The people, who live in a society, try to develop and stabilize it so that it could be passed to progeny. The statement above conceals the elements that have to be considered to determine if a society is stabilized one or not. Stability of a society may partially depend on the extremities of the people who live in the society, but includes lot of other factors. Even if the people make the society, it depends on the political parties or authorities who are in charge of the society's welfare. Innocent people suffer because of the political influence.

For example, political leaders take money from poor people who want to have heir legal tasks done. Corruption is wide spread and a poor ordinary person bares repercussions. Societies can also be stabilized with strict military rules. Some of the persisting problems can be easily resolved. Again, this may not be good to the people of the society.

For example, military governments are in the authority for some countries in the world. But, people in that country live with tensions and fear of what happens when the rules are violated. Additionally, it includes the extreme behaviors of the people. Even though some governments are stable and capable of handling the extremities of any situation, people try to take advantage of it by using politics. For example, In India, religion (Hindu, Muslim) fights play a very important role in politics. Like, A person from Hindu religion might try to hurt a person from Muslim religion, right before elections.

And political party with Muslim leader takes advantage of this situation in the coming elections and tries to gain more sympathy votes from them. Either way, there is more pressure on the authorities who are responsible for the society. While there are arguments on both sides, stabilization of a society depends not only in controlling the extreme behaviors of the people, but also depends on the authorities who should act responsibly and sensibly using their self-best judgment to make it a stable, happy and better living for everyone who lives in that society.