Capital punishment is a process that goes on in our world even today. However, even with its practice, there are many debates going on questioning the continuation of capital punishment in our judicial punishment. There are many problems with capital punishment that has compelled people to be against it. First, of all many argue that the process is not fair in many aspects.

Many culprits, put on the death roll, are normally given lousy representation and therefore are not allowed to undergo fair trials. This has raised questions concerning the innocence of some people who have already been sentenced to death. Many people have also presented the argument that many people who commit murder are in conditions that shouldn't permit them to be on the death roll. Many of them have psychological problems that should be looked at by experts and a solution to their problems should be found. Many culprits also have sordid pasts that have affected them and through treatment could probably come back as viable citizens of our individual states.

Also there are gender issues concerning this practice. It is believed that if both a male and female commit crimes worth the death sentence, it is highly unlikely that the women would get it. The male on the other hand would have a pretty strong chance of getting the sentence without any questions. Many people are against this unfair practice and believe that it could only be made fair if the practice is abolished all together.

There are also questions of revenge. The judicial system is supposed to reform people and to punish people for crimes not to admit revenge in the hearts of the family of victims. The death roll plays this role in making people feel like the culprits have been paid back for what they did to them or their family member. There are also moral questions that are also asked. Many people ask that if people are punished for murder, then aren't the people who give the sentences also causing murder? There are also questions about whose responsibility it is concerning the above questioning, the one who sentenced the culprit or the one who carry's out the execution. Many people also wonder if people should be allowed to witness these executions.

If so then they ask why it isn't then televised for everyone to see the execution. This is actually a case in many nations whereby executions are made a pubic spectacle. Whatever the case, I believe that capital punishment should be abolished. I think that there are too many questions being asked and too many complications arising from this process.

With all these we can never be sure if the process is clean or not.