The Augusta Golf and Country club has been one the most beloved and chariest golf courses in the United State. It holds probably the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, the Masters. But Augusta now is facing a situation that it never wanted to have to face. Augusta does not have any female members and the reason is because they do not allow any females to join the club. Now women are speaking out, they demand Augusta drop their all male policy.

But many members of the club like it the way it is, and do not see the need to change the policy of this club. The best resolution to this situation would be to allow one or two female member into the club. They will have to spend funds on women's locker rooms and such so that they are equal to the men. The way the U.

S is going, women and men are becoming more and more equal in society. So it would be in the best interest of the club to allow women now. Making a wise choice should reconfigure the situation, so that it reduces impositions on the people involved so as to provide them with the opportunities and stimulate their aspirations. Allowing a women member into Augusta is a wise decision because it will provide women with the opportunity to shine in golf. This will also inspire women, who do not play the game, to take up golf.

This also will provide the male member with the opportunity to meet and interact with females. By doing this, the males will learn to respect and appreciate the opposite sex more. Being compassionate is being sensitive and responsive to the suffering of others. Augusta showed they were being compassionate toward all women by allowing a women member into the club. Augusta is a very wealthy club, and they could have gone on fine without any women members. Also many members might feel uncomfortable around a women member, but they choose to help these women who are suffering from discrimination even though they do not have to.

By allowing female members into Augusta, this promotes a good life and maintains integrity for all. In this generation, gender should not matter. Males should look at females as equals and not just women. So by allow females into the club, the men will learn to accept the females and not treat them like second-class citizens. This will lead to less discrimination towards all women. Integrity is easily maintain by this, because no one is harmed or put at a disadvantage.

Both males and females will benefit from appreciating and learning from the opposite sex.