Tommy and his dad, mum and sister live in Brazil; Tommy's dad is cutting down the forest to build a dam. Tommy wonders into the forest one day and he finds some ants, he looks at them and then when he gets up he sees the Invisible People. Tommy goes to find his dad he finds him and brings him into the forest to see the Invisible People, but they are gone, Tommy comes back into the forest and he is taken by the Invisible People. When Tommy does not return Daddy brings a search party to find him they search for years and they don't find him.

Ten years later Tommy's dad is still searching for him, on one of the searches for Tommy, Tommy's dad is taken by the fierce people, they take him back and give him till dawn to escape, and then they will kill him. Tommy finds his dad and rescues him from the fierce people, doing this Tommy kills five of the Fierce People. Once Tommy takes him back to the Invisible Peoples Tribe, Tommy gets the Invisible People healer to heel him. Tommy asks Ka chir i to marry him by hitting her over the head with a stick. The wedding takes place; there is a big feast and lots of dancing.

Daddy wants Tommy to come home with him and he says he has to stay here; Daddy is given a drug that makes him see a Jaguar the next thing he wakes up and has been taken out the forest by the Invisible People. While there they see the forest being destroyed even more by the people who are making the Dam and they call it as being the edge of the world. While they are away the Fierce People take all the women from the village and take them to the sex club to trade for guns. They do this because the Fierce People have an agreement to trade women for guns. By the time Tommy gets back all the village has been destroyed and they hold a ceremony in honour of the people that died, in this they burn and crush all there remains and add water and drink them, they all do this as a mark of respect. After this they go to get there women back from the club, they think the power cables are trees and try to climb them they get electrocuted they then try to find another way but they can't.

By this time the Fierce People have come to see what is going on, they see the Invisible People and use there lightning spears (guns) to shoot the Invisible People the guns are no match for there arrows and the chief is killed, they retreat and decide that they will need the help of outsiders, Tommy's goes and asks his Dad for help he says yes and they go in a truck to the club. At the club Tommy's dad cuts the gate and they go in to get there women they shoot and kill some guards and then leave with them all, outside they have a fire fight with the Fierce People and the Invisible People use they spears and pea shooters, the Invisible People win and they heed back to the village. Tommy's dad leaves them and he warns Tommy about the log cutters and the dam, Tommy thinks the water could blow the dam but this is not true as we see that Tommy's dad blows it with explodes. Tommy stays in the rainforest with the Invisible People and his wife. The fierce people have heavy war paint on their faces, they are a large hunting tribe, and they capture lots of people and kill them this is because they are cannibals. They have an agreement with the club owners to trade guns for women they find the guns are very hard to use, they are a violent people.

The Invisible People are very peaceful and elaborate we know this because they know that you should not over use the land or it becomes infertile, they have festivals, they hunt and they use huge pea shooters. They wear few clothes because of the heat. Men dance around fire as women watch the dead are rapped in leaves and burnt after this they are crushed and then drunk, and they are very protective of their women. They have little understanding of the outside world, and are very venerable to weird things. They also use scared stones for things like war paint. In the western world they have different cultures and different objects that the Indians find very hard to use, they have things like tall buildings, big cities, they speak English and they also have cups.

They also have metal, big clubs and entertainment. Cultural groups treat each other like aliens and it is very difficult for them to communicate to one another. We know this because when the women were being selected on the stage for the sex club they didn't know were they were and what they had to do. We also know that the Fierce People thought the guns in the western world we brilliant and that they had loved the club owners for given them. In the western world money and greed drives the world mad we know this because of the way that they are made to work for long periods of time. In the forest the story is different they share and use only the stuff they need; this is a much better way of life.

The Invisible People use the rainforest as a resource that they can live on for life so they only take the stuff they need and they don't take advantage of it. The Invisible People love the forest and think it is a great place; they would never over use it. The western world sees the rainforest as a quick way to make money and take advantage of it because of this. They think it will never end and that it is a great way to make a lot of money. The fierce people think the rainforest as the western world do they just take and take from it, but one day it will run out and there will be nothing left. The rainforest is an amazing place some people want to protect like the Invisible People and some people like the Western World and the Fierce People take advantage of it..