America has always defined itself as a great melting pot of differing cultures, however, when the safety or the well being of current citizens is in danger the government is forced to step in and regulate who enters the US. On September eleventh a great travesty occured, and some of the assassins and others plotting against America were immigrants who betrayed the American ideals. It is necessary that America now close its doors to immigrants from the Middle East. In doing so America would not be violating any constitutional rights, instead it would be encouraging exactly what the constitution was designed for, the protection of America and its citizens. The preamble of the US Constitution states "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union... provide for the common defense...

." Right now America needs to be defended against possible terroristic acitivies, and because of the elastic clause which allows for congress to do anything that is necessary and proper the government has the right to protect our country by excluding potential immigrants from the Middle East. America has, in the past, placed regulatory acts on emmigration, for example the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 was passed in order to limit emmigration from southern and eastern Europe. The Emergency Quota Act and its successor The Immigration Act of 1924 were passed in order to preserve the American way of life, these acts and others illustrate the governments right to exclude potential immigrants. There are many reasons for excluding Middle Eastern immigrants at the moment including, the cost and the constitutional rights and responsibility. Following September Eleventh President Bush opened a new department for the protection of America, the Department for Homeland Security. The Department for Homeland Security is eating money that could be better spent if the constant threat of terrorism from American immigrants was not in existence.

In 2001 $17 billion was invested in the Department for Homeland security, in 2002 $29 billion was made available, and in 2003 $38 billion has been allocated to the department. About 1200 people have been arrested following September Eleventh, the majority are being held on immigration charges, so more American money is being spent because of these Middle Eastern immigrants. If America excludes Middle Eastern Immigrants this and future money can be saved. Arguments have been made that America need only to place stricter regulations on immigrants from the Middle East in the same manner as the United Kingdom. In December of 2001 the UK passed the Anti-Terrorism, Crimes and Security Act, which allows for the loss of many privacies that the United States Constitution allows. If the United States were to follow the UK's lead, in essence, America would allow Middle Eastern immigrants in only to shun them of the rights given to every other American.

It would be entirely unconstitutional and unfair, however, if America were to defend the country against possible terrorists by excluding Middle Eastern immigrants it would be in accordance with the constitution because of the elastic clause and its promise to defend the people of America. America is currently in the midst of a crises and the only solution is to try and protect its people as best as possible. The safest thing to do at this time is to stop allowing terrorists into the country, and since a great deal of terrorists originate from Middle Eastern countries excluding potential Middle Eastern immigrants is the best decision. Doing so would be in accordance with existing law, would save billions of dollars, and would protect the American people as much as the government possibly can. The American government has only one choice in defending itself and its poeple at this point in time. Until the War on Terrorism has succeeded in its tasks in the Middle East it will not be safe to allow emmigration from the Middle East to America..