Page 7 of 7 The last question was asking the females if abortions should be banned. 24% said they think abortion should be banned in Pennsylvania (Survey). The number was greater for not banning abortion. Only 5% of the females were undecided if abortions should be banned (Survey). I personally thought more people would want abortion banned. Throughout the survey I found several great comments.

The best one says abortion is clearly an act of homicide, however banning it before a change in the morals and ethics of today? s society would ultimately fail and lead to more abortions (Survey). I do agree with this comment. If we suddenly change the law and say that abortions are wrong, then more people will want to have one. One girl had a great point written on the comments part of the survey.

She stated, ? Abortion is wrong! It shouldn? t be an option at all. My mom had me when she was 15 years old and I could have been that little baby killed. Put yourself in that baby? s shoes. ? (Survey).

This was the best comment I found through the whole survey. People who want to have an abortion should honestly put themselves in the baby? s shoes. I have looked at the different points throughout the paper and I have concluded abortion is immoral. I feel abortion is murder.

There are certain circumstances where abortion should be allowed like rape, incest, or harm to the mother. Besides those, abortion should be banned. It is not right for a defenseless child to be killed because two irresponsible people had sex and can not handle what comes along with it. However, this is only my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own..