Perspective Journal- The Punisher This story is based on a movie called The Punisher which was about an FBI undercover agent, Frank Castle. Frank has all his family murdered while away on a vacation and through out the movie seeks revenge. This operation was ordered by the main villain in the movie, Howard Saint. Howard Saint has every reason to be justified for calling the operation to murder Frank Castle's family. Howard wouldn't have been involved in the killing of Frank Castle's family if Frank had just stayed within his limits and not go around flashing his FBI badge at every person in the society. Howard Saint was a good person who was just involved in making his life through dirty ways.

Like everyone else, Howard wanted to be rich. He didn't care how he made his money and went to all different extremes to make sure he was rich. Howard Saint's life was always under scrutiny even when he wasn't doing anything illegal. Someone's life being under scrutiny for something he is not even doing is very anger provoking and because of that Howard felt that he might as well do the evil things he was being scrutinized for. Howard Saint illegal businesses never had to do with any crime against the society. He had an addiction and had to feed it.

He was addicted to cocaine and he couldn't do anything about it. If the FBI had just allowed him to do his own cocaine, no damage would have occurred and every family would have lived. Howard Saint turned "wasteful" towards the end of the movie. He began wasting people's lives and killing anyone randomly. He went to these extremes because he had lost everything he had because of the revenge plot by Frank Castle.

Howard lost his house, all his money was blown up and most importantly his family was burnt right in his face. These actions were a result of a quick conclusion by Frank Castle that Howard was the main person involved in the cocaine ring. Any human being who is picked up and used as an example for any crime has the authority to go to any measures to revenge. Howard was greatly maltreated and was used as an example for the events in the movie. Frank ended up taking Howard Saint's life as the ultimate revenge for the death of his family. This was not the greatest thing to happen to Howard because he had already paid the price for the lives of Frank Castle's family.

Howard Saint was a saint in the movie in comparison to the way Frank Castle was so ruthless with his revenge on him.