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  • Tqm - 1,979 words
    IntroductionThe purpose of this report is to critically analyse, evaluate and discuss related management issues conducive to the development of a total quality management environment within an organisation. This shall be done by critically analysing the case study of Agrotran Ltd. This report will discuss the role and application of quality management systems in organisations, debate and recommend a suitable way forward for Agrotran Ltd.The issues concerning Agrotran LtdAgrotran is a small engineering company specialising in the manufacture of farming equipment. The four owners have recently sold out to the Nat-truk Group a manufacturer of specialist trucks and transport's. The original owne ...
  • Tqm - 1,998 words
    ... g talked down, this should ensure greater participation. By asking questions such as: How far along the company is to TQM What does it still has to achieve  What it will have to change with respect to the key elements of TQM What TQM evolutionary level best represents the company What level of TQM adoption the company is at What are the attitudes of the staff towards the companyThe objectives of a health check should be to To give the company a starting point and subsequently measure change from that position.  To identify issues To seek out hidden agendas and areas of resistance To establish prioritiesTwo gu ...
  • The Notebook - 448 words
    The NotebookClassic Love StoryThe Notebook. Directed by Nick Cassavetes. With Ryan Gosling (Noah Calhoun), Rachel McAdams (Young Allie), James Garner (Older Noah; Duke), Gena Rowlands (Allie Calhoun; Older Allie). 2004 The Notebook was a phenomenal film with incredible performances and many heartfelt moments from beginning to end. It is a love story that many of us fantasize of living someday. The story unfolds in recent times at a Nursing home with the introduction of an old lady (Gena Rowlands) who is being visited by an old man, known as Duke (James Garner), who also resides in the nursing home, and he's there to read her a story. He begins to read about a young girl named Allie (Rachel M ...
  • The First Type Writter - 324 words
    The first type writer was called the "Sholes &Glidden Type Writer," and it was produced by the gun makers E. Remington & Sons in Ilion NY from 1874-1878. It was not a great success (not more than 5,000 were sold), but it started a worldwide industry, and it brought the mechanization to dreary, time-consuming office work. Christopher Latham Sholes was the creative genius behind the first typewriter to be produced. Many of the basic principles that he introduced set standards for the industry. Sholes is the only typewriter inventor whose biography was written by more than one author and extensive details about his life are available. Sholes was printer and newspaper man who liked to tinker in ...
  • Theme Essay Young Goodman Brown - 573 words
    "Young Goodman Brown", by Nathaniel Hawthorne, delves into the classic battle between good and evil; taking the protagonist, Goodman Brown, on a journey to test the resolve of his faith. Goodman ventures out on his expedition deep into the sinister forest, in order to repudiate the attempt of the devil to sway him from Christianity; a test he believes his devout faith is prepared to confront. Goodman Brown is forever altered in ways unforeseeable by taking a stroll with the ultimate antagonist, the devil himself. The prevailing theme in this literary work, which is common in Hawthorne's gothic writing, is the realization that evil can infect people who seem perfectly respectable. Throughout ...
  • The Destruction Of Macbeth - 1,739 words
    At some point in the life of every individual, certain events and changes occur that shape the person into how they will behave and appear in the future. The life of an individual either starts to blossom with opportunity or starts going through a consistent downward spiral. How does it work out perfectly for some and go wrong for others? Macbeth is a prime example of how one decision can alter life forever. As Macbeth tries to successfully pursue his prophecies, his mind and body slowly deteriorate until he has nothing left to live for. Tillyard once explained that the human mind works through reason, will, and passion (Tillyard-The Elizabethan World Picture). These ideas are somewhat paral ...
  • The Secret Life Of Factory Service Centers - 1,387 words
    The secret life of factory service centersFor a lucrative new source of revenues, profits, and market information, manufacturers need look no further than their own repair shops.A few miles off Interstate 696, outside Detroit, the factory service center of a consumer goods company blends easily into the commercial landscape. The seven people who work at the customer support site sell parts, refurbished products, and accessories; repair products; and answer service and maintenance inquiries. Until recently, the manufacturer paid scant attention to this place or to its whole network of factory service centers, which were seen merely as a cost of doing business-the price a company pays to suppo ...
  • The Secret Life Of Factory Service Centers - 1,366 words
    ... centers of one retail-focused service network, for example, kept no lists of customers, and each merchandised products in its own way-symptoms of a cost-center mentality that makes for a haphazard or nonexistent approach to marketing. Many of these facilities left products strewn around the floor, a laxness that spells trouble for any customer-facing business.Service centers focused on end users must become expert at managing the front end by learning how to attract customers and understand their needs, to price retail products and services,4 and to merchandise products (using point-of-purchase displays, for example)-all standard practice for retail businesses. In addition, because cust ...
  • The Life And Times Of Al Capone - 1,372 words
    The Life and Times of Al Capone by Bill Rollindubeys Alphonse Capone was born in New York City by two parents Gabrieland Teresa Capone. Capone's parents immigrated to the United States in1893 from Naples, Italy. Capone came from a large family and was thefourth oldest of nine children. (Kobler 10). As a child, Capone was verywise when it came to living on the streets of New York. He had a clevermind when it came to street smarts. As far as school goes, Capone was anear-illiterate. He came from a poor neighborhood in Brooklyn, so educationwas not a top priority. At about the age of eleven Capone became a member of a juvenilegang in his neighborhood. While this was taking place, around the yea ...
  • The Whale And The Reactor - 1,499 words
    ... ase their power--while computer enthusiasts will insist that thetechnology will further democracy. What will happen when (if) the world is totally wired andintraconnective? Will there not occur a pure(r) form of democracy? W says that this 'idea is entirelyfaulty. It mistakes sheer supply of information with an educated ability to gain knowledge and acteffectively based on that knowledge' 108-09). And, '[a]t times knowledge brings merely anenlightened impotence [where] one may know exactly what to do but lack the wherewithal to act'(109). Thus knowledge may not be power after all (as some like Plato and Veblen have recognized).Part of the problem with this idea in our contemporary societ ...
  • Triangle The Fire That Changed - 1,774 words
    The book, TRIANGLE The Fire that Changed America, written by David Von Drehle. Is set in New York City primarily in the tenements of the Lower East Side and in Greenwich Village. The story provides a detailed account of life as an immigrant during the early 1900s, the garment workers strikes, the corrupt political structure of the time, several eye witness accounts of the blaze that killed 146, the missing safety procedures that could have saved them, the trial that attempted to bring the owners to justice and finally the political change and work force standards that came about as a result of the tragic event. . The book begins by describing participants in a garment industry strike and how ...
  • The Effects Of The Atomic Bomb - 1,315 words
    The Atomic Bomb: Effects on Hiroshima and Mankind The nuclear bomb was the most devastating weapon ever created by man. It was developed between 1942 and 1945 during the second World War. The project to build the worlds first atomic weapon was called The Manhattan Project. The nuclear bomb was based on the idea of splitting an atom to create energy, this is called fission. Three bombs were created, "Trinity", "Little Boy", and "Fat Man". "Trinity" was dropped on a test site in New Mexico on July 16, 1945, proving the theories, engineering and mathematics of the bomb to be correct. Shortly after that, not more than 2 months, the U.S. performed the first actual nuclear attack in the history of ...
  • The Recent Negative Effect Of Technology On Society - 1,625 words
    The Recent Negative Effect of Technology on SocietyRoy KantrowitzMr. IngramEnglish 101/105Report Ever since the Industrial revolution, technology has been changing at afast pace. People are always wanting a better lifestyle therefore there isalways something new arising so humans can cope with their physical environment.One of the most important breakthroughs for technology was the agriculturalsystem. The agricultural system was the basis for the technology of the future.The agricultural system brought on the need for transportation, workers and even,battles over land. The need for transportation brought vehicles into the market.The need for employees brought mechanical robots into society. ...
  • The World Bank - 1,420 words
    The World BankBureaucracy is one of the pillars of modern western society. Although thisstatement is debatable from many aspects, most would agree that, at the veryleast, our lives are greatly affected by bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is the 'pureform of rational organization' (Newson, Jan 11). Not only is it a method forachieving goals efficiently and effectively, but it is acclaimed as the mostable strategy to meet objectives. The World Bank is a classic example of abureaucratic organization. It embodies all the characteristics necessary toqualify; from its complicated hierarchy and impersonal relations, to thespecialization and career orientation of its employees. However, not everyoneagrees o ...
  • The World Bank - 1,414 words
    ... that the Bank needed morestructural adjustment specialists (more on this later). To accomplish thesefeats, all but the highest levels of the Bank were forcibly asked to resign.Following this the toplevels, still employed, chose their subordinates, who inturn chose theirs, and so on. The resulting new hierarchy was considerablydifferent from the old, and since no clear criteria for choosing staff had beengiven, staff were picked on the basis of favoritism (Faith 129). The staffassociation was understandably outraged, and attempted to file a complaint. Itgoes without saying that the message went unheeded. Following this, the staffassociation was handed a new draft of the Staff Rule. 'Never ...
  • Theatre Studies Portfolio. - 595 words
    Throughout the year the texts we have studied have provided us with inspiration on the topic and themes of our devised drama. The texts we have studied in Theatre Studies have been Anton Chekov's "Three Sisters" and Sophocles' "Antigone", one of the three Theban plays. The link between these plays is the role of women and could be described as proto-feminist. "Antigone" shows us a woman who is prepared to go against the rule of the city and Creon, whom should be the dominant male in the play. "Three Sisters" portrays three women who cope with the death of their father, and live without men in their lives. We have used both of these ideas in our devised drama, as all our women are single and ...
  • The Yellow Wallpaper - 1,046 words
    Using examples from all of the texts from this specific unit compare and contrast the conflicts that drive these struggles of the main characters. Look for similarities and look for differences within those similarities. Look for differences and look for similarities within those differences. In the story "The yellow wall paper" the main character struggles due to her husband oppression and she suffers herself until getting mental ill. She is put by her husband on a nursery home to be taking care of, but her fear, anxiety and necessity of communication and comprehension from her husband and with the outside world doesn't make her any better "I sometimes fancy that in my condition if I had le ...
  • The Comparison Of Forest Of Ar - 613 words
    The Comparison of Forest of Arden versus Forest of Eden It is the innate desire of man to seek a place of freedom, .an utopia, which allows him to escape into fantasies and away from the hardships of reality. In the play 'As you like it'; by William Shakespeare, the playwright indirectly compares the Forest of Arden to the Forest of Eden by exploring the theme of illusions, the idea of the forest as a place of refuge and Arden's mystical powers.The two forests are not only related by the fact that they sound similar but the many imageries and ideas that were mentioned in the play are somewhat related to the story of Genesis. In Duke Senior's first speech, he refers to 'the penalty of Adam'; ...
  • The Stoics And Socrates - 1,312 words
    The Stoics and SocratesThe question of the reality of the soul and its distinction from the body isamong the most important problems of philosophy, for with it is bound up thedoctrine of a future life. The soul may be defined as the ultimate internalprinciple by which we think, feel, and will, and by which our bodies areanimated. The term 'mind' usually denotes this principle as the subject of ourconscious states, while 'soul' denotes the source of our vegetative activitiesas well. If there is life after death, the agent of our vital activities mustbe capable of an existence separate from the body. The belief in an activeprinciple in some sense distinct from the body is inference from the ob ...
  • The Rez Sisters - 1,313 words
    The Rez SistersThe play The Rez Sisters is written by one of Canada's most celebrated playwrights, Tomson Highway. Highway was born in 1951 in northwestern Manitoba. He went on to study at the University of Manitoba and graduated from the University of Western Ontario, with honors in Music and English. Native Literature is inspired by 'contemporary social problems facing native Canadians today; alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, wife battering, family violence, the racism of the justice system, loneliness, rejection, youth awareness, as well as modern-day environmental issues.';(P. 172 Native Literature in Canada.) Highway once said, 'We grew up with myths. They're the core of our identity as ...

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