When I was a child, I often wondered what friendship was. Now I think friendship is a relationship between two people. It is a necessary aspect of every human's life and the most wonderful relationship that everyone wants have. A friendship does not come frequently or quickly. It takes a long time for the friendship to develop. However, a real friendship is difficult to find because there are many kinds of people with different thought, feeling, and hobby.

Despite these differences, in my opinion, friendship can be classified into 4 categories: social friends, fair-weather friends, selfish friends and best friends. The first category of friend is the social friend. It is a simple acquaintance. This means that you basically only know their name. You normally don't miss them when they are elsewhere.

For example, you usually meet this type of friend in school, at work, on the bus or anywhere you may be. It is also the type of friends who you meet a lot. They can give you happiness or sadness. Some of them can become your best friends after a long time, so you need have a friendly behavior with others around. The second category of friend is the fair-weather friend.

There are people who only seek benefits of you such as happiness and money. They view your friendship in terms of what you can give. They are not interested in your friendship; they are only interested in what they can gain from that friendship, so they try to make friends with you. When the friendship is felt well, they will begin to ask you for some helps or will release their problem on you. They will disappear when you need their help.

They only know to flatter and celebrate you. For example, when I was in high school, I had a fair-weather friend. He often followed me and asked me help him. Sometimes, he borrowed money from me, but he was never willing to pay money for me. When I had some difficulties, I asked him for help, he said that he was busy. This kind of relationship can't exist for long time and it will break very fast.

Another category of friend is the selfish friend. This means that the people care only about themselves rather than about other people. They think they are important for you so they always signalize themselves before you. This relationship makes you feel obligated to your friend and not free to make friends with others. This relationship is also same the relationship of the fair-weather friend.

They try to take advantage of you and disappear when you need. For example, Hung was my friend two years ago. He was very conceited and thought that he was very intelligent about every field. He often claimed his thoughts were true so I always felt divergent about them. We had a lot of arguments that didn't have result finally.

This relationship is very easy to break apart. I will be nothing to regret when it breaks. Finally, the last type of friend is the best friend. Normally, you know them the longest. You and your friends probably grew up together as children. They know everything about you.

Likewise, you know everything about them. The best friend is also the person that you can share happiness, sadness in your life and understands you clearly. They always give you advices and helping even just a small service or basic information. For example, I often go to bookshop and shopping with my best friend because I want him give some advises when choosing books or something for the house. In addition, sometimes I had sadness or serious problems.

I didn't know what way to do so some advices or helps of my best friend at that time was very necessary for me. The relationship between you and best friend is a wonderful relationship. You can't buy it, which you must spend a long time to develop. You must respect it because in best friend you can find endless loyalty, hope, and safety any time you need support or even protection.

The best friend is uncommon and requires time and familiarity for each. In conclusion, friends are part of our life and nobody ignores the importance of friends. There are many kinds of friends such as social friends, fair-weather, selfish and best friends but just only best friends can exist forever and ever. Today, finding a best friend is very difficult, so whatever happening you should keep your friends close to your heart and tell them how much they mean to you.