A Tennis Australia initiative Tennis Australia, with the support of the Australian Sports Commission, has developed a program to encourage and promote Tennis for People with Disabilities to be involved in tennis. Tennis Australia, through its Member Associations, aims to: "h Provide opportunities for people with sensory, physical and intellectual disabilities to be involved and participate in tennis "h Make available to people with disabilities a variety of options at all levels from recreational to competitive, from local to elite international standards "h Develop a network and structure which will provide people with disabilities a sound direction to compete and achieve "h Promote Tennis for People with Disabilities "h Encourage generic tennis clubs / centres and associations to undertake or to be involved in programs for people with disabilities "h Provide access to opportunities similar to those offered to the "average" tennis player "h Ensure players with disabilities are seen as "tennis players" to reinforce their ability and skill level rather than their disability "h Increase the profile and community awareness of Tennis for People with Disabilities Player Assistance for players with a disability Application information Tennis Australia's "Tennis for People with Disabilities Program" focuses on providing sport and recreational opportunities for people with sensory, physical, mental and intellectual disabilities. As part of this program the "Player Assistance" program for players with a disability has been developed. Tennis Australia has allocated funds for this assistance scheme, however only applications that fully meet the criteria will be selected. The aims of the Player Assistance program are to: "h Financially assist tennis players with a disability (who do not receive a great deal of financial assistance from other organisations / businesses ) to compete in international and / or national tournaments for players with a disability "h Increase players with a disabilities exposure and experience at international and / or national tournaments.