1. Unlit There is an ordinary, short, skinny, solid, cylindrical, white, spotless, stiff, perfect candle in my table ready to light. The height of it is 7. 0 cm and the diameter is 1. 9 cm. The volume is 19.

8 cm 3. The top string is black and straight, with 1. 3 cm long. It feels smooth and waxy when I mark a line in candle! s clean, slick surface by my fingernail. Thus it becomes superficial as I play with it.

2. Lit The flame is light, brisk, bright, arrogant, vibrant, stable and glaring. It! s also dedicated, fine and elegant. The flame is shaking and danced with diverse changes.

Sometimes due to the breezy wing, it is relatively week, fragile, languid and feeble. The height of the flame is 3. 5 cm ad the width is 0. 5 cm.

It can be divided into three different layers. The outer layer is yellow and it! s very hot. The intermediate layer is red and it! s cooler than the outer layer. The inner layer is brown and little black, but it! s the kind of warm.

It! s coolest layer in the whole flame. There is a little sticky liquid on the top of the burning candle. The liquid is irrepressible, with incessant drops, but it! s just tiny amount at a time. 3. Blame out After 10 minutes, the flame is out. Above the string is foggy and hazy.

It! s terrible and extensive. The transient smell that the candle gives off is pungent, acrid, caustic and harsh. The length of the string is 1. 2 cm, which reduced 0.

1 cm. The ashen part of the string is powdery. The string is twisting and tortuous. There is still the sticky liquid the top of the candle. The liquid is hot, and then it! s tepid. It! s formative of other waxy piece.

The top of the candle is hoary and messy. Only a portion of the bottom is dirty and dark. The height of the candle is 6. 1 cm and the diameter is still 1. 9 cm.

The volume is 17. 3 cm 3. The height is shorter, which had reduced 0. 9 cm. The volume is smaller, which had reduced 2. 5 cm 3 in 10 minutes.

The candle is cold and non-reacted.