Against Independant Third Parties Against Independant Third Parties Essay, Research Paper Resolved: Independent third parties are vital in the American political system. Independent third parties are political parties that are not aligned with either of the two main groups, the Democrats and the Republicans. America is a two party system, and the majority of people who hold office are from either one or the other. This clearly illustrates that independant third parties are not vital to the American political system. In the past, there have been only four Presidents that were in office for a total of nine years, and no Vice Presidents from independent third parties. The most successful independent third party were the Whigs.

They were the only third party to ever produce a president. The truth to this day is that no independent party has ever remained in the American political system for more than twenty-eight years, while the two main parties have been going since the mid-1800? s. They " re too unstable to stay around as long as parties like the Democrats or the Republicans who have been here since the beginning of our country. And because thirty years is hardly enough for a party to become well established, they don't succeed. Who would miss Ross Perot? The third party system probably does more harm than good. We now have a pro wrestler where a governor should be sitting.

What did he run as? He ran under the third party.