The American dream is a dream so great that no man or women could possibly put a finger on what it exactly is. However, for some, it is all they have. You can walk in any town on any street and see at least one person experiencing their dream even though they might not be feeling it. On that same street in that same town you might see another person on the other end of the stick who knows what their American dream is and just wanting to have 1 second of that feeling. I say all this because I am like everyone else.

I do not know how to describe the American dream, but I know it when I see it. Throughout the history of America there have been people and cultures striving for the American dream, but when one comes to America they see first hand that the rich dream is just that; A dream. I see every day people in the sports I love trying for their dream which could be a trick that is almost impossible fake that will win them the NCAA lacrosse championship. If you take a look at any of the parts of the essay Stienback has written you see many things present which is scary. One thing Stein back points out is how Americans like to think we base elections and voting on qualifications for the job but at the first sign of change we blow them off as not qualified. Another thing pointed out is how men and now women will not stay with a job for 20 years or more just because of the fact companies like to move to new markets and that sometimes means taking some employs.

If you look at the American dream or think about it just maybe you might come close to it, but if you ask me the American dream is just living life to the fullest even if there are some low points.