It has always been a mystery to me how people can believe in love at first sight. How can you know you love someone just by seeing them for the first time? Love at first sight should be called lust at first sight because all you can know by looking at a person for the first time is if your attracted to them or not. You have to get to know someone before you can love them. You can love what someone looks like but not them as a person without even talking to them. To love someone is one of the most beautiful things in the world but its not something that can happen in an instant.

Love is something that grows when you spend time with a person and get to know them. You begin to love them as a person inside and out. Love is what someone is on the inside, and there is no possible way to know someone inside and out at first sight. You can become infatuated at first sight and from there go onto build a relationship that becomes love but since love takes time and effort you can't have love at first sight. People in love claim they knew from the first moment they saw their partner that it was love, but since they are together still, they have gotten to know each other and love all of them as a whole rather than just the physical appearance. Most people only claim love at first sight if they are still with the person, and if they arent they usually change their theory about it.

Love is something you fall into, not just stumble upon, in my eyes. Love comes from knowing a person, having things in common, enjoying each other's company, being on the same wavelength, both intellectually and physically. This can happen very quickly, within a few days of knowing someone, but from just seeing someone for that first time, it must be a chance in many millions that it will turn out to be true love. What starts as attraction can progress to love and people can believe they felt that all along. Teenagers are more susceptible to believe in love at first sight because we are all looking for our place and for someone to love and be loved.

When asked most people believe in love at first sight and can back it up with experiences. We can almost make love at first sight happen if we really want it that bad. If you go with love at first sight too quickly you can be blinded to whats really happening. Everyday people you dont even look twice at could be your soulmate and just because when you look at them your heart doesnt skip a beat doesnt mean they arent for you. Soulmates is different than love at first sight.

The whole fate issue comes into play and "if its meant to be it will happen." If your meant to be with someone it will work out for you somehow and maybe it will be a person you feel love at first sight for. On the other hand, people often believe in love at first sight because they just instantly have some sort of connection with the other person. It could be the way they look at each other or a small smile. I believe that parents and babies can feel love at first sight because its their own child who they created.

A mother and child have an instant connection thats just instinct and no one can break their bond. Maternal and paternal instincts are much more real and stronger than nervous teenage attraction feelings. Love at first sight could and can very well happen, I just think you need to get to know the person to know your in love with them. Its most common for people to believe they had love at first sight after they are with someone and they want to believe it was love right away..