I live in a small ugly house. I have a ugly dog that lives there with me. How much do I cry at night? There is no telling. I wish I could be happy and live a good life. I hope God does not punish me for my many mistakes. I'm trying to fill this page up so I can get the information I came to get.

Listen if I had a essay already, I would not be on your internet site, now would I? How dare you expect me to write a freakin essay. I don't have one, or I wouldn't be in this predicament. I don't know what you want out of me. I need to find an example of a sociology research paper that has to do with why people join cults.

I don't want to copy it, I just want to read an example of a sociology paper on cults, thats all. I hate you for making me write so much, how dare you. I am a queen. I shouldn't have to write a sentence. My fingers are cramping up right now, because of you! I can't write anymore, but I have to. Before that sentence I only had 196 words in my little essay that I will be sending you shortly.

I can not stand this. THis is really absurd. YOu insolent fools. I probably didn't spell that write, but you really gives a shit.

I sure as hell don't, how about you guys? Actually I don't know exactly how much I have written so far. but I think I will give it a shot and turn this into you people.