Teleportation If I had a chose between two superpowers, to turn invisible or flight, I would break the rules and choose to have the ability of teleportation. I was ready to answer right away, but I put some thought into this question, such as the capabilities and limitations of these superpowers. If I fly, can I carry people or objects just by touching them (ala Superman 2)? Would I be able to carry something, someone equal to, or more than my own weight or would this be too much of a challenge while flying? I would probably worry about enough sufficient oxygen, since flying requires air to work, just as swimming requires water. The higher I go the more lack of oxygen, the slower I will travel in proportion to the thinning air, therefore no flying in space. In addition, it is very important to remember I am not invincible. Therefore, if I try to fly through a brick wall, I would definitely injure myself; this also applies if I collide with a plane or bird.

If I would choose to be invisible, I hope that everything I am wearing will turn invisible too and I would not have to strip naked or anything. If other invisible people want to, fine, I am not going to stop them. More power to them for being comfortable with there body. I hope that this would not be required. If I am invisible, would I have a small invisibility aura surrounding me, and would the things caught in that aura go invisible? If I pick something up, does it turn invisible, or does it just float there or if I drop something, would it be visible again, whether I like it or not? For example, if I was wearing an invisible baseball cap, and threw it in the air, would it be visible after leaving my hand? In addition, would it be invisible again if I catch it? If I want that hat to be invisible, do have to tuck it under my shirt (ala Harry Potter's invisibility cloak), or turn visible and then back invisible to catch the stuff I am holding. Therefore, if I were going to choose this superpower, God forbid, if I rob a bank, and slip into the vault, I would have to stuff the money into my pants and shirt to avoid the cheesy movie effect of money floating out of the bank.

I do not agree with stealing and I am scared of heights, but I love vacations. I chose teleportation because in my eyes it involves both invisibility and flight but in a quicker and more convenient way. Teleportation allows something to disappear in one place and reappear in another. Therefore, I could teleport myself wherever I wanted to be at that moment, much like a Star Trek transporter.

I would save time on commuting; I could spend that extra time on partying. Now that would be awesome. I realized there are many examples of teleportation around us every day like the telephone, which transports sound waves as electricity, the fax, the internet or World Wide Web and the television, all these transport an image. Are these teleportation? They are really copying processes. The sound or image sent while the copy shooting across space in some disembodied way.

It would not leave a copy behind in our favorite TV program. They have some machine, which measures the positions and velocities and types of atoms throughout the entire item, sending that information (say by radio waves) to the place where the item reconstructs by another machine. On TV, they also learned how to recreate the person from the information apparently without a machine to receive it. All this information is very confusing, so I will leave that up to the scientists. In conclusion, like the other superpowers, there could be a negative aspect to teleportation. This is a very unlikely scenario; most believe that some teleportation trips will not be 100% accurate, while arriving at the destination your physical body and organs mixed up, which could result in death.

For example, when arriving at your destination, assuming that everything went fine then you notice that you shoe is untied, you bend down to tie it and discover that part of the shoelace is your toe. You take off your shoe and there is the shoelace resting where your toe once was. In consideration, I do hope that scientists will be aware of any malfunctions like this one and fix any glitches before releasing the teleport er to the public. Therefore, if I had this machine I would definitely have it tested on over and over again. I would also keep the machine a secret. I would worry that as soon as teleport ers are available at Wal-Mart, we would have a huge robbery problem.

People would teleport into stores and pick something up, and then teleport out. I considered once we invent teleport ers people would not want to steal; they would just teleport around all day instead of thieving items. Well at least I would be too busy lying on exotic beaches.