You " re sitting in your living room talking to your mom and hear a gun shot. You run out hoping it's not a loved one but sadly your brother or sister has just been shot. What do you do? Since the shootings at the schools have happened I have taken an interest for gun control. There's so much violence out there that have guns involved and I want to stop that. There should be stricter regulations on the control of guns. To get my point across we have to see the history on guns, the laws an d how much violence there is because the use of guns.

Sadly to say about half of all U. S. families own at least one gun. Statistics show that each year in the United States guns kill more than 35, 000 people, a death rate much higher than that in any other industrial nation. But many gun owners use their guns for protecting their home, hunting or target shooting, and collecting. This may be fine for some people, but what happens when it get out of hand? There has been thousands of incidents but here are a few that I read off of the internet from the gun control web page.

In 1999, there was a man named Pierre Lebrun who had a history of mental illness and difficulty at work. He killed three of his co-workers and himself with the use of a gun. And who can forget the Columbine incident that happened in 1999. After that many high schools, junior highs, and even elementary have had shootings.

These incidents could have been stopped if guns weren't available in their homes. Why even have guns in your home? It only causes more violence. Guns kill. Many have been shot and killed because we " re not taking gun control seriously. We have laws to help us aim to reduce the criminal use of guns as much as possible. There is a law called the Brady Bill, which gives people a harder chance in purchasing a gun.

It allows people purchasing a gun to have a five-day waiting period before purchasing a gun for the law enforcement officials to make sure that the buyer is not prohibited from owning a gun. They check criminal backgrounds, mental illness, substance abuse with alcohol or drugs, history of violence, relationship breakdown and job loss or bankruptcy. Even though this law makes it harder for a person to purchase a gun. I feel that these types of laws should be stricter, like making it a ten-day waiting period instead of five.

Thank goodness for some laws that are in affect. But we need to keep in mind that when violence occurs, guns come into effect with angry men or women. To get my point across I used statistics to show you how much domestic violence there is. Over half of the husbands who killed their wives had a criminal record and about 82% legally possessed a firearm. Besides domestic violence there are other kinds of violence that happens with guns such as suicide. Accordingly to statistic, it shows that 21% were caused because of depression and 26.

5% was causes from alcoholism or drug addiction. If we make it harder for people to purchase guns we can make these numbers even lower. Nonetheless, all of these incidents I previously said could have been stopped if we could have stricter regulations on the control of guns. I do hope each and every one of you tries to help take action on gun control because the presence of guns make it easier to kill. If we all vote together on making our gun laws stricter we can make a difference. Lets try to make the world a lot safer for our families and us.

Take action!