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  • What If China Discovered America? - 1,253 words
    During the 15th century, the Chinese had one of the most advanced naval fleets known to man. As a result, China was able to establish many trade routes to places such as Africa, India, Singapore, etc... If the Chinese wanted to, they could have sailed all the way to Europe and even as far as North America. However, the Chinese ran into some political problems that prevented explorations in the future. If they had continued their voyages, it would have been possible for them to have discovered the New World before Columbus. Had China discovered America before Columbus, our world would be different from what it is today.During the mid 1400's, China was plagued with many political problems. The ...
  • Women In The Military - 926 words
    Women in the Military Gun shots go over head. Bang, boom, run, run, run, hurry, go, boom, is all that can be heard. It's completely dark outside. You can barely see ten feet in front of your face. All that can be seen is outlined figures of individuals running every which way. Shouting is coming from every direction. What should you do? Every second you think leaves your body vulnerable. You are in the middle of a high intensity fire fight. All of sudden you feel a little weak in the knees. You are still standing up, but you cannot walk even one step. You feel faint, almost a sick type of feeling. You look down and you notice blood coming from your body. Then it becomes have b ...
  • What Is Philosophy - 619 words
    Very briefly, philosophy might be regarded as a conceptual enquiry dealing with fundamental issues relating to life, knowledge and values. By conceptual enquiry we mean an enquiry that relies primarily on critical reasoning. This includes : Analysing the meaning of concepts Identifying logical connections between theories Evaluating arguments and exposing fallacies Here is a Chinese newspaper article from MingPao on how philosophy improves critical thinking. Philosophy and other subjectsAccording to such a conception of philosophy, philosophy is distinctive in both its method and subject matter. Art or literature might also deal with fundamental issues in life, but the use of critical reason ...
  • Womens Roles In The Revolution - 1,794 words
    Women's Roles in the RevolutionI. Women's Roles in the Revolution A. Family Enterprises 1. Women took over 2. Succeeded Despite a. inflation b. British Occupancy c. absence of important supplies 3. gave women self-confidence 4. proved that women could make a living by themselves B. Army Camps 1. Women came to be with soldiers a. were fed by military b. were cared for by military 2. The women: a. cooked b. cleaned c. sewed d. served as nurses e. were not treated specially 1. marched with men 2. slept in the snow C. Women Soldiers, "Molly Pitchers" 1. reloaded muskets 2. carried pitchers of water a. when men fell in battle, women took over the guns b. played an important role 3. Marly Ludwig H ...
  • Wide Sargasso Sea And The Color Purple - 858 words
    Problems, along with misery, become apart of life whether you're willing to accept it or not. For those who have accepted such troubles, have also learned to cope with it one way or another. Antoinette's character in "Wide Sargasso Sea" and Celie's character in "The Color Purple" have both experienced problems with depression, loneliness, violence, inferiority, racism, and self-identity. It is important for such characters as Antoinette and Celie to express their emotions and have a method of working out there issues. In the novel "Wide Sargasso Sea" by Jean Rhys, the character Antoinette is left mainly to her own free will as a child with no friends and relied on herself to find out that th ...
  • William Shakespeare - 531 words
    William Shakespeare was born in 1564, in Stratford, located in the center of England. His dad, John, was a trained glove maker, who was married to Mary Arden. She was the daughter of Robert Arden, who was a farmer in a nearby village of Wilmcote. John was also served on the town council for many years, becoming mayor in 1568. He was also involved in money lending and he traded wool. After 2 tries of having a child, and failed, William was born. He had 5 other siblings, but one of them died in their early life. Shakespeare was well set in the year 1592. His high reputation was in London. His earliest plays were "Henry VI", "The Two Gentlemen of Verona", and "Titus Andronicus". In 1594, Shakes ...
  • Wwii Atomic Bombings - 856 words
    Butler 1Nicholas ButlerProfessor McDonnellEnglish I11 May 2005Decisions to Drop the Bombs on JapanWar in itself is an atrocity, to kill or be killed in the name of whatever government chooses to go to war over. Taking lives in order to save lives is the most outrageous oxymoron ever heard, yet during the end of WWII taking the lives of Japanese people saved America from fighting on home soil. Many factors play a role in the final decision to drop the atomic warheads on America's enemy, yet in the end after all is said and done America was simply defending her land and right for freedom. America was under attack in a war fought on foreign soil. No one wanted the war to be brought on American ...
  • Warhol - 1,838 words
    'I just paint things I always thought were beautiful, things you use every day and never think about... I just do it because I like it. (Beckris 110) I just do it because I like it is Andy's philosophy on life. Andy might just be the most interesting and and at the same time the most confusing individual you will ever read about. Andy's work is like none others. His art brought common day people together and showed the impact of contemporary society and the idea of mass media on values. Andy's father Ondrej Wharhola is best described as a bald, burly man with a bulging belly and massive upper arms, pudgy nose and bristling sideburns. Ondrej was born in 1889 in Minkova. (Bekris, 6) He was mar ...
  • Who Stole My Cheese? Self-analysis - 1,018 words
    Change, like time, is always happening. There is no way to stop it, not even for a second. Whither or not you realize it, you are always changing in every possible way. However, we commonly simplify change to only the large differences in our normal routines each day or week, whither they are expected or unexpected. These large problems can sometimes become problems for people, which is not surprising. They should be problems, whither they are good problems to have, or bad. It is our job to adapt to these changes, and to adapt quickly. All of the time it takes you to adapt, is time lost, time you will never regain. This principle is easily explained by Spencer Johnson, M.D. in his book Who M ...
  • Wells Fargo Financial Anlysis - 1,033 words
    In March 1852 Henry Wells and William Fargo founded Wells, Fargo & Co. to serve the West. The new company offered banking (buying gold, and selling paper bank drafts as good as gold) - and express (rapid delivery of the gold and anything else valuable). Wells Fargo opened for business in the gold rush port of San Francisco, and soon Wells Fargo's agents opened offices in the other new cities and mining camps of the West. In the boom and bust economy of the 1850s, Wells Fargo earned a reputation of trust by dealing rapidly and responsibly with people's money. In the 1860s, it earned everlasting fame - and its corporate symbol - with the grand adventure of the overland stagecoach line. In 1888 ...
  • What I Think Of The New Beetle - 536 words
    "What's there to dislike about the New Beetle?"It's a car that makes people smile wherever it goes. It stands out like an orange life raft in a grey sea of auto-anonymity. Even if they don't immediately recognise the Beetle connection - and not everyone does - expressions of affectionate interest are instant and heartfelt.What's there to dislike about the New Beetle? Almost everything. Its cartoonish design perhaps, which compromises its practicality in a way that the original's designer would surely never have countenanced. Or maybe the fact that it's a profoundly ordinary car to drive.But let's begin at the beginning... When Ferdinand Porsche sketched the outline of the Beetle in the 1930s ...
  • Wife Of Bath - 253 words
    Wife Of BathFeminism, or a doctrine advocating social, politcal, and economic rightsfor women equal to those of men, plays a large role in 'The Wife of Bath'sPrologue'.Describing marriage as a misery, the Wife has been married five times.Only one of her husbands she married was because of true love. The reason whyshe has gone through so many husbands is because her ideal husband is one whopermits her to do whatever she wants. Of course, in the 1990's and even back inthe 1500's, that kind of spouse is hard to find.The Wife is a pragmatist, or one who is concerned with actual practice.She is a very sexually active person, although is said to be 'gap-toothed',overweight, and foul smelling. I ...
  • What Are The Effect Of Bad Parenting - 478 words
    What are the affects of poor parenting:I always believed that you could see the effects of bad parenting, by studying the youth of today opposed to the youth of sixty years ago. The effects of bad parenting can be measured in many different ways. One of the things that we all forget about is "lead by example". What we as adults, teach our children, is what our future generations will be as people.Another way you can observe the results is by looking at our prisons and jails. How many of the inmates really had an idealistic life, as opposed to the one's that had a hard time growing up? Would their lives be any different today if; for example mom hadn't worked or if dad didn't drink. Who's to ...
  • West Side Story - 534 words
    West Side Story In this musical, it uses several types of narratives, for example, after the fight between the Jets and Puerto Ricans, after the police leave, they enter the ally and the girl is begging to join the gang saying how much she wants to fight is a part of narrative sexuality (B 34). The girl is more of a tom boy who wants to be like one of the guys. Also, in the West Side Story, it uses many camera angles and distances. One example is the high-angle shot (B 49). In the very beginning the camera shows an overview of the West Side. I think that is shows this because it gives the audience a perspective on how large the West Side is. It also shows a distance shot (B 49) when the poli ...
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 913 words
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's name is familiar even to people who know little or none of his music. However, Mozart's fame is based on two different frames of reference: firstly, being the most famous child prodigy in music history (as both a performer and a composer) and secondly, his unquestioned brilliance as an adult composer of Classical symphonies, operas, chamber music, sonatas, church music, and concerti for various instruments. Perhaps what he is best remembered for are his operas. His astonishing rate of production continues to stupefy scholars today. In his short life, he composed over 600 works, including 21 stage and opera works.The most obvious distinction between Mozart and ot ...
  • War On Iraq Article In High School Newspaper - 618 words
    At 7:12PM on Wednesday, March19, 2003, President Bush authorized a full-scale war on Iraq and the Saddam Hussein led regime by uttering just two simple words. "Let's go," President George W. Bush said to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield Wednesday at the close of a nearly four-hour meeting in the Oval Office. The war on Iraq, which has been given the title "Operation: Iraqi Freedom", is the result of months of Hussein's refusal to let United Nations weapons inspectors into Iraq. The U.N. suspects that Hussein has been building and harboring "weapons of mass destruction" into Iraq. This problem goes as far back as the early '90's when former President Bush initiated the Gulf War on account o ...
  • What Is Art - 1,243 words
    Tolstoy wrote, in What is Art? " If a man is infected by the author's condition of soul, if he feels this emotion and this union with others, then the object which has effected this is art: but if there be no such infection, if there be not this union with the same author and others who are moved by the same work-then it is not art?" "The Death of Ivan Ilych" is art by this criteria. Tolstoy's writing keeps my attention throughout "The Death of Ivan Ilych" and awakens my soul. I have never read any literature of Leo Tolstoy, and I could not walk away from the story, I wondered what happened next. It makes me realize how important life is to be treated. This work of art expresses to me Tolsto ...
  • War And Bush - 1,407 words
    War and Bush War has taken place all over the world. It is brutal at times even necessary, and the United States of America has seen its own share of wars. Since September 11, 2001, the President of the United States has launched a war on terrorism, and currently we are still at war. The War on Terrorism has been one of the most important battles our country has ever had and overall it has been the best for the U.S. as well as Iraq. The United States does have its motives for the war, and those purposes are what make this country as safe as it is today.Before September 11, 2001 many individuals assumed they were living in a safe country. The news showed bombings and war in different countrie ...
  • We Wear The Mask - 578 words
    "We Wear the Mask" There are times in life where we are forced to do something we do not really want to do. There are certain situations like this that come to my mind. Every so often, my family gets together. As a teenager, I do not want to be confined. I realize some of my relatives are a lot older than me and I should spend as much time with them as I can. When my family gets together, I frequently am forced to go to these events and put a smile on my face. I am acting. I am putting on my "mask" and pretending that I am happy. This artificial face is the subject of Paul Laurence Dunbar's poem, "We Wear the Mask." Dunbar expresses his feelings on what African-Americans were forced to do a ...
  • What A Christian Believes About Anthropology - 752 words
    What a Christian Believes about Anthropology "Anthropology in general refers to any study of the status, habits, customs, relationships and culture of humankind. In a more specific and theological sense, anthropology sets forth the scriptural teachings about humans as God's creatures. Christian anthropology recognizes that humans are created in God's image but that sin has in some way negatively affected that image" (Grenz, Guetzki, and Nordling 11). In other words, anthropology is the study of how God created us uniquely in his image, and how sin affected the image. On the sixth day, God made male and female in his image, and he saw that it was very good (Genesis 1:27, 31). The Bible contin ...

1884 results found, view free essays on page:

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