Lewis and Clark were a couple of famous explorers. They Explored the Louisana Purchase. The reason for the expedition was to map the northen rivers. This expedition was an order from Jefferson. The president at the tine.

along the way they ran into a bunch of indian tribes and tried to make peace with alot of them. even tough Lewis and Clark were not Indian they got away with a lot of things, because of Clarks slave. Sacagewea, was an Indian girl who went on the voyage with Clark. she had a great influence on the expedition. She was Such a great help that she now has her own coin.

She helped Lewis and Clark escape dangerous encounters with the Indian and she helped map the rivers. another friend was York. her was Lewis's slave. HE was a big help also. He was an African American Slave. The LOuisana Purchase was bought from Napolean for less than three cents an acre.

the total cost of the Louisana Purchase was fifteen million dollars. the total voyage cost about thirty-eight thousand dollars. this voyage was a dangerous voyage for Lewis and clark And Sacagewea and For york. if this voyage was not taken then it could have changed histor. this could have changed the past present and future for the United states of america. not only was it a great adventure bit it is one that we will remember for the rest of our lifes.

this voyage lasted about a year and was not an easy one. even though people only remember Lewis and Clark, and York, and Sacagewea, there were also over fourth other men involved in this expedition. this was one of the greatest expeditions know and one that had the greatest influence on the united states of america.