The article was written by Dawn Stover, In January 2001. The tile of this article is called Ancient Asteroid. I found this article at web /> This article is about How Astronomers had thought that the asteroid 433 Eros might have been a flying pile of rubble, but now after looking over the images and the millions of measurements taken by the earth Astroid near the shoemaker spacecraft the scientist say that Eros is a? consolidated? asteroid, witch is a solid object. However Eros never separated to the distinct crust, mantle, nor core. Cause of the low level on the aluminum detected on Eros, The scientist at John Hopkins University Ap piled Physics Laboratory said that the Astroid did not experience anything like the melting process of the earth? s shape. An Eros are about the size of Manhattan and the shape is like a peanut.

If it was as large as the earth It most likely not keep it? s shape. Since the Eros have less gravity than earth, A person would weigh about 150 pounds here and would way about one or two bags of airline peanuts. I think that this is something new that can turn into something big. For along time Astronomers thought that the asteroid was flying a pile of rubble. Well I guess they were wrong cause They found new evidence to prove its not right.

I think they are most likely going to find more about this. They just have to gather more information.