Emily Dickinson's poem "It was a quiet way" is the story of her lover and the feelings she has when she's in his company. She describes how the world changes and becomes almost unfamiliar simply because the only thing that matters is him. The rest of the universe, time, and the seasons all become insignificant and almost non-existent in his presence. She feels the same way as he does about her and so begins their relationship He quietly asks her if she is his and she replies not with her voice but with her eyes, and he knows the answer. She was his with the swiftness of chariots, and suddenly it seems as if the world is changing, because they are in love. The world drops away from them and everything is different.

The gulf was no longer there because the continents were new. Time didn't exist anymore-"Eternity it was before, eternity was due." No seasons existed and neither did night or morn. Sunrise did appear and their love was like the dawn of a new day. This poem includes characteristic traits pertaining to the world, time and everything around us that we know.

This all changes because of her love for this person. This poem is quite rhythmic, i. e. -"The Gulf behind was not, the continents were new, Eternity it was before, eternity was due," .

This is a perfect example of iambic rythm, a technique frequently used by Dickinson. In conclusion, Emily Dickinson's poem "It was a quiet way" is simply about the love her and a man share for each other and the way the world and time itself can become changed, unfamiliar and almost insignificant compared to their love.