None of us is a superman, who can almost accomplish everything all by himself in our mind, so we, as normal human beings, need help, not always, but sometimes. My family and all my relatives live in the same small town generation after generation. And all my good friends are either my former classmates or ones from the same grade when I was in high school, and now they are not in Shanghai. Also I have no friends out of school. So, after coming to Shanghai for furthering studying in Shanghai Jiao tong University, with few relative and friend here, I felt a little bit lonely and helpless.

Occasionally, when I was a junior student, doing my part-time job as a home teacher, I made friends with a kind hearted woman living in shanghai, but not a Shanghainese, who is a driver, and has strong desire to learn English as a second language. In a period of two months, our friendship is gradually established. At the very beginning, for we were still strange to each other, we were a little bit restrained when sat at the desk. Whenever I presented my prepared lessons to her, answered her questions about grammars or corrected her wrong pronunciations, she showed her full respect to me, and sometimes times even respectfully called me Mr. Meng, which made me feel proud of myself. But when I said let! s have a break for ten minutes, it seemed hard for us to find a mutual topic, so I kept silent, drinking my water, and she reviewed what she learnt last period.

As time flew by, it was not hard to find a topic during the break any more. When it is too late after finishing the teaching, she would make me dinner. When the Chinese conventional holidays come, she would drive to my dormitory to see me and also bring me some presents. It was last mid autumn festival that she came to my dormitory without calling before to give me a surprise. I found her downstairs, with a box of moon cakes in her hand. Sometimes when she perceived that I was running out of money, she would help me out in time by loaning some money voluntarily.

And just yesterday immediately after her knowing about the fatal disease, SARS, she called me and told me to be careful about it, as she wants to put me under her big safety wings. And sometimes She treats me as one of her best friends, for she thinks I am mature enough. A lot of times she sent me messages through the mobile phone to check out if was in the downtown area. If I was, after school and she was after work, she would treat me to some good restaurants, which I could afford by myself, to enjoy some delicious foods and we enjoyed wonderful talk. She! d like to talk about her stuff with me, as if I was her best friend, or her guider of life. The topic We have talked about many times is how to raise a child, for she has a boy who is now in grade one in junior high school.

It is obvious that I have zero experience in doing this, so I just told what my parents did and some knowledge about educating child that I read from books. And at times She also trusted me so much that she told me her private stuff, like her failed marriage, her feelings about some news guys. There is one thing I remember very clear. That was last winter, when she had feeling for a new guy who was handsome, and funny in her circle. She was very happy when staying with him. For having not chased boys before, she came to me to ask for help.

But I was also an amateur in this field. After discussing it about an hour on the phone, we came up with a final solution. She carried it out, but failed. However, she never blamed me, the gap between us became even much narrower. So, now I can surely say we are good friends now and will be good friends forever.

Being far form my hometown, without relatives in this unfamiliar city, Shanghai, I am lucky to have Du as one of my best friends, who I can trust and depend on if needed.