Violence impacts peoples lives in many different ways. There's many cases that most murderers are what they do because of how they were treated when they were young. They were exposed to such things in a very early age to the point that further down their lives they feel the "wrong" thing is the "right" thing. For example: In most cases when children become victims of molestation, they grow up with problems mentally and most likely molest their children.

Problems when they are young result from their actions when they are old. Violence impacts a person's spirit. After situations when a person loses a loved one, their lives suddenly become gloomy. They are not going to be the same anymore and their conscience haunts them for the rest of there lives. They would act as they did before they lost loved one.

Violence grows more and more and as long as we keep teaching children the right thing and not expose them to it, then maybe our world would be a better place. It soul depends on a person's background and family values and how they were raise. You wouldn't expect a boy who lived a righteous life and never got molested to ever grow up into a person who murders. Ita ll depends on how they were raised. If you get a boy who in their whole childhood life are victims of abuse and molestation more than likely all of the cases prove that when they grow older they become murdered, molester, or basically felons.