Today, there are many dreams and traditions that Americas hold. Some of them can be reached, some cannot. Some Americans dream of riches, some dream of curing diseases. Most of their dreams are from the heart.

People dream of having a family, with healthy kids. The American dream is really simple to me. It's having a family, house, job, and one or more cars. Today in society, people have different perspectives on what the "American Dream" is.

People worry more about how the economy is doing than how their families are doing. Maybe somebody dreams about being a big sports star, or getting rich quick. Maybe somebody dreams about singing for a living, and making an enormous amount of money. Another common "American Dream" is that you could win millions off the lottery, or gambling.

Cities like Los Vegas have been made just for gambling, for people who think that they can get rich quick. Some American's lose a lot of money and end up being hurt by that dream. Some lose all their money, their houses, and a lot of possessions from gambling. Each one of us many Americans may as well have different perspectives on the "American Dream", seeing as we are all different. Another part of the "American Dream" would be tradition.

Like Christmas, for example. People all over the world celebrate this; it's even a national holiday. But not everybody is Christian, or believes in Jesus. People dream of seeing their friends and family on these occasions. Maybe that is somebody's American Dream, just seeing their friends and family on holidays.

Possibly somebody's could think of the "American Dream" as America is the "Land of opportunity", so they would get a good job and things in America. More about what the "American dream" means to me. When I hear the term, "American Dream" I think of somebody in some foreign country, making shoes for a bowl of rice a day, dreaming to coming here and getting 6. 75 an hour. My "American Dream" would be going to a good college which I would get a high GPA, then getting out, getting a job that pays 200, 000 a year. I would have to work for my money.

I don't think I could keep up with doing a sport, or singing, or doing any of those celebrity things for my money. I would work hard to earn my money, and with that money I could buy a relatively large house, and a nice car that would go 200 miles per hour. But, that's only the first part, probably the least important dream. I'm hoping to have a family. I hope to have a family with 2 kids, a dog, and even a fish or two.

I would try to find a wife that would like me for who I am, not just the money. In my "American Dream" I would hope to discover cures to diseases that were once thought to be incurable. In my "American Dream" I wouldn't have to worry about money problems, or getting laid-off or any of those things. In my American dream I would want to travel a lot, and go on vacations, and enjoy myself. I wouldn't want my work taking advantage of my life, or getting more important to me than my own family would be. Too many people in my opinion get lost in making money, and forget to stop and look around.

Another dream of mine is that on holidays my family and friends will be able to share it with me, and have a good time doing that. We wouldn't get together every Christmas, or Thanksgiving to talk and celebrate. My response reveals that I have high dreams, and it's not likely for me to reach them. It indicates my age, because if I'm dreaming about going to college and getting a job, it doesn't take much to think that I'm not very old, a teenager. It reveals that I'm Christian for religion, because I mentioned a Christian holiday, Christmas. I think a person might infer that I want to be rich, and maybe I'm a little bit spoiled.

People might think that I came from a back round like the one I am describing, because I do.