What is a constitution? A constitution can be defined as the set of rules which represents the power and structure of government, the relationship between different parts of government and the relationship between government and citizen. The British constitution which is traditions conventions and certain laws to which particular importance is assigned, is uncodified. In contrast with the United State Constitution, which is the world! s longest-surviving codified constitution now, codified. Compared with the two kinds of constitutions, uncodified constitutions are more flexible than codified constitution. Because if you want to reform the constitution, it is easy to do it in UK. The procedure for making or changing the constitution law is the same as for any law.

But is US, and amendment to the US constitution requires the assent of 2/3 majority in both houses of congress and approvals by 2/3 of state! ^0 super-maso rit! +/-. It! s debatable whether is an advantage or not. Britain! s FTP electoral system normally provides the winning party with an overall majority in the commons. Party discipline and the electoral system from the basis of what has been caused Britain! s elective dictatorship.

In USA, the political system was to be governed by a separation of powers between the president, congress and the Supreme Court. They are often described as the executive, legislative and judicial powers. We can also see the US directly elected executive president. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of UK heads the government, but is not the head of state. Compared with the constitution in the US, the separation of powers is not as strict in the UK. Since it is mentioned that, the constitution of the US is a written constitution.

It necessarily requires a special court, such as Supreme Court to determine whether legislation and executive action comply with. In Britain, by contrast, the role of the courts is simply to apply laws passed by Parliament.