Babette? s Feast, is the story of a very religious and strict Danish community. The founder of the community has two daughters. They have devoted their entire lives to serving their father and community. After the founder? s death, the two daughters become the? head? of the community and everyone looks to them for example. At this time, there is a war going on. A woman named Babette flees France and comes to Denmark.

The two sisters, despite their situation, take in the woman and do not turn her away. She becomes a servant to them and the community. She is loyal and dedicated to the community. She cooks and cleans without complaints. When Babette wins the lottery, she decided to pay back the community by cooking them a feast. They hold this grand feast on the date of the founder? s birthday.

By the end of the meal, many of the problems of the community are forgotten. There are many themes in this movie. One could be tolerance. Babette was unlike anyone the community had ever encountered. Also, during the feast, they are forced to celebrate their differences. Another theme is possibly, the importance of family and community.

These people all had to lean on each other at times. Also, one can enjoy life and still be dedicated to God or some other higher power.