In "Ideology and Terror: A Novel form of Government", Hannah Arendt describes the totalitarian government and what it uses in order to be effective. She defines totalitarianism, by stating that its goal is to "transform classes into masses." The power of the people is taken away and lies only in the hands of one political party. Any traditions of the society are forgotten and an entire new institution is developed. A totalitarian government is often considered to be completely run by one man.

These governments do not obey "positive laws" which Arendt describes as laws that a government might enforce in order to create a better society. They live by "natural laws" which they believe have existed since the beginning of time. They believe these "Laws of Nature" and "Laws of History" are the only rules that we should follow, and have been transformed into "Laws of Movement" in which they aim to speed up the process of world domination. These governments use terror in order to prevent people from opposing their ideas, which takes away all freedom from the people.

The people in whom they choose to kill are not chosen individually, but according only to the Laws of Nature. Arendt also explains the definition of an ideology, and how they are actually developed from totalitarianism ideas. They are focused on explaining history, their ideas become completely separate from real life and individuals, and they are able to transform the thoughts of the people. Arendt explains how totalitarians governments, such as those led by Hitler and Stalin, enforce their ideologies by forcing the people to agree with them.