn Olson confronts the tempestuous side of the education system: a recently added component of the curriculum. Olson claims that this new argument would further enhance the quality and practicality of the educational system. The school to works program was introduced in state and federal law in 1994 but its validity and utility is still being disputed over by various concerned parties. Being the senior editor of the national newspape...
  • The Premature Burial Poe Narrator Reader - 1,736 words
    Death, agony, fear, and horror are just a few words one could use to describe the majority of the works by Edgar Allan Poe. It would be unjust to say that The Premature Burial does not live up to that standard. The title, The Premature Burial leaves little to the imagination as to what the reader is about to embark on, but what the title alone can t convey is the amount of terror involved in Poe s horrific vision of literally being buried before ones time. It is a chilling short story that is pr...
  • Transfer Of Power Ursula Family Role - 533 words
    Transfer of Power Power is not given yet it is transferred from one source to another. Ursula Buendia acquires her power from her husband in a series of events. First Jose Arcadia I Buendia goes senile and the role as head of the family and the power that comes with this role is transferred to Ursula. When Jose dies, Ursula also takes on the role as the moneymaker of the family. By selling candy animals Ursula supports her family even though adding this to her already full list of duties made i...
  • The Nazis And The Jews - 1,542 words
    From 1933 to 1945 the Nazi party of Germany ruled over the German population. The Nazis (National Socialist Party) were ruled by Adolf Hitler. The Nazis main aim was to make Germany into a stronger more powerful country and to do this Hitler believed they must rid the country, and even the world if he had the chance, of the Jewish population. Hitler saw the Jews, as the cause of Germanys fall in the First World War, according to Hitler Germany had been victim to Jewish conspiracy. He also blamed...

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