Canada's economic performance compared to the United States is closely similar. Canada is one of the best nations for its economic performance, it exceeds the amount of effort needed to make the country a better place to live. Although the United States is a more powerful country, economy wise, it can still compare with the United States. A countries economy can perform better through increasing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and inflation, while at the same time decreasing unemployment in the country. The GDP for the United States has a greater value of 35401, 0 for year 2001 then Canada has at 29360, 0. Therefore the united states are producing more goods and services causing a more money flow for the states economy.

Canada has a smaller increase in inflation with 1. 9 % then the United States with a 2. 5 % increase that averages from 5 years, 1997 - 2001. These increases help prove that Canada has a smaller change in price and services of goods. The unemployment rate per year for Canada is 7. 2 % while the United States stands at a remarkable 4.

8% for year 2001. These percentages prove that the United States has a bigger work force, therefore causing the country as a hole to produce more money. In conclusion the united states over power the Canadians in economical well being. Although the U. S.

makes more money then Canada, Canada spends less on goods and services, therefore evening their economies well being a little more. Although Canada might be at a lower raking then U. S. in economical well being, Canada still ranks as one of the best. Bibliography Comparative Table - Labour force and Inflation, URL: web, 2002 Comparative Table - Gross Domestic Product (GDP), URL: web, 2002.