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  • Xbox Frames Per Second - 1,655 words
    In the console-gaming world people know Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft may be the largest and richest software company in the world, but it's unknown when it comes to console gaming. Microsoft is counting on the Xbox to change that perception. Gamers may not be willing to take a chance with the Microsoft Xbox, even if it is far superior to any console ever made. Nintendo Gamecube is nothing if charismatic. Nintendo's new machine is half the size of any other console and looks like a toy with its b...
  • Xfl Excitement Or Excuse - 847 words
    20 April 2001 XFL: Excitement or Excuse Football is something as American as apple pie. It is thought of as gritty, physical, and all around fun just as most Americans like to be thought of. For decades the NFL has dominated the world of football. However, Vince McMahon, the founder of the WWF, has introduced a new and controversial professional football league called the XFL. Much of the controversy is about whether the XFL is a force to be reckoned with or just another of McMahon's clever mark...
  • Xml And Java Markup Language - 2,666 words
    XML and Java Abstract Most web developers are intimately familiar with HTML, which is a language for presenting information on-screen so that it can be read by a human. A new markup language is rapidly gaining attention, however. XML allows for the presentation of information which can be read by a computer program. It is likely that the future of web development includes the creation of increasing numbers of programs, which make intelligent use of the data on XML-based web pages. And Java is a...
  • Xbox Vs Gamecube Game Cube - 594 words
    Released this past month where the next-generation gaming consoles. Hoping to capture a market dominated by Sony's PlayStation 2, Microsoft has earmarked $500 million for its marketing campaign and the hype alone is enough to make a certain people look at this console. A sizable investment at $299 for the Xbox and $199 for the Game Cube, getting past the price tag is only the first hurdle. The second is deciding which to buy. The world's largest software maker followed familiar territory in deve...
  • Xenon Noble Gas - 645 words
    Xenon Xenon is element number 54 on the periodic table of the elements. It has amass of roughly 131 atomic mass units. There are 77 neutrons and 54 protons in the nucleus of the atom. The symbol for xenon is Xe and it belongs to the family of elements called the noble gases. It is called a noble gas because the valance shell of one atom contains a full shell. Xenon is one of the most stable elements on the table. The 54 electrons are arranged, so that there are 2 in the 1 st shell, 8 in the 2 n...
  • Xerox Latin America - 1,306 words
    COUNTRY ISSUES Culture, Social, and Demographics: When examining any company and their possible expansion into new markets you must first examine the culture, social, and demographic issues impacting foreign businesses. The Colombian culture has begun to show a bias towards American products as recently as 1998. As written in Carol Casper's New York Times article, 'There is a lot of interest in U. S. concepts and products... .' ; in not only Colombia but also all of Latin America. The interest ...
  • X Ray Glasses Mike Fantasies One - 569 words
    Mike once dreamed of owning x-ray glasses. When he was seven, a neighbor introduced him to comic books. When Michael Jackson was black, and Johnny Carson ruled late night TV, his world became one of super fantasy: flying men in bright underwear and capes, web shooters, supermen, and even a hero who would grow big and strong and turn green when he became angry. There was something in the idea that a single twist of luck, a lightning bolt, could transform even a quiet child living in base housing,...
  • Xander Harris Speech Buffy Willow Slayer - 722 words
    He's a lanky fellow, dark-haired and self-effacing. He uses sarcastic humor to hide his insecurity (no one's told him it doesn't work). Even when he's being chased by a 100 feet serpent, he still manages to find the humor in the situation. He's been in a complicated love triangle and lives to tell about it. A friend, lover and slayer ette... He's Xander Harris. Good afternoon / morning Ms. Rostering and fellow students. As you can see, my speech is on Xander Harris. If you don't watch 'Buffy th...
  • Xm Radio 2002 People Car - 1,501 words
    The Benefits of XM Radio Over the years, many people all over have listened to the radio for entertainment and information. Radio supplies news, sports, music, talk, and many other options with great ease. However, since television has become so popular lately, people look to it as an alternative to radio for the previously stated options. The reason for this can be linked to the redundancy that radio has encountered by not offering anything new and exciting for people to become interested about...
  • Xml Form Grammar Rule Abnf - 10,558 words
    It's not my p[a per/ I just find it in the internet/Abstract This document defines syntax for representing grammars for use in speech recognition so that developers can specify the words and patterns of words to be listened for by a speech recognizer. The syntax of the grammar format is presented in two forms, an Augmented BNF Form and an XML Form. The specification makes the two representations mappable to allow automatic transformations between the two forms. Status of this Document This secti...
  • Xerox Delivery Process - 4,197 words
    The Xerox Movement IPC 560 Communication and Change Joe D. PhearseInstructor: Dr. Gayle Pohl Central Michigan University, Schofield Barracks, Hi 96857 The Xerox Movement Xerox from its inception has always been regarded as an organization that thrives on innovation and diversification. The introduction of the their xerographic office copier in 1959 is seen as one the main technological advancements in the 20 th Century. Even as late as the 1990's Xerox has been boldly reinventing itself from a p...
  • Xbox Gaming System - 651 words
    Microsoft targets numerous segments of the population of many countries through advertisements of its Xbox. Microsoft, one of the most successful companies in the world, is using its innovations to take over the machine gaming market. Sony and Nintendo have been the gaming powerhouses for many years now, but are now starting to become overshadowed by the success of Microsoft's Xbox. As long as gaming machines have been available, teenage boys have been the targets of the companies. One new strat...
  • X Files Post Modern - 669 words
    The X-Files The X-Files is generally acclaimed as the television cult hit of the 1990's. The pilot that aired in September of 1993 introduced FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Together the two work to uncover the truth behind unsolved cases that defy normal investigation, the cases that the government has buried or ignored, labeling them the "x-files." The two agents are wonderful examples of modernism and post-modernism world views. First in order to understand the reasons Scully and Mulde...
  • Xenotransplantation Baker 643 - 1,928 words
    Is Xenotransplantation an ethical solution or disaster? The audience for this paper is comprised of those readers looking to gain knowledge on the issue of. This group of people is unaware of the dynamics of the ethical arguments surrounding this current issue. This audience does not have a specific age or belief, reflecting the varied positions of the argument. Due to this hunger for factual information, they do not wish to have someone else's views imposed on them. Instead, they wish to define...
  • Xbox Video Game - 860 words
    In November 2001 Microsoft entered the hotly contested video games console market shared by Sony and Nintendo with it's Xbox console. In a market that has traditionally only been able to support 2 contenders, increased consumer demand driven by changes in technology and consumer behaviour has given Microsoft hope of muscling in on a highly lucrative market. At the time of the Xbox's entry, the latest generation console market was already approaching the second stage of it's product life cycle. T...
  • Xbox Gamespot News - 575 words
    Usability Testing on Microsoft Xbox TM Product usability testing has been around for quite a while now for the sole purpose of providing the consumers with the best product a company can. Some companies hire specific testing consultants who specialize in product testing and other companies just release beta versions of their product to a small market and collect feedback. Companies like Sony or Nintendo hire companies that test their products and make sure there are no problems with the product....
  • Xmas Gift Wrapping Paper - 649 words
    Christmas Gift It was the holiday season, and Christmas was fast approaching. With the twenty-fifth only a few days away there was no more time for procrastination. I decided to go to the mall in an attempt to complete all the Christmas shopping at once. While wandering around the uniquely decorated mall, I noticed a particular store that caught my attention. Pausing for a moment to stare into the window of the shop I came across the perfect gift for my father. Stepping inside I asked the shop k...
  • Xix Century Government Usa Economic - 922 words
    The downside of this system is the producers coming together and forming a monopoly and charging unreasonably high price. Economists have also for long argued whether essential areas like education, health care, road and rail, defence etc should be allowed as free enterprise. Here is the summary of the second economic choice for the USA. Resources are owned and controlled by individuals Economic decisions are made by individuals competing to earn profits Individual freedom is considered very imp...
  • X Napster Music Songs Download - 959 words
    X-Napster The infamous Napster under attack for it s pirating of music from famous musician s needs to be shut down. Piracy is a major issue of moral standards, right, and wrong in the entertainment world. Napster is well known for it s sharing of MP 3 files through the Internet; taking, receiving, and bootlegging. Over 70% of college students said they use Napster at least once a month. The majority of its users are aware that Napster is an illegal bootlegging website, the federal government sa...
  • Xenotransplantation Organs Tissues - 1,095 words
    Xenotransplantation There is a shortage of organs for clinical transplantation all around the world. Many patients waiting to receive new organs die because we are unable to receive enough organs: there aren't enough donors. We are now testing the implantation of other species " organs into the human body, that would be a great solution in ending organ shortage. There is a problem though, the human body does not cooperate well with other non-human organs. Rejection is the worst problem we have e...

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