Ours is an age of complexity, contradiction and challenge. At the beginning of the 21 st century, although we have the technology unmatched in human experience, it is said that humanity has made little real progress over the past century. Admittedly, scientific technological advances have produced tremendous improvement in the quality of human life. However, they also have negative consequences as well. Nevertheless, this is not a time for despair but for a global commitment to make possible the technology to add the problem of our age.

Admittedly, technology has improved our life dramatically over the past century. With the invention of steam engine in the 19 th century, the internal combustion engine in the century just ended, we human beings find ourselves able to exploit on a massive scale energy once locked in coal, oil and gas. At the same time, (dramatic gains in agricultural productivity made possible by) agriculture gained dramatic development by the new technology of water use, fertile and mechanized farming. A large number of people move from farms to cities and factories.

The net result is a tremendous elevation of living standard which the world has never seen or even imagined possible. The space travel, miracle drugs, as well as computer technology used in the working place and at home all contribute to our better living standards. On the other hand, (The increasing complexity of technology also led a new kind of catastrophe, as we see how technology has helped to pollute the environment, lead to the wars, add population pressure and fill the world with goods of questionable necessity. ) it is also as clear as daylight that technology has detrimental influence on our life. The risk of cancer caused by the environmental pollution, the possibility of large-scale industrial accidents, the ethical problems drawn by the life-prolong technologies, and the ever -- present nuclear holocaust are as a part of the modern age. Further more, the chasm between the rich and the poor is growing wider.

According to, 1. 3 billion people is living less than 1 dollar a day for food, clothing and shelter, while an average American family have an annual income of S 55000. Although technology has not been 'out of control' by now, if we do not place enough importance on these problems, it will lead to a tragedy to human beings. Nevertheless (After all), (The real progress depends on we human beings, while technology is only a tool, or more exactly, a two-edged weapon which can be used positively or negatively. ) technology is only a tool, a two-edged weapon, under the control of human being.

Therefore, we should not despair but use the technology on the right track and address the problem of our age with it. Having acknowledged by the detrimental effect by the atom bomb in the Second World War, human beings have never resort to it. On the other hand, atom energy is used as a clean energy in our daily life and help patients to defeat cancers in hospital. What we call for today is a better global stewardship to overcome all the problems caused by thoughtless apply of technology. In conclusion, technology can be a blessing or a curse to humanity, depending on how we use them. In order to heal the earth and make the best use of technology, we should evoke the awareness and encourage a better stewardship all over the world.

Only in that way can we achieve an earth that nurtures humanity and nature in all their diversity.