The Grapes of Wrath: Plot Summary [Back to Grapes of Wrath] The Grapes of Wrath begins with Tom Joad rejoins his family after four years in prison. He finds that his family has been pushed off their land, and are preparing to move to California. Jim Casy, a former preacher, joins the family on their trip. On the long ride to California, the Joads see hundred of cars going in the same direction. Both the Joads and the reader discovers many truths about life. Those rooted to the land, Grampa and Granma, die at the onset of the journey.

Ruthie and Winfield find adapting to their new lifestyle the easiest. The Joads find that they are not welcome where they travel, even though they are hardworking, honest people. Those that have a lot to lose fear the O kies who will do nearly anything to live. Ironically, the ones to turn to in times of need are the poor. When they arrive in California, the Joads settle into a Hooverville, only to be evicted when the camp is set on fire.

At the government camp, Ma Joad almost cries when she is treated like a human again, but the Joads must move again to find work. At a peach orchard, the Joads come upon a strike that Casy is leading. When Casy is killed, Tom strikes one of the men in anger, and the family must leave again. They settle into an abandoned boxcar near a cotton farm, but their work is interrupted when flood rains arrive.

In this flood, however, the Joads find the will to keep fighting. Rose of Sharon gives birth to a stillborn child, but then gives life to another when she breast-feeds a dying stranger. [Back to Grapes of Wrath] [Copyright/Map] ! - var urlOfNewPop = " web "+c uid+"&keywords = "+keywords; oldPop = window. open (urlOfNewPop, 'popIt' 'width = 515, height = 125); if (oldPop. location. href! = urlOfNewPop) { if ( (navigator.

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