Cyrus exercises self-restraint throughout this book. Although he own everything possible by the end, he never takes anything forcefully. Instead, he makes his subjects feel as though they "owe" it to him to help and serve him. He does this in a sly manner-it is not obvious to the masses. By making those who serve him feel important and by acting humble himself, he can easily convince others to do what it is he wants. For example, in 6.

2. 2, Cyrus promises gratitude and service to three Indian spies he has hired. If they bring him money, he promises to owe them more gratitude than they know. These hired spies are impressed with this notion and gladly do as they " re told. A few paragraphs down, paragraph 7, it is stated that Cyrus has everything that he could want, with the exception of a few items. By making deals with everyone, he can easily get whatever he desires without any troubles.

And, by offering servitude in return, his subjects are willing to complete whatever it is he asks. In 8. 7. 23, Xenophon tells of the gifts Cyrus receives from his many adoring subjects.

His subjects felt that if they didn't give him whatever they could, they would be less loved by their ruler. In turn, Cyrus thought that as he gave them what they desired-justice and equality-they returned his favor by giving him what he wanted-art, cloths, and food. By fulfilling his wishes, each person felt as if he would receive more from Cyrus. In fact, Cyrus did nothing to discourage this type of thinking. He encouraged it, accepting whatever it was he was offered. Cyrus makes his subjects feel important, as if they are just as, or perhaps even more, important as he is.

In 8. 3. 2, he gives the leaders of his army beautiful cloaks to wear. He gives them many, telling them to adorn their friends as well. When asked what he will wear, Cyrus replies that it does not matter what he has on because all the matters is that he his friends can benefit from his generosity. Something as generous as this would be greatly appreciated and would leave the leaders wrapped around the little finger of Cyrus..