Black news mediums are important not only to the Black community, but to all races and ethnicities. They are important because they allow a better understanding of a great culture that has not only existed since the beginning of time, but has also built the United States into what it is today. They also allow Blacks to address issues in the Black community, properly educate individuals on Black culture and history, and provide Blacks with something that they can relate to and call their own. Throughout history news mediums have attempted to properly discuss and educate the world on Black culture and Black history, however, these mediums have failed miserably.

Not only do most news mediums erroneously portray Blacks as being unintelligent, lazy, chicken-eaters, they also only scratch the surface of the rich culture that constitutes not only Black history, but American history. Blacks should be recognized not only as the engineers and designers of the United States, through their blood, sweat and tears during slavery, but also the inventors of modern day society with the plethora of Black inventions. Had it not been for slavery and the inventions of Blacks, the United States, as we know it today, would not be the same, or even worse, not exist. What is even more astounding, is that most people do not know that Blacks have had any part in shaping the United States, nor can they imagine, or possibly live life, without Black inventions, such as: the fire extinguisher by Tom J. Marshal, the improved refrigerator by John Standard, the heating furnace by Alice H. Parker, or the electric elevator by Alexander Miles.

News mediums such as Ebony Magazine, Jet Magazine, BET, The Chicago Defender, Black planet. com, Black voices. com and various other Black radio stations have aided in the strive for public knowledge of Black history and culture. They do this by not limiting Black history to the month of February, not limiting the people who contributed to Black history to just Martin Luther King Jr.

and Malcolm X, and by involving Blacks who appeal to the younger generation such as music artists and athletes in conveying the message of Black culture. As a child growing up in the predominantly white public school system, I was exposed to many fallacies about Black history and culture. For years I thought that Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were the only ones who made a difference in Black history. If anyone were to ask me about either of the two I could recite one of their speeches, give a detailed description of their lives, and even provide photos and a 3 page paper, but let them ask me who Alice Parker was or who invented the apparatus for transmissions of messages by electricity, and I would have no other choice but to give them a look of confusion. It was not until I was in my latter years in high school that I began researching other Blacks, and their accomplishments, and also realizing the true significance and importance of the Black experience.

Apparently, other Blacks felt the same way, which is why there are so many news mediums today. BET, or Black Entertainment Television, is a prime example of such a medium. Not only is it a station for Black people, but it is also a station owned and founded by Black people. It has shows that appeal to the younger generation, such as 106 th and Park, Rap City and How I'm Living, as well as shows that appeal to the older generation, such as: BET Nightly News, Soul Food, and BET Jazz, just to name a few. Incorporated within all of the shows and even during commercial breaks are messages concerning the AIDS epidemic, which is plaguing the Black community, the war on Iraq and updates on famous Blacks who are making a difference.

Whatever your interests are, BET has a show about it. Black news mediums are essential in accurately portraying the Black community as well as keeping, not only Blacks, but the whole world informed on issues in the community and around the world. Without these mediums Blacks would still be perceived in a negative light because their contributions and achievements would be overlooked or briefly discussed.