This article is titled "Too Much of a Good Thing" and its written by Greg Crister. He says we should denounce overeating to reduce childhood obesity, which leads to health problems later on in life. He uses the word "epidemic" to make it seem like it is a really big problem that is hurting our nation. Crister wants everybody to think bad about overeating.

He says that parents are the one to blame for their children's overeating problems. Crister believes stigmatizing eating to much will work, because it has worked in the past with greg Crister wrote an article titled "Too Much of a Good Thing" which is mail about how americans keep getting fat. Greg says in his article that Obesity is increasing and even in young children. It is becoming a major problem in today's world, which is leading to health problems and that includes physical appearance and societal disapproval. making and unsafe sex. He has examples of research on the subject of obese children and bad eating habits.

He ends by saying stigmatizing will be effective although we are surrounded by unhealthy eating. I believe that Crister's argument to stigmatizing overeating is a good idea. The background information he gives is fairly accurate. If the number of obese children rises, later on in life these children will have very serious health problems which may cause death. The author doesn't really go on to explain what obesity is and what problems it causes. The author doesn't use his information correctly, he doesn't explain how genetics can be a cause of obesity..