In her essay "Erotica and Pornography" Gloria Steinem states "there will be little murders in our beds - and very little love." According to Gloria Steinem pornography is degrading humanity's sex culture. It means that the act of love making is slowly transforming from something mutual to something oppressive. Her argument being that over time, pornography destroys (murders) the loving action that sex was intended for. Her essay explains the evolution of sex from the means for procreation to a pleasurable experience.

Steinem's research concludes that in early civilized society the outward expression of sex was shunned, yet throughout events such as the Women's Movement and the Sexual Revolution we are almost invited to explore human sexuality. Over time, in some areas of society sex has become a sales tool. "sex sells" is a phrase often repeated in the entertainment industry. What is confusing is that often only women are objectified on television and music videos. You will never or rarely see men displayed as back-up dancers in revealing clothing or used in an equal manner to sell cars. This is a concluding point in Gloria Steinem's essay.

When she states "there will be little murders in our beds - and very little love," it is almost a warning to society. Stop letting this objectification of women continue! "Consider also our spirits that break a little each time we see ourselves... ." Her essay shows how the spirits of women are broken, and in the bedroom love is lost and replaced with lust. Erotica and Pornography by Gloria Stienem.