"Barter' By Sara Teasdale "Barter' By Sara Teasdale Essay, Research Paper The central purpose of Barter is to show the reader the good things in life, and to tell him to pursue these things at all costs. Spend all you have for loveliness, buy it and never count the cost The purpose of the poem was fulfilled, the reader clearly sees what the poem is all about, knows what the poem is telling him to do. It tells to go out into the world and seek loveliness and comfort above all else, because loveliness will always erase pain. For one white singing hour of peace, count many a year of strife well lost The purpose of the poem is expressed through use of imagery, representation through language of sense experience. Imagery is used to express the beauty of things in life, like the sound of music in the air, and the scent of pine trees after a rain. The importance of the purpose, however, depends on the reader.

Some will agree with the central theme of living only for loveliness, while some will not. Many people believe in solely the pursuit of happiness, but many recognize that the pursuit of happiness involves hard work. Barter uses two of the three Barter uses sentimentality, indulgence in emotion for its own sake; expression of more emotion than the occasion warrants. The entire poem is based on emotion, too much of it in fact, the quest to find only loveliness. The poem is also Didactic, its primary purpose is to preach.

It preaches to the reader to spend all time in search of loveliness. This is the only purpose of the poem, making it inferior.