What is the meaning of true love? Might it be something like the one-and-only true love? If true how do you make love last? Writers like William Shakespeare, Anne Bradstreet, Wislawa Szymborska, and E. E. Cummings are committed to the idea that true love lasts forever, for better or worse, regardless of circumstances. Is love necessary for a person to live their life happy, if not how is that possible? Is love an idea or a real feeling? Or is this love only delivered to those who are lucky or who work hard to make it true? For many centuries' true love has lasted the test of time and will remain forever, but what is the correct definition of true love? In the dictionary true love is defined as "a strong affection, warm attachment, attraction based on sexual desire, and etc... ." Who came up with this meaning? In Wislawa Szymborska poem entitled "It could not populate the planet in a million years, it comes so rarely." If this love is so rarely found in life, who is to say what the true meaning of love is. Shakespeare states in his poem how true love should be in his mind, "Let me not to the marriage of true minds," also the first line of Shakespeare sonnet 116.

There is one thing wrong with this, how does Shakespeare know what love is suppose to be like. However, Shakespeare has in fact written many poems on love, but who is to say that it is right. Though there is no-way to prove that Shakespeare is wrong, and the fact that his writings have been around for hundreds of years does give him the upper hand of him being right. In today's world it is expected of a person to grow up, and to find true love and start a family. Why is a love necessary in today's society? I, myself have two uncles that live alone and are very happy with their life without love. Or do they have love? I think everyone has love whether they know it or not, it exists in all of us.

Who is to say a person does not love one's mother as much as they love beer. Szymborska states in her poem "perfectly good children are born without its help." She is stating even children can be produced without love. Two people do not need love to make a child. In my personal opinion I believe not everyone in this world is born with this partner out there somewhere that is their one and only true love. Some people today want to live their life alone, and without a partner. Yes, I think everyone on this earth has true love, but in all different shapes and forms.

The worst fear in a relationship today is the fear of love and how long it will last. How long is love supposed to last? Shakespeare states in his poem, that "But bears it out even to the edge of doom." Should love last forever or will love change? According to another quote from Shakespeare he states in his poem "Which alters when it alteration finds." To me this means that love should not change when change occurs for if it does then it is not true love. There are many things that will change in a relationship over time. Such things as the feelings for each other, beauty, and comfort around each other all in time will change. But, there are ways to love make it last, like making time for each other everyday. Other things to help make it last would be some might have to work at it to make it last.

For others this true love comes easy to those that are soul-mates and do not have to work at it. Despite all these hurdles, the beauty of love is a rare comity that is only found by few and lucky people. I think true love only comes to those who believe in love or are willing to work hard to keep it. True love is not something that happens over night or comes one night and then goes away. As stated in William Shakespeare, Anne Bradstreet, Wislawa Szymborska, and E. E.

Cummings poems they all believe true love last forever. However, true love is not for everyone, I believe god put people on this earth to be completely happy by themselves.