"Summary of A Modest Proposal' In "A Modest Proposal', Jonathan Swift uses irony to draw attention to the poor condition that Ireland is in. Swift begins the story by describing the conditions of poverty and hunger that people are living in. He states the number of poor and hungry children. He then explains his plan to help the problem.

Swift explains that eating children for a meal will significantly reduce the number of them living in poverty. He tells how every part of the child will be used to make things. He describes how butcher houses will be set up for the babies and how they will kill them. Swift tells the reader that his plan is good because it is better for the babies to go to good use rather than rotting in the streets. Some advantages to this plan are a reduction in the number of Catholics, it will provide a source of money for the poor, the nation's stock will rise, and it will let the breeder get rid of their child after one year. Swift points out things that are to be considered.

How do they plan to provide for 100, 000 useless mouths and backs? Also, how do they plan to get out of debt. Lastly, he tell us that he is working to improve the public, advance trade, provide for infants, relieve the poor, and give pleasure to the rich.